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  1. Hey, if anyone is willing to play some WarZone or anything with me message me on discord, if I'm not busy ill send you my activision name, I just wanna see this group/startup division gets some success as I'm trying to introduce some console players to PC players
  2. Hello everyone! I hope to see some of you guys June 6th at the CoD event I'm hosting! I'm posting this to announce that I have decided to give out 1 copy of CoD on any console you play. Prizes for the Event are based on kills and time survived: 1st Place: Copy of CoD If I decide to add more prizes I will post it in this thread! Squad Leader. Attitude(OD)
  3. By the way you’ll need to download the game early because it is a big download! again any questions regarding the event message me on discord! Squad Leader, Attitude(OD)
  4. Come have fun playing some Warzone with some of us CoD players, event starts June 6th at around 5PM CST it’s early so some people from Europe can come join us! If you have any questions regarding this event which is the first one for us, you can message me on discord, if I don’t reply quickly I’m in a CoD game focused on it. Squad Leader, Attitude(OD)
  5. The games I was thinking was the newest one of CoD, Modern Warfare, been playing it since it came out and been on my mind about trying to get a team together for OD on CoD
  6. Been playing this game for awhile now, I wanna start up a squad of Modern Warfare. Post below if you play this game and wanna help me start it up
  7. Hello, I'm Attitude(OD), my name is Nevadah I'm 22 years old, been playing D2 for along time now
  8. I saw this in game and Wichita(OD) advised me to pursue this fully
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