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  1. It's a good start ty for tagging me and taking time to post it! I'll be sure to check on it from time to time 😄
  2. Please keep this topic to evaluation related content. All I did was offer constructive criticism. If there is an issue with what I posted then @Sassy or any of you can pm me directly and discuss it. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your answer. I just want to say that I strongly agree with this. While I will post an easy pass on some evals, overall I try to evaluate what a person has done and give a fair assessment based on that. For me, that means ignoring my relationship with them in the community and attempting to pull information out of them. This can be done several different ways and I try to tailor it to the person as much as possible. For those that I cannot narrow it down so much (such as yourself) I attempt to ask a broader question that will show me how they think and act that will hopefully befit their rank. One of the things that I would really like to see improved is the eval Q&A's to actually involve the parties and not say something like 'You do good I approve your rank'. It's one thing to do it for a Staff Sergeant and an entirely different thing to post that on a General. Thanks again and gl!
  4. As you mentioned @Aerineth(OD) OD is essentially family. We might butt heads from time to time but when it comes down to it the community always has each other's backs when they need it most. How important do you think that the eval process is and what do you think could be done to improve it? You have my support to keep your rank and thanks for your time!
  5. Thanks for your answer. As you said that is more or less what I was looking for.. Just to see your general thought process on it. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for answers and good lucky buddy
  7. Hello Aerineth I didn't really see the ins and outs of your work prior to your IA as much as I would have liked to.. But since returning I have seen it full blast and love how much you have been involved. Alsoooo before I ask questions I just want to say congrats on conquering your addiction and getting it under control. It is a huge step for anybody with an addiction and demonstrates your character and resiliency. Being that you were IA for a while, what sort of new (hopefully minty fresh) ideas do you have to push the clan forward further?
  8. Hey Terra I think it is obvious to anybody that sees what you do that you deserve the rank, even after seeing you in action for only a short time. As a clan leader how do you typically determine how far to let a situation escalate under your subordinates before taking issues into your own hands to deescalate it? What preventative actions would you take for the future? These questions are entirely hypothetical and not aimed at any past event, but to just pick at your brain a bit. On a less serious note, you write a lot of essays when you post. Would there be any way to automate a TLDR section for all of your posts? 😄 Thanks for reading and you have my support already
  9. Hiya Julie! I'm going to be straight to the point on this one. I already know it won't make a difference but it is a no for me. I know how much you have done for the clan and the division, but over the last year + you have been virtually nonexistent for both. I understand there are reasons behind it, but I don't think there is enough to push you forward at this time (especially being a leader of the d2 division). That being said I don't think you deserve to go the other way either and should take the time you are online to remind everybody of the reasons you got there in the first place. I have noticed that you have been on a lot more as of late than before, but I just can't give it my +1 knowing that while you were gone I had seen so many members come in and say 'op sassy - who is that?' or 'who is julie' etc etc. Best of luck to you
  10. Frank you are always around whenever anybody needs you.. Always there to provide guidance.. Very active in all aspects of the clan as you should at your rank. Based on your experience as a general and a commander how would you determine that it is time for leadership to step down? Would you say that you can judge that fairly based on a division's success? Regardless of your answers you have my support on this one! GL man
  11. I'll be honest I would like to give you a chance as a general but haven't seen you around consistently enough to approve it. I think you could make a decent general but would need to show a stronger desire to move up. I'm not sure if there will be enough people with the same view as me to prevent your promotion but if there are then I'd love to see how you improve between now and the next time you are put up. It's a no for me this time but good luck rose!
  12. I hope you continue to find success and get a create a strong division You have my support 🙂
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