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  1. Or if anyone wants the clan od clan that was the original I'm pretty sure I still have ownership of it
  2. I dont go to the gym to get hit on so why would they? That is my general mindset, if you have questions feel free, see someone doing something you dont understand ask questions, we were all new to lifting at some point. Now if you and a girl make eye contact a bunch in a workout say hi but dont force anything :)
  3. The pain you feel is a lactic acid build up in the muscles as they try to repair, easiest way around that is to lift regularly and to hit the sauna/hot tub and stretch whatever you worked out to break up the lactic acid. The legs and abs are really bad about getting DOMS (Daily Onset Muscle Soreness) they are the muscle groups that hurt for the next few, like up to 72 hours for legs generally just 24-48 for abs, days when worked until fatigue. The burn you feel is good though, embrace it, the soreness will be less noticeable after about a week or 2 of regular workouts, other than leg day, leg
  4. I'm on most of tomorrow if y'all want to chill.
  5. @Scro7ox(OD) We are sad to see you leave but understand how it goes, the main problem is that when they make a judgment call to not allow one division to have a game as a "SUB" game, even those that are almost identical, the leaders have to stick to their decision. In all honesty if this has been a problem 3 times in the past month or 2 then maybe it is worth looking into our rules in OD, potentially we can look into small divisions taking squads under their wing until they have enough people to be their own division, this may promote growth in the clan rather than irritating people enough to
  6. welcome to the forums @Terakahn hope you have a nice time here, whenever you are ready for clan wars with us hit me up bro, or hit up DH he wants you in the community a lot, thinks very highly of you.
  7. I have had to build my division 3 times over as people either leave to another division and start talking shit about me, none of them are true after having some very long talks and forum posts I feel like my standing was fairly clear, or they get mad that people are talking shit about me behind my back and leave because OD is being a toxic community. I have kept most of these members in my friends list to game with but they refuse to be involved in OD after the community started to become toxic and showed such heavy favoritism to a few members in the clan who got a free pass to do and say anyt
  8. You don't need the game to get access to general chat and arcade, you can get the free version and have access to the main methods to recruit. I appreciate the help greatly. I understand that you guys also work just have been thoroughly tilted by some of the things going on in OD recently. Thanks Compfreak, Opal
  9. I have asked at least a dozen times for help recruiting. I mentioned in the admin meeting I needed them to do anything to help as well as have had several high rank officers tell me they would help and precede to never be heard from again. I was already struggling to keep motivated with being the only recruiter and also be the only admin with a 60+ hour a week job, but now that I am watching members that I have recruited change main game and am getting tilted, people are so willing to take members from struggling divisions but are so unwilling to help them.
  10. If you need help setting up routine or anything let me know, I can give you mine from when I started. Just going is the hardest part, after 3 or 4 days it feels natural and after about a week you will feel a difference starting. I noticed faster reaction speeds with gaming and faster decision making in about a month of going daily. Now that I am dieting I am feeling even better, can play much better and much more accurately. Plus I am looking much better than I did, I was 145 lbs now I am about 170lbs with a lower body fat %
  11. Dost thou even hoist broseiden? Was struggling for 30lbs a month ago, better form and consistent workouts have lead to getting much stronger ;p
  12. I have had a lot of IRL drama going on that i have been sorting out and have been less active recently, dealing with a lot and have been having a hard time recruiting as I dont have the time to spend with them while working 75+ hours a week and trying to deal with lawyers and court drama. Just trying to be clear that im not inactive but have just been dealing with stuff. Any questions feel free to msg me.
  13. He now claims he stole $1000 from OD and braggas about it. Said that we were all a bunch of brain dead druggies with no skill. This was after I 1v2d he and his hacking buddy.
  14. I know many people are familiar with qulk, he joined a game I was running and started trying to pk people. He said he was in a rival clan that were hackers and he would pk me, his friend (who said he was hacking) tried to Tele stomp me while qulk tried to leapstrike me before I was able to BO. So my reaction was to cast lower res and fire golem and watched them both die to the nova from my psn facet... 2 hackers vs 1 OD member... we all 3 died but I will be chalking it up as a win for me as it was an attempted BM PK that ended in them both dropping max gold that others in the game picked up an
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