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  1. last night mine quit working. ts showed it wasnt plugged in. but when i used the sound recorder it worked.. i restarted ts and it worked..
  2. totally was my goal! def remember the b4 pics.. i always forget till im haft way through fixing it.
  3. for those that dont know.. i just purchased a new house... its built in 1910 so i have some work to do 🙂 the floor in the kitchen was a bunch of broken tile.. i spend 4 days chisling, grinding and scraping the old glue off the cement board (underlayment). then had to morder the holes in which took another day. then gluing the tile took a day and grouting it took another day.. but its completed. i used the old tile i found in the basement. thus the white section.
  4. some of u know ive been house hunting.. well last tuesday our house closed and we signed the deed. thus the cleaning and repairs could start. so ive been spending all of my time preping to move. internet gets turned on sept 3-4. hopefully ill b moved in b4 that. but i have to replace a tile floor still n repaint/mudd the bathroom. i miss u guys n hope to return soon.
  5. i play it on xbox360
  6. i love music.. all kinds my tastes go everywhere but this is one of my favorite songs. tell me what u think... https://youtu.be/AO0dKwdbD7Y
  7. id buy a smart car and paint it purple and when u get close it turns pink n give it to @Purplez(OD).
  8. summer season is generally slow cuz weather is good.. we go outside more.
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