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  1. that rock formation is pretty cool
  2. u really know how to make a person jelly! those hearts are awesome! the singer n dancers remind me of a cruise i took yrs ago! glad to see ur having a blast!
  3. so its funny to be annoying?
  4. if this were true y do u nvr respond when ppl comment about it? like example when we had a 15min discussion about how annoying it is and it "hmm" right in the middle of our conversation?
  5. b/c it just spams channel with hmmm..
  6. love the pics keep them comin!
  7. good. glad ur having a good time. u deserve it!
  8. yep im jelly! wish i could b there! have a drink or 2 for me and eat something exotic!
  9. welcome. i also dabble in hcl. hit me up if u want. im always lookin for ppl to run with.
  10. reminds me of d3.. but id like to try it..
  11. dec 10th 11/1/2019, 7:45:55 AM -10.00 to Smooches dec 10th
  12. when i had a grizzly back b4 someone stole it.. we used to go mudding in the lake bottom when they drained it every year... just use stock shocks, its not like you do much jumping when ur mudding. heres a pic of what my sister did with the replacement bruin... and my old truck from back when i went mudding with it.. till i was young n dumb and blew the motor...
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