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  1. H a p p y b I r t h d a y 

    A A R O N have a good one 

    and can I have one them boots lol 

    1. Sassy


      Did you have a good night ? How many boots did you have 

  2. I think I would invest heavily in Jason to pursue his non purple dreams
  3. Speaking of discord setup, I would like to mention that I discovered an odd feature (bug?)... If you use the tts (text to speech - /tts Hi there) command in a chat channel, it seems to speak across all channels and not just the voice channel that you are currently in. Any way to restrict that to the current voice channel @Xayj(OD) ? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for responses @CompFreak(OD)... I believe you would have easily made it the last eval if it was a more active time in the clan. Despite being a part of Community and not a specific division I think that you will still make it this time around. Good luck and you have my vote!
  5. I hope you gain some strides on it later this year 😄 I already planned on giving you my support as I believe you are a more than qualified individual and that losing the rank was a minor road block that only happened because of real life circumstances. GL man!
  6. To respond to that... I feel like assisting others to build on existing infrastructure is just as important as it is to lead it yourself and thank you for lending a hand where you can. In your opinion, what kinds of further improvements do you think that the community as a whole needs to attain steady growth and a better preserving of its members (excluding the migration to discord)? Thank you for taking time to answer questions!
  7. @snicker66(OD) I was going to originally mention your schedule and lack of time, but it seems like everybody else has already nailed that one pretty good. Let me start this off by thanking you for remaining so optimistic and spirited about the eval even after losing your star previously. OSRS has been a squad for a decent amount of time now and I have not really seen a whole lot of feedback on the status of its growth. How have you progressed with developing the squad and do you feel like it is going to grow enough to qualify to be made into a division? I would like to point out that in the forum there was a significant amount of effort put into it initially but you seemed to have let it fade away the next day (with the exception of one post 12 days later - Nov 22 2019). Do you feel that your admin activity and participation since your last eval is sufficient enough to be deserving of a promotion?
  8. Hiya @Rich(OD) Let me start out by saying thanks for not going on a smoke break before reading this (otherwise it might not be ready for about 30-45 min --- lol jk). Similar to DBZ, I have seen you almost daily as well since joining and even before that. Referring to your statement where ODD2 has enough Generals already, have you considered leading a division or a squad? Which ones? I think that your honestly is an admirable trait to just about everybody that meets you and also gives you enough time to get to know you. However, that is not the case for everybody out there. As a potential future general, do you feel like you may need to soften your personality a bit to avoid any unintentional discontent and also make you seem a bit more approachable to the community?
  9. * Proactive in helping the Clan transition to Discord, making sure a new subforum for Discord was created, as well as insuring guides to make that process easier were prepared @Purplez(OD) - The discord migration has been one you have been pushing along with a few others for a while now. As a result we see less and less people on Teamspeak. That being said, do you think that this transition could be perceived as negatively impacting the social presence of members? Before you answer I would like to bring up that the majority of the people on it are on there every night and in that sense it is really no different than it was on Teamspeak. So, as a fork to that question, what do you propose we should do to pull in more members and ensure that the increased activity comes from the clan as a whole and not just the D2 members?
  10. You briefly brought this up yourself in the general's meeting @CompFreak(OD) so I am kind of curious now.. You had mentioned that not being a part of a division may hinder your chances of getting the next star. That being said, did you have any plans to leave your "Community" branding and lead a division or even to start a squad and hopefully aspire towards making it a division?
  11. You should rehost your signature @SuNSeT Also sign me up MooMoo(OD) OD-CowPie PnB Necro
  12. ty for playing guys... 1st place overall went to the MooMoo 🙂 1st prize - @MotoMetal(OD) infinity along with 50 fg for first kill in his game 2nd prize - @DuffSoBeer(OD) tal set 50 fg for first kill in my game @taketolong Thanks for everybody who showed up and thanks to @Purplez(OD) for moderating the second game --- lots of fun as always 😄
  13. On schedule for 930 tonight be home soon! Thx for patience guys
  14. I am rescheduling this tentatively to 9 pm EST tonight instead due to me not remembering I am going to my brother's for Christmas fun. If I don't think I will be back then I will try for tomorrow instead (either 3 pm EST or 8 pm EST). Thanks!
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