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  1. happy bday greybush

  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Cindy Great to see you strive for more. 2 stars just like your eyes. "awkward " HAHAH I'll let you tuck me in tonight... so you dont get so mad! LOL I am jealous of how you have flew through the ranks and surpassed me. It's also nice to see you are being rewarded for your hard work. You have stepped up when anyone has asked you or even when you have felt you were out of place. You've been there for members when they needed it and if you didnt have the answers you took the time to find out. Which is really nice to see. Goodjob girl! I support you and vote +1. now for the
  4. Welcome! I hope @Purplez(OD) didnt force anything onto you. I know she wanted to tuck in me last night but I had to refuse many times. We are a bunch of good peeps and some weirdos too. Again welcome and destroy the d3 computer. D2-4-life....
  5. Hey buddy @CompFreak(OD) I missed out on your last evaluation due to family restraints. I am glad to see you are back into it. I think you are a very intelligent person with many ideas on hand at all times. You gave me tips and great advice on how to continue the community meetings and get the message out to other members. I think you should continue with the cards on friday nights. It was a fun time. Thank you for the help in the past and for the help you'll give me in the future. On these positive note I thi k you be will a great leader and a commander for us all.
  6. Snickers @snicker66(OD) I am stuck on this. I understand many things in life come up and can be distracting. Personal life is always more important then anything else. right now I am neutral on this eval as I dont know quite yet if you are ready to move back into a general rank. You lost your rank once. Again. I fully understand that life can get into the way. Q.1) Why do you deserve this rank "again"? Q.2) What will you do differently this time round to maintain the general rank, what have you done in the past 6 months to justify giving you a posi
  7. I think @Rich(OD) is suitable for the position. He is very active in the PvP community. I've known rIch a few years and he has developed into a great leader. I give rich a positive outcome and I know he will continue to show all of us how many great ideas he can bring to the table. Big changes to the D2 community. Q.1) Once you become general, what will be your first steps in office to bring more members to the PvP division within Diablo 2? Q.2) What kind of positive reinforcements do you have planned to help people stay involved within the clan and how
  8. I am offended... I'm also a dueler
  9. I will be doing Baal runs tonight right before New years. If anyone interested in joining me. I will set up private runs. Otherwise see you in the new year.
  10. dudes are so angry while they March. crazy! nothing like Canadian marching
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