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  1. Thank You. Hari thank You for fg.
  2. Yeah... permanent. I had enough living in "Big Town" - Gdansk (for over 40 yrs)... I needed a rest from this traffic, living at 3 rooms (small and tiny) flat in a house with 21 apartments. With unpleasant people, that didn't know how to smile or even tell "hi, good morning". So sad. Now i'm living much more comfortable but unfortunately have problems with internet. Especially from april to september. I have of course mobile internet, but it has a limit of 15 Gb/month. It's not enough to play D3. Maybe one evening and limit become to end. But when I wake up - i have a smile on my face. Sooo let it be. Maybe "they" provide a fiber, but I don't know when.
  3. Due to bad connection i have some problems with game. It's so laggy, and i have no fun. I really don't know how long will be period of my absence. The main reason (I think) is a location where i'm living. Since I moved to country site - population 700 ppl - (some kind of a summer resort), I noticed that connection depends from tourists. Unfortunately my village has no fiber optics - so badwich is really bad. For example - when i want to log in to my FB account i need to wait 2 - 3 min. D3 is simply unplayable for me (500/700 ms is normal for me now - month ago it was no more than 150 ms). Of course i'll be trying to play, but if You will not notice that i'm online - You know reason... Greetings Sławomir Dagga (dagus)
  4. Dagus(OD) Dagus#2343 Paragon-1083 D2jsp - sdagus Recently don't play much - got some family stuff - sorry, but it's more important ... I'll show myself on game anyway. (Seasonal or PTR). Greetings from Poland 🙂
  5. Invitation doesn't work - You're in "other Clan".
  6. You need to leave previous Clan (i.e. (OD) ). Otherwise we can't approve Your notification to ODG.
  7. I agree. But... It wasn't just "being funny". They left the game that i joying... It's made me sad lol.. Don't worry. i'm 48. I won't kill myself. Still - it's sad.
  8. It's hard for me, but i need to complain ;( Someone said "You rude". Of course about to Join a game. As we all know, when game is ready to to start - we have some proposition to join. So I took it. I'm asking... What i did wrong? I said: "can I help"... no answer... 2 minutes later: "You rude" because You're join' MY GAME.... Really?
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