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  1. Redbull. Redbull Charger
  2. pulling Wiggles out Entering Redbull/Charger Challenging OD-Help
  3. oh the pride is hurt gds
  4. sign me up OD-Wiggles bowzon
  5. id like Ray(OD) to interview Ray(OD) as a puppet and make it a video plz
  6. how is this relevant for ironman contests? these are all level 18-30 req items?
  7. Slum(OD)

    Bit rusty

    🙂 always good times
  8. This is a Solo Self Found Hardcore Event Hosted by Slum(OD) and Lacer(OD) The Goal is to reach the Beach Map after completing Act10 The event starts 11/3/2018 The event closes 11/10/2018 You must post a S/S of your new char lvl 1 when signing up for the event. If you die. You are allowed to remake you character as long as you use the same character name You must post a S/S of your char in the Beach Map in order to win the event. The first member to reach the Beach will Receive 6 Ex The second member to reach the Beach will Receive 3 Ex The third player to reach the Beach will Receive 1 Ex If no one is able to reach the Beach. The Prizes will be distributed by the Highest level achieved
  9. id like to have a POE member interviewed. share the love with our new division I nominate Chknwg1(OD)
  10. Slum(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    i strongly disagree with the 9s can compete with 18s and 18s with 30's. unless the chars are built extremely unwell. the addition of ranged characters @ 18 and the heavy dominance of melee @ 9 makes these duels virtually impossible. in the melee category.....deadly strike 18 zealots will 1-2 shot any lvl 9 build. the only character that could compete against a level 30 is a 18 fully equipped Charge/Zealot who gets lucky landing a few critical ds shots against a poorly equipped 30. if you lose to someone below your bracket. you built the character incorrectly. with that being said.... I am glad to help any new folks to the LLD community with advice, character builds, and for a very limited time...gear.
  11. Slum(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    1. Level 18 and 30 2. I will kill you all for free 3. About 12 years of LLD experience 4. you had me at lld
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