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  1. We aren't anywhere. The server has been down for a long while. I don't know how active Hikato is, but I'm guessing his status is similar to mine. I would suggest recruiting some highly active members and forming a server if you would like to go anywhere with 7 Days. It's a fun game, it's just hard to keep it going after so long. There isn't much of an objective. I would suggest The Forest. That is a similar game that would have better results for unifying clan members. Hope you are well @Vanity(OD). :)
  2. Hahahahaha no. But Purplez might feel let down.
  3. You are correct. And very much a hard person to turn down. I’ve been extremely emotional over the last 12 hours...erm week really. You know why. But I keep reading that pm. Though it’s to keep my mind off of things, it also Reminds me of how people in OD care. This whole topic has done that for me. I’m in tears again. Fuck. I’m heading back on a long drive tomorrow. Do what you will to me. I’ll be hoping to be reinstated by the time I get home. I’m sorry for this rubbish wishy washy shit. Dabomb is right I should have slept on it. Badboi is right my time isn’t done. I think you understand what is going on with me @Terra. I will continue to coast, but more importantly I hope to find a place here in OD that more suits me, and I hope to take part in that endeavor and help it shine. Because so far my fear of failure and things not working out has taken a big toll. Apologies to anyone who read my long winded childish rants as of late. I will try to keep those in creative writings from now on.
  4. The price is Hikato and I stay in OD. And you go through with the purple.
  5. Thank you for the voices of reason. But my decision remains. The choice comes at poor timing and after an obvious chat with @Terra. But that conversation bears no weight in why I am leaving. It is definitely for personal reasons. In fact Terra still sits in my top online friends, and among the G.O.A.T.s in my book. Many of y’all don’t understand what she can do to build you up when you’re down. Ask her to give more battle speeches before you head off to battle. Once again, I thank all of you for your emotional support over the last year. I’m walking out of OD a better person than when I entered. And I have many of you to thank for that. Jester
  6. Wtf... your name is Tyler? Can we hold hands and skip off together? I need the emotional support. 😝
  7. That would be my forum turrets. The last statement was not directed at @Purplez(OD). Just in general. And out of taste with the swearing now that I look back to it. My apologies to Purplez if she will accept it. I have had nothing but great interactions with you Purplez, I was not meaning to offend you. Nor did I intend any aggression that may have been perceived offensive. Im glad that you’ve put some thought into this man. It seems to be in good hands.
  8. Forgive me for not pulling out the particulars here Tris. And after all this is said and done I think a phone call, and or a teamspeak chatvwould have avoided a lot of wasted time by Terra and myself blowin wind. (With our fingers. We are that damn fast.) Starting from the top: sweeping streamers under the rug. what I was specifically referring to was streamers who have tried to make posts on the forums and then they have their post moved. Or told that it was in the wrong space and it moved for them. It was a year ago and I’m not going to search it out, but it happened their post was moved and the post floated into the hall of single post forum pages. That wasnt the intention of OD at all. But it happened. And if I remember correctly it happened more than once. But I’m getting old, and have a few head injuries from rugby, so maybe I’m wrong. With th the tact returned in your post I have no doubt that you should be the face of what is going on. I trust ya. So by all means rock on man. I understand your feelings of wanting to bring streaming to OD to make it a part of the community you were already apart of. I have seen those communities/squads and they aren’t all great. Raids and more Your idea of raiding is cool. And it’s been made clear to me you understand what you are talking about on this aspect. Thank you for that answer. Yes raiding someone and spamming their channel is a great idea. Everyone loves a good raid. It’s an exciting thought. Could be dangerous, if someone reacts poorly to everyone coming in their channel chanting OD. But if everyone acts in a civil chaotic manner raids should be pulled off seamlessly. Makes sense on the OD gaming nights too. Especially if you pull members out of your chat to play on other nights. @Tris(OD) you have doused a fire that has been burning all day within me. I hope to catch your stream Sunday. Should be a good time.
  9. I’m ok with not doing the graphics. I’m also fine with the criticism. I’m not asking to do them. As Tess said. Tris found an artist willing to do graphics...for Tris? Top five streamers? Top ten? I dunno. Generous person to offer their help to a clan of 300+ members. My statements were along the lines of pay me what I’m worth. If I’m not worth it don’t pay me. Simple as that. And I will walk into EVERY interview with that attitude. Knock it off with this bullshit of this was an interview. Because it wasn’t. I wasn’t pandering my fucking services. I was offering help.
  10. Not what anyone has said. I’m fact I’ve thanked you multiple times for your insight. It wasn’t supposed to be an argument. But you should care. You just lost a member. Maybe more than one.
  11. Oh no. I took away a lot. I’ve seen many places that I’ve committed errors with my approach. But you slam down the simple fact of twitch being a business down my throat. And begin to berate me with knowledge of how small and insignificant my contribution is/has been. I understood your point after the first post. You are and have been one hundred percent correct with how you perceive the situation, relatively. Whether you are correct in understanding my intent is something entirely different.
  12. No, your second post is a very passive aggressive statement to who I am in this world, in this clan, and as I see it as a person. But it’s ok. I don’t have the time or necessary means to combat your analysis of my actions. Thank you for your business analogy to remind me of my place.
  13. I have enjoyed my time here in OD. The members have always made me feel welcome. To those members that knew me, one love. To the members that didn’t, love you too. Currently the time I have needs to be spent elsewhere and OD is just not the right fit for me. I appreciate all of the emotional support y’all have given me over the last year. It’s been much needed. But for now this is SupremeJester signing off.
  14. You are still thinking that I’m wanting payment. I’ve expressed multiple times that it wasn’t payment, but a mere shout out. Even more you’re assuming that I want to do graphics for this project. I can handle having my actions being accounted for and called out. I asked for it. And I even appreciated your response, it has two likes one from Dabomb and one from me. But you’ve gone on to insult me as a person, and for that I hope you have a good award ceremony and I wish OD all the best. It’s time we part ways.
  15. See? That wasn’t that hard was it. This is a response that could have halted all the extemporaneous dialogue that you didn’t want to have happen in another thread. Oh how I wish I had a keyboard and not my phone to correctly respond to this. So lets break down the situation. We have had streamers in this clan for a long while. Most of them have been swept under the rug and though they have been allowed to post, none of them have been made front page news on the forums until now. This was an exciting thing for me. And I obviously did not approach this with the tact that it deserved. My comment of “this will not change” sadly was misplaced. I was referring more to the fact that I’ve done graphics for members and not charged. The second part of that was because if someone is to be rude to me I would not continue doing graphics for them. Why would it suit me to help someone who is being rude? You are 100% correct in your Post Terra. I have been late on the awards. But if you remember right the first time I did the awards it was because someone else in leadership hadn’t done it at all. And then the next time I was unaware that I needed to do it at all. The last time I did awards I was trolled by over half the nominations then people were upset with me that I didn’t know who played what game. Even though they were nominated for games I hadn’t been around. I did put in that I would like my graphics taken down. But it wasn’t because of my own prerogative but because I want all the streamers who are going to start up to understand that streaming is more than booting up a computer and hitting the stream button. You can’t be racist, you can’t be bigoted, you can’t allow people in your stream under 18, unless your channel is set up that way and there is no mature language or games being played. I’m sorry for trying to protect OD’s integrity and reputation. Twitch is a business. OD is a community. They are not the same. You’re asking 30-60 people to join a room and watch a stream. Then raid another room at the end of the night? This makes no sense to me. When we have an OD streaming night do we raid rooms every half hour? Secondly, at the end of the day, streams make money. That’s what they are designed to do. Twitch has a great system for it. Your back handed attempts to swat away that fact are working well if no one is noticing. I only know of one streamer in OD, and that’s because he is plastered everywhere from top of the forum to the announcements. If this is how bad you wanted Tris back, I understand that. Never really met him, but from what I read he sounds like a stalwart character amongst the OD histories of great, not good, but great commanders. I want to publicly apologize to @Aerineth(OD) if he felt my comment of him not reading my previous post with my channel there was demeaning to him. I also want to apologize to @Tris(OD) if he thought any of my comments put what he is trying to do in a bad light. I think what you are doing is a great thing and I hope everything works out for ya. I wasn’t trying to act entitled. But I was trying to reinforce that I knew what I was doing. In no way did I demand anything but a clear and concise response. Terra, you were, by the way, the one who asked me to do graphics. I don’t think you took into account anything else other than I have a few tricks from photoshop. And @Terra in all her glory gave me just that. I appreciate the time you have given me. As for the person I am I can not help that. I’m sorry I’m not a person you would like to work with, Terra. Do you stream? I’ll check out your channel and give it a follow. I concur, it was a great post. I miss ya buddy.
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