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  1. Im not bitter and i did read it.. He did a great job.. Im just making a note for future issues...
  2. Good to know.. If i dont like my division leaders decision i can go to a commander that doesnt play my game and make an appeal.. To get their decision over turned.. note taken**
  3. https://i.imgur.com/YCXQmPD.png] yea i said i was goina do a barb.. but i think a zon would be fun..
  4. My abs r killing me... Super workout...
  5. It was her 1st time catfishing she was so excited when we caught one.. I think our excitement got her going. Let her swim in the spot b4 we fished; she loved it.
  6. ended the night with 1 npike, 2 ccf and 8 yellow bellies
  7. Let us try something new during our quarantine and play Classic D2! It's a trying time for everybody and toward the end of the ladder season when interest is lagging, so let's get back to classic haha Rules: 1. Make a level 1 softcore classic ladder toon on your OD account. That just means at the create a toon screen, just don't unclick expansion and you have made a classic toon. Post here on this contest your toon name so we can watch your progress! 2. You may level up using chant games or groups or however you want, but, of course, since you must be on an OD tagged toon, you may not have somebody else level it for you, since you are not allowed to share your OD account. 3. The contest begins on July 27 has the highest character in SCCL will receive 200 forum gold or gear of equal value for those of you without JSP accounts, and a scl anni. You must post a screen shot of your high level classic toon here on the forum by midnight Aug 27th. Donaters @Sassy @Purplez(OD) @MooMoo(OD)
  8. ima say its the heat but idk.
  9. Still kickin.. Thats bout it.. Nothing too exciting.. Fishin sux this year so im blah.
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