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  1. Here's a link to a streamer testing the playable demo at blizzcon
  2. I prefer TS3 over Discord. However I wont be able to attend on the 18 and or 19 in the evening.
  3. I play ARAM and if you wan to revive the squad I would hardly suggest that everyone be GM because back when the squad was alive some members where BM againts players and other OD members.
  4. Your best option would be to join us on TS for the reset. I would be late for the reset like always since I finish working like a 4pm.
  5. I don't have the proper words to describe the sadness I have when I heard about this. Stay strong like you always did. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. The fun part is that your witch can go tank. In this game any character can be anything its not like D2 or D3. All depends where you put your points and what gems you use. Some characters are better for different build because the points u spend in skill tree are much closer to your build but overall anyone can be anything.
  7. Like any other arpg xD Basically the first thing u need to do is complete the 10 acts (story line). Its like D2 run, kill mobs do quests until u done the main story once that is done, you can do much more.
  8. Hey everyone, I came across an article explaining what would have been a Guild Hall and some Arena Maps for PVP if those files that are located inside the game folder would have ever been implemented. Here's the link the the article and it even got some videos showing the maps https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/b9x9tl/diablo_iis_lost_maps_the_legacy_that_never_saw/
  9. @Triny(OD) is in OD Community 😛
  10. Join us on TS. The game is fun but indeed could be complex to new players, specially when you see the talent skill tree. What I could suggest you is maybe YouTube some videos about beginner guide build for the current league (Synthesis) or something similar to it. If you like to play in a particular style we can always suggest you something. The best thing to do in this game is pick a build guide and follow it but gotta make sure that its not an expensive build specially for someone who just begun to learn the game.
  11. My mouse can light in many colors and purple is one of them xD
  12. Yeah, I bough 1 from amazon today, Will see once it arrives.
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