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  1. Updated it to satisfy my binge needs 😄 I've been slacking on anime lately but once i get going again this will make it way easier now 😛
  2. I did the batch portion myself yes. The main part that connects to stream the anime is not my code it is from github
  3. No, it is the batch file that calls the anime directly to my media player without any ad riddled sites and an overall much smoother stream (mostly because of the lack of ads). Taiga is just a program that integrates with MAL to track episodes, which also updates via this method too. 😄
  4. So ever since Kissanime shut down I have been having a hard time finding a good site that I like that has a nice interface, easy to find content, and works with MAL Sync.. I was using kissanime.nz as it is the same exact layout, but it just wasn't updating MAL and I had to manually do it (via Taiga with MAL Sync integrated). I came across a github post and with it made this little treasure 🙂 Check it out I made a quick video of it. The majority of it stops at about 2 min or so but I let it go through the intro on my example and showed Taiga opening and offering to update as well. @Ghost(OD) @snicker66(OD) @Drewg(OD) Update!
  5. Oolong really? 😕 I think of myself as more of a ss god goku or jiren 😄 i feel like you would be pilaf @TypeReaL(OD)
  6. I might as well make use of the fantasy football email once a year 😄 aar318@ymail.com which FF service are you going to use?
  7. I mean any blizzer can do decently in pvp. That cold mastery is killer 😄 I had a build like the early ladder one listed and blizzed @DBZ(OD) Jared's druid fully geared a couple ladders back. It did like 60% of his life or more lol.. that was only like 3.5k damage with cold mastery maxed I may think up a different one if that doesn't work though. I'll be back (*terminator voice*)
  8. I'm going to post a guide on PvM first and possibly PvP depending on feedback My cheap effective build of choice for PvM is a Sorc that primarily uses blizzard and has firewall as a secondary skill. While the frozen orb / meteor or fireball build is very usable as well, I find that the damage boost from blizzard makes a big difference in the long run. Keep in mind this is all MY Preference and should not be taken as a definitive guide Skills (Assuming level 80 and 12 points from Quests): Blizzard and prerequisites + Cold Mastery + Frozen Armor / Static Field + Telekinesis + Teleport / Warmth + Firewall and prerequisites + Fire Mastery Cold Skills Blizzard - 20 Cold Mastery - 20 Ice Blast - 20 Ice Bolt - 1 Frost Nova - 1 Glacial Spike - 1 Frozen Armor - 1 --- 64 Lightning Spells Static Field - 1 Telekinesis - 1 Teleport - 1 --- 3 Fire Skills Firewall - 20 Blaze - 1 Inferno - 1 Fire Mastery - 1 Warmth - 1 --- 24 Additional points can go to either Ice Bolt for Blizzard damage or Fire Mastery for Firewall damage / Warmth for lower damage and mana regen Gear in the format of [ early ladder /// later in ladder ] Helm - Lore or Peasant Crown /// Nightwing or Shako Weapon - Spirit Sword /// Hoto or Death's Fathom Weapon 2 - Blade of Ali Baba /// CTA Armor - Smoke /// V Magi or CoH Shield - Ancient's Pledge or Moser's /// Spirit Monarch Shield 2 - Rhyme /// Spirit Monarch Gloves - Magefists or Dual / Tri res Rare gloves /// Mages (preferred for +1) or Trang's (if low cold res) Belt - Rare fhr res life belt or Tal belt /// Arach or SnowClash or T God (mostly for baaling) Boots - Hotspurs or Infernostrides or Rare Dual / Tri res boots /// Treks or Hotspurs or Rare Tri res boots Amulet - + skills with fcr /res / life / stats or Eye of Etlich or + skills /// Maras or +2 skills with fcr / life / stats / res Rings - 2x fcr rings with desirable mods (res / life / mana / stats) or 1x fcr ring with desirable mods and raven frost (requires fcr on ammy) /// 2x SoJ Inventory Charms - 2-3 Cold / Fire gc's if possible, Combination of res (fire and light 10%+), all res (4-5), life, or life and mana (leave two columns for mf), any Torch you can get for the stats /// Cold / Fire gc's with life (I prefer cold but depends on preference), life and res scs (fire / light / all), life and mana scs, Anni, Hellfire Torch Stats Str - Enough for Gear /// Enough for Gear Dex - Enough for Gear /// Enough for Gear Vitality - All spare points /// All spare points Mana - Enough for about 300 Mana with gear /// None Mercenary Helm - Crown of Thieves /// Andy's Visage Weapon - Insight /// Elite Base Eth Insight or Obedience Armor - Treachery /// Fort Effectiveness: Kills entire game minus uber levels (can take Uber D) very slowly /// Kills entire game minus uber levels relatively quickly Cost (depending on quality of gear): Very Cheap to Cheap /// Moderate to High
  9. Yea her sister looked a lot more like a pit. She has a slight block head but far more german.. and her sister had a big ol block head 😛
  10. She is pit bull / german shepard / malamute / border collie :)
  11. I'm not really worried about it, that would just be the next bottleneck for me lol like I said, all my stuff runs just fine still 😄 im running i7-6700k though.
  12. Better get them before they are all taken by people mining bitcoin. GPU's are expensive as $^!t at work because of that. Personally I'm still using a 1070 and have no issues with 99% of the games I've tried. If I were to get a new GPU I'd have to upgrade all around or my processor would start to bottleneck it soon enough. So.... either I keep what I have or buy a whole new PC... my mind says yes and my wallet hides under the blanket 😄
  13. Funny story. My dog was a fur ball due to corona... My brother decided to bring her in to get groomed today... and him being him... well.... the pictures say it all 😄 .... and with that, I present to you Ruby the dog (lion?)
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. you can make most chars pretty cheap if you go plains.. but for a right setup in any class it will add up quick (a.k.a. 30+ lifers and life / res scs + char specific gear). I can make a mean welfare char but the real ghost sin expert here is @SuNSeT
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