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  1. im comin home 2marrow by 5pm.. ima catch up to yall... better b rdy! not sure where in starting classic or hcl or scl.. but ill b done with vacation.. prob start scl cuz of run squad tho.
  2. welcome cody i piddy in hc, sc, and classic d2. hope to cya around.
  3. wish i could participate ;( gl with reset! hope yall find some good shit! cya tuesday night!
  4. update: yesturday. spent the day at universal studios. not a whole not of interesting things. sons fav ride was the minions. wife n i liked the mummy. had Italian food for lunch. it made me sick... we got poured on n left early. on the way home almost got hit by a car... got back to resort n i went to bed... 2 hours later im woke up but a high pitch noise.. my son ... wife tried to keep him quite but kids.. so she took him to pool. end of day. today. on the way back to universal had a truck break down in front of us but the dick didnt have his 4ways on.. so we all waited forever (5 cars back)... finally i had enough n went to go around them.. well so fid the car in front of me but like 3 sec after i moved out of the lane.. almost ran into us.. (%\<> U TOO) on the way into the park we were behind some asians.. the one girl had short shorts.. stuff was peaking out.. rofl we did the rides we missed from the day b4. got a pic with scooby n shaggy (ill upload it when i dl the pics from camera) on the way to harry Potter land (these ppl r nuttz, ill havta watch the movie) my son saw an either all natural girl or a guy in a skirt not sure.. but the legs were hairyer then mine.. he said he cannot unsee that.. cracked me up. had mexican 4 dinner. now sittin at the tiki bar..
  5. @TheDuke(OD) welcome to our clan! i also do some hiking n such!
  6. so im going to do an update every 2 days. yesturday. went to animal kingdom. was over all good day. saw a lady that was burnt soo bad i wanted to cry for her.. if ur a light skinner... jesus use sun screen.. (being a roofer.. i dont use it.. drives the wife n son nuttz) didnt get to do avatar flight cuz of a 2.5hr wait (eff that ) or the river rapids cuz it was broke... on the way out got poured on.. meh got back to the resort n went n got a pair of drinks then went out for indian food. the Indian restaurant food was great, but the service really sucked. (slow nvr seen the same person 2x; had to inquire about the bill 3x).. wife loves indian food, i find it ok (allergic to the peanut oil they cook with [i get awlful pains in my belly] but i just deal with it) went back to resort.. bar was closed 2hours early.. i cried a bit... today.. went to magic kingdom. boy n wife were tired n edgey... had to threaten timeout for both of them many times... went on its a small world ride.. took this pic for u @BayButcher(OD) waited for an hour for a parade that nvr came.. rain delayed 2x then canceled.. lame imo.. last ride we did was car raceway.. 1/2 way thru the sky openned up n dropped buckets on us... guy 3 cars ahead of us gets out n traps us and a few other families in the middle of the track... thx assh*le... there was about a foot of water on the sidewalks when we left. now eating dinner at midnight... ps: @Sassy yes i can understand the Scottish.. its like backwoods southern ohio..
  7. we left for florida from ohio. the plane ride consisted of babys screaming for 2hours.. rip my ears.. got to orlando waited for baggage claim for an hour.. car rental place gave us a kia instead of the jeep we preordered 3 months ago.. get to our resort early 10am check in is at 4pm... they let us in early (yay). go unpack decent room.. go to the tiki bar at the pool. bar tender is a fisherman. we kick it off well. kid n wife r in pool n this guy walks up n plops down n orders a drink. we start chit chattin.. hes from scotland! we talked for hours. while at bar i get a msg from my old clan co-leader (KoA). he lives an hour from where we r staying. we go visit him. hes a gun collector. my son shits his pants (figure of speech) over the guns. antiques to military styles. wife has a migraine... we leave early.. 10min into car ride she explosive pukes all over the dash of the car.. rip... longest freakin ride of my life.. get back to the resort drop her n the boy off. go back out n hunt for somewhere to clean the car.. 4 stops later i find walmart at 10pm... mind u none of us have eaten since 1pm. get some pizza rollups n clean up stuff.. get back at 11pm have him eat n i go clean car till 1am. go to bed. wake up n take a shower.. fml no hot water.. get out walk to kitchen n bam glass in my foot. get our shit together n head to disney. go to front desk on the way. they send maintenance while we r gone. while at disney waitin for woody to sign kids book. the ladys in front of us start chatting. my son gets a shit eaten grin on his face and says they sound like julie @Sassy. they were from london. we come back to find oit hot water tank is efffed we get a new upgraded room. at 10pm. bar closes at 11pm.. havent had dinner yet.. toss a pizza in the oven run to bar get 2 stiff drinks n go back to room. wake up eat breakfast now headed to animal kingdom.... ill update more as we go. 10 days left. froggie out.
  8. rip im still on vaca... then ill b moving in july. ahhh b a shit season 4 me!
  9. its a large mouth bass..we call th d.p. cuz its a funny name and other reasons... i find them ok to eat but generally toss them back.
  10. caught this casting for muskie on a double blade bucktail. prob biggest ditch pickle ive ever caught. didnt measure or weigh it.
  11. those r crazy @v3n0m(OD) not at all, post it
  12. 13 1/2 in long 13in across. 21lbs. this sucker ripped 4 milk jugs off a 150lb main line. this time it bit through 50lb mono line and got hung in my 80lb braided line in its neck.. i assume from prev experiences that it had the hook in its mouth and tried to remove it with its foot, then when it swam down it got hooked.. snapping turtle. not aligator snapper
  13. i have a new catch to post.. stay tuned. i chose not to take part in this contest due to lack of time. @RadarRick(OD) that red drum is awesome and the cobia it a great catch too!
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