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  1. I'm not equipped to run one yet but it's there any chance someone else might want to do a gm tournament? 🙈😂 do we have the numbers?
  2. Is this still happening even though the queues seem to be gone?
  3. SCL sorry I should have mentioned that 😂
  4. Definitely for pvp. I've played ghost but it's been years. I've read some of the jsp guides to freshen up too. I'm just not sure of the current fg costs to build even what would be considered budget. I may just need to focus on building fg for a while.
  5. How much fg to make a ghost Assassin in scl? Not looking for gosu equipment but enough to be competitive. I'm at 0 fgs right now but I have stuff I will be selling soon. Trying to catch up for the next tournament. I'm Alarics@jsp if you see my threads I would appreciate some bumps! ❤️ Cheers
  6. Awesome thank you! I have created some runewords from farming so I have okay resistances in hell but if there is any starter assassin equipment or mercenary equipment on the mules I would put it to good use ^^
  7. If an assassin one becomes available I would love it! I'll be too week for Ubers for a while 😂
  8. I was able to use my last bit of fg to get a Grush so no worries all. My trapsin is 48 and climbing!
  9. I'm playing an assassin. Going for Traps so I can MF and build some wealth but end goal is hybrid for pvp. I'm not sure why my signature is not showing but this is formerly Spanks(OD). If anyone can help me get it to show that would be great! In the settings it says show signatures is checked.
  10. Looking for a rush on my first character of the ladder 🙂 I'll be on for a couple hours tonight but will be working most of tomorrow. I have Monday off if I'm not able to meet up with anyone until then. Hope you have all been well and I look forward to playing with you all again. Especially in the pvp tournaments 😈
  11. I would love a rush on scl, don't have an scl character yet 🙈
  12. How do I go about being reinstated? I'm looking to start on ladder useast and would like to make an OD account before I start 😁
  13. I'm working 6 days a week so I don't have a lot of time to play. I'm currently 21 in hardcore on my paladin. I'm probably going to playthrough to hell and then worry about getting some good equipment to farm with. I'm out of forum gold though.. any donations are welcome.. Alarics@jsp. I'm formerly known as Spanks(OD) (for those I played with) but changed my name to Alarics before I moved. Any help is appreciated and I'll pay it forward. Thanks 👌
  14. I'm very interested in this but I'm concerned about how active the mod is. I don't like bots on retail and I hear they are everywhere so I would love a mod that doesn't have hacks or bots. Does this mod have a good trading economy? Is there pvp?
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