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  1. sorry shampoo but the community is not like it use to be. ive put in 3 days of work and gotten nothing out of it so we wont be going ahead with starcraft unless we can get something going
  2. anyone playing division 2 and want to make an OD clan in it?
  3. ive made a new clan as the old one is locked out by a member no longer in OD
  4. Hi all its with great pleasure that i have an opportunity for someone to become a co leader with me in Starcraft 2. If you have been wanting to do more with clan involvement this is a great opportunity as it gives you the chance to see what happens behind the scenes. If you are interested the requirements are 1. Own Starcraft 2 (Duh) 2. you be of at least Sergeant Major in rank on the website 3. Being Active on the forums 4. Being Active in game 5. Having good communication skills to talk with clan members 6. Be able to Recruit new members to the clan
  5. Hay all I'm pleased to announce that Starcraft 2 will be making a come back now that I'm back and ready to mingle. if your interested in joining shoot me a message and well set things up. Starcraft has had a shaky past with people (not pointing fingers) being unable to take lead of the squad/division and point it in the direction the members want. I'm please to announce that Starcraft now has a dedicated leadership team standing by and ready to lead you all in the right direction allowing all players to join and not just people who want to play ladder all night. This squad/division
  6. Hay all. some of you may of wondered where i went. about 7 months ago i got diagnosed as schizophrenic, this was a big change in my life. i left abruptly so that i could take care of my health but im happy to say that i have it under control now and that im back to help everyone out. if you have any questions feel free to ask and ill answer them to the best of my ability. with my return ill be helping all divisions with recruitment and anything else that might be required. and with this i say "IM BACK"
  7. Hay guys. im from the R&R division and im looking for the OCE server rep so i can get added into the club and start recruiting members to grow the division. im also happy to help other servers with general recruitment so that the division can grow and become a great place for us all to hang out in
  8. im happy to help as i bounce onto SC now and then MelrakTundra#1530
  9. when opal was boss he was trying to get it of korhal. i dunno anything else
  10. im still a very active member on starcraft 2 terra. if we still had the division id be recruiting for that activly
  11. Hello Ladies and Gents Each month both myself and Xayj will get together and draw out one of you to receive a Blizzard/Hots gift code that you can use to exchange for those sweet chests that we all know and love. The draw will be recorded so that each member can listen if they so choose and see how the process went on. How To Participate in the giveaway so you want to participate in this awesome giveaway. This awesome giveaway that we are doing every month! well all you gotta do to go into the draw is be a member of OD HotS. How the Selection system works for
  12. Li Li the World Wanderer Li Li is a positional support that protects her allies by throwing out healing brew and blinding enemies Damage 3/10 Utility 8/10 Survivability 8/10 Complexity 3/10 Li Li has 3 abilities and a choice of two ultimate's T Fast Feet Upon taking damage, your basic ability cooldowns refresh faster and Li Li gains movement speed Q Healing Brew Heal the Lowest health ally Prioritizing Heroes. W Cloud Serpent Summon a Cloud Serpent on an allied Hero that attacks nearby enemies each second and heals the ally
  13. Tychus the Notorious Outlaw "Hell, it's about time." Tychus is an Assassin who shreds High Health enemies Damage 8/10 Utility 1/10 Survivability 5/10 Complexity 6/10 Tychus has 3 abilities and a choice of two ultimate's T Minigun Activate to have basic attacks againsed Heroes deal bonus damage Q Overkill Deal damage to the target and nearby targets. Reactivate to select a new target. Tychus can move and use abilities while channeling W Frag Grenade Lob a grenade damaging and knocking enemies away E Run and Gun
  14. Valla the Demon Hunter Valla strikes at the enemy from afar and gains Hatred, increasing her movement speed and basic attack damage. Valla can vault away if enemies get too close. Damage 9/10 Utility 1/10 Survivability 4/10 Complexity 3/10 Valla has 3 abilities and a choice of two Ultimate's T Hatred Basic attacks grant a stack of Hatred. Each Hatred stack increases basic attack damage and movement speed Q Hungering Arrow Fire an arrow that deals damage to the first target hit, then seeks additional enemies. Hungering Arrow can hit an
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