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  1. A pretty solid guy. Irish and British sounding dude that is currently in high school and is a graphic design student.
  2. We are people, definitely human I know that. But like our division, we play BF1 and usually are chill and just looking to have a good time while trying to play good and play as a team. Mostly play BF1, but some have BF4 and play PUBG for breaks occasionally. Everyone also has their own games to play also, but are sometimes just chilling in the teamspeak. Will be cool to see you join us sometime, we will be in the teamspeak server or origin if you want to play! P.S. check the place to put origin names to play or something thread to get usernames of people.
  3. Seeing if anyone new is coming in from OD, i thought having a thread for just adding people to friends list to be able to would be good and easier for set up and playing. Origin- GingerBoss17
  4. Sounds cool dude, if you ever want to play add me on Origin, GingerBoss17. We usually are on most nights and some time throughout the day in the afternoon, and are active in Teamspeak if you want to join once you get the chance.
  5. I mean there isn't no really competitive or ranked game mode, but games can be very competitive if you have decent team mates and enemies that know how to play the game. Usually if we have a full squad of people than the games can get really interesting with our group of people working together; if we all get int he match more than likely the enemy team has something similar to us so games get spicy. But on the flip side there are games where the OD squad are the top four or five players in the server and are just farming the enemy. Over all. the competitiveness of a game is up in the air, but as long as we have a squad of people the game will usually be good, competitive, and fun.
  6. Oh sorry, should have mentioned that we play on PC.
  7. We mainly play BF1 but some of us have BF4 so pretty much up for anything. Most of us also have the Premium Pass as well.
  8. GingerBoss

    Hi there!

    Pay attention to my post i made in the archive, i didnt relieve at the time that i was in the archive so feel free to delete it. Hi everyone, the name is GingerBoss. So I have just recently joined OD, currently a trial member, but Smite is my "main" game; with other 900 hours currently and not including those when there was no way to see how long you have played(been around since the very early beta days, like domination was still a thing). I joined OD from the BattleField 1 squad and play with the guys from there and played a little Paladins too, but I want to play my "main" game with possibly my "main" gaming group besides my friends that i know irl. Gonna be around a lot since i got done with school and is now summer, though I do still have work throughout the day, but ill be around in the afternoon/nightish time. Name in smite is just like my name right now, GingerBoss, send me a friend request whenever and ill try to be in ts when I can. See y'all and hope to play with y'alls!
  9. GingerBoss


    Sup y'all, my name is GingerBoss, you can call be ginger or whatever you wish i dont care really. Just joined recently and wanted to say hi. So HI! A lil bout myself, currently a student with a decent amount of free time in every season that isn't fall or summer. During the fall i play soccer for my school and during the summer i am all over the place busy with work and church activities and going places. I play a lot of Smite, TF2, and have been getting back into BF1. But I play a lot other games like Overwatch, and a couple of other f2p shooter(Dirty Bomb ,Fistful of Frags, and Paladins casually). Im done for whatever and a pretty chill dude. A proud Irish sounding man that isn't that much irish at all. Digital Pusblishing student and hater of Comic Sans. Lover of trains and iced tea. So hello and I am looking forward to play with y'all!!!
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