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  1. i wont be on untill the following day unfortuntly! i really wanna push with leapquake again so ill most liky play barb again.
  2. Kadala for sure and just fingers crossed
  3. Yes seeker of the light is specifically hammers and got a crazy buff.i slapped on the shittest gear i could get and easy rolled a 70. Many deaths also. Simple play style also.
  4. depends on the sets but most likely a barb or crusader. really liking hammers this season!
  5. gimme the dirt on Roos are they as greasy as the chlamydia rodent 

  6. They have updated the patch for 2.6.5 https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/22933131/patch-265-ptr-preview-3-29-2019 Few decent changes an possibly the return of the BONE STORM NECRO đŸ˜®
  7. Shoukd be the same for gr keys also?
  8. i just got home from 3 weeks work and now have 3-4 weeks off so i will be on alot if you wanna run groups let me know
  9. D3 main game now cindy I'm home In 3 days so I'll be playing a ton before season end. Add me Prozacck#1176. D3 main game now Cindy
  10. Well of your the only one the registers you could be in for 1st place mate!
  11. Shon add my btag I get on OW a bit
  12. Please do not abuse this and update every time you level. Update about 150-200 paragon higher then original post or update. Keep it fun.
  13. Come D3. We could really use Ray the gay
  14. That's with the PTR 200% increase drops.
  15. Play Capt America crusader. Its just got some great item buffs and its fun to watch the sheilds bounce around packs of enemies. All characters (not so much necro) haedrig gifts are all elite sets this season. I will be playing either barb or dh. Being a new change with torment increases I will be wanting to familiarize myself with them on a character that I know. Playing barbs never gets old for me I enjoy it every time I log on.
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