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  1. congrats! thx for taking the time @Purplez(OD) to host the awards!
  2. Yea im a tard. I pmed u
  3. Sent another donation. Lmk bout the info i need to send for another shirt plz.
  4. I'm in need of another OD shirt. Are they still around? I'll donate again regardless.
  5. I was kinda thinking the same thing.. Lol @Purplez(OD) getting pushier...
  6. im in odpk/od blood moor is cleared.. ive pmed u many times while u sit in channel... trying the website to see if u respond...
  7. I'll try n b online around 7pm eastern tonight
  8. I got it up n running. Had to leave n do mothers day things if wife doesn't have plans I'd like to try it tonight. /e tried to play it. its extremely choppy. i think my computer is too old to run it 😕
  9. @Aerineth(OD) thx I purchased it. @Purplez(OD) thx for the FB link that's how I seen this update
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