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  1. I need level 9 All skills/stats LAdder Softcore Xpac
  2. Welcome Welcome! Need anything feel free to pm me! I'll do what I can to help !
  3. Hello everyone! I am Going be doing an event on Febuary 3rd 2018 (saturday) It will be Modern. Program will be used is Untap.xyz There will be no entry fee and prize will be given out due to attendance.
  4. i feel like alot of the cards shud be banned lol
  5. Nice nice. I have 1 PTQ win under my belt. 2006 win. jund.
  6. I would love to get EDh rocking and Pauper is always fun! I'll make a list of what people play and we can get it moving smoothly!
  7. Magic The Gathering: Trading Card Game by Wizards of the coast. Here we can talk about anything related to MTG. Deck building Trades Playing on Magic the gathering online (mtgo) Untap.xyz Cockatrice Box openings Spoilers Anyone is welcome to join the squad. We have a channel in Teamspeak if you like to use Teamspeak! Here is link to for squad: http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=275 Anyone questions just ask, want to learn how to play I'd gladly teach you.
  8. Idk if anyone wrote this but you don't want magic find when doing this. Useless stat. Glitching maxes your drop chance.
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