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  1. 1. What sorts of new ideas did you have in mind for sparking an interest in the R&R Committee and what sort of participation do you feel will be necessary to have a positive outcome? 2. What expectations do you have for Clan OD as a whole in both the near and distant future and what types of hurdles do you expect to see in the transition?
  2. Frank -- you are and have been the most helpful commander I've interacted with since joining the clan and always make it obvious how much you care about the clan through your efforts in all aspects of the clan. I see you participating in the forums, on the main site, in teamspeak / meetings, and in any other discussion you are a part of. You always voice your opinion without any bias and are able to provide resolution to every dispute I've seen you involved in. You already have my approval but I'd still like to ask questions 😄 1. You consistently make attempts to improve the community as a whole. Do you feel like that may have left room to neglect your own division's growth? What can you do to elevate Overwatch on the Clan OD Map? 2. How do you think that we can improve growth in the clan and what can you see as a potential replacement for Diablo 2 as the top division when it eventually goes down?
  3. 1. With our clan lower than it's been in membership in quite some time, do you feel like there is a need for as many people in administration as we have currently? 2. What are your thoughts on the declining activity among members of all ranks, the drastic drop of numbers in multiple divisions, and the legitimate issue of retaining the members that we still have while still attempting to recruit new ones and train existing people? Thanks for responding and hope to read up soon. GL!
  4. Quintin --- You have been here as long as I have been in the clan, and a far longer time before that. Throughout my time I've seen you help myself and many others before me time and time again. That being said, it is pretty obvious that you have not been very active. However, I do see you making attempts to be there whenever you can and always letting us know when you cannot. You hop on ts, remain active in the forums, and attend meetings whenever life doesn't take precedence. So to my questions... 1. How do you feel about the current state of OD compared to the rest of your tenure with the clan and what kinds of changes can you think of to improve the daily quality of life of the clan members? 2. With all of the struggling divisions in the clan, have you considered stepping up as a division lead for any other games? What type of schedule would you have to have for that to take place and is that something that might be possible in the foreseeable future? GL with eval!
  5. that wasn't any COD lol that was counter strike global offensive I do usually get COD but prolly won't as the last few have been disappointing to me and the people I play with have pretty much stopped at this point.
  6. Hiya! the first band here sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin and kicks ass... They have gotten real big since I've first heard the song but for those who haven't experience it yet... here 🙂 the second band sounds more like Guns N' Roses... I haven't seen them get big quite the same as Greta just yet.. but they still kick some serious ass too. It's amazing the similarities
  7. I've got both at the same exact spot right now.. Both Leg with one Elite stashed away for ascending later. Should have Shemira first most likely as she is in labyrinth store.. my Belinda is in the same situation.
  8. Rosaline just kicks ass. She has surprised me with her damage after a few battles but she takes Belinda / Brutus / Shemira to whole new levels hehe.. I'm really trying to get some more Shemira's and make her my first 161 but that's still a ways away for me
  9. well LoN is still a viable option with the new gem they released. Although what I've found on my wd is that using the rings are a lot better until I can level the gem. It needs to be higher to match the LoN bonus and allow you to swap out your rings. I used Vyr's for wiz last season and it was pretty nice if that's your kind of thing.
  10. aww jeez the rules must be different up in canada, eh? 9 is vLLD, 18 and 30 are LLD, 49 is MLD, and 49+ is HLD @smitten(OD) - can you update your post with a time and date? and as sunset said the lld rules would be nice as well even just a link 😄 I may join depending on the time + date
  11. if it was for real you'd still never see it on my lawn -.-
  12. Yea! And to all the kick-ass players that help pLvl and gear already for the members that couldn't make the reset 🙂 Great start so far and lots of activity!!
  13. MooMoo(OD)


    I'll probably still see you around in game but would prefer if you thought hard about it too. OD is a great community to be a part of and we have the right people to grow both the community as a whole and the PvP community. Unfortunately that means a lot of patience. You should have seen the patience I had to give to get @Purplez(OD) to do something simple like teleport and switch a skill to cast lol.... But hey she's improved, along with a lot of other members and that's really what it is all about. We can't all be great duelers but if the PvP people keep on pushing for it and helping others, the community will slowly but surely strengthen. There are several PvM'ers that are solid PvP'ers as well. I think the main problem is it seems a lot of aspects in game have gone down quite a bit this ladder due to the resurgence of bots (a shit ton at that). But hey, like I said I'll see you around in game either way. It would just be cooler in my eyes to see an OD before your name 🙂 We can also play some D3 as well --- it just reset on Friday! Or if you play other games you could do that too. So many optionssssssssssssss.. Think about it 😄 Best of luck to you either way bud @Drewg(OD)
  14. i'd possibly be interested if we could get enough ppl too
  15. MooMoo(OD)

    Season 18

    I think I am going to start off with WD and maybe split into a nec or crusader if I can find a good build for them. They are by far my least played classes. 😄 hbu?
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