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  1. Im down , IGN Alex , Account name Criaric
  2. Been playing for a while looking for people around Archon or above to help me learn or progress ranked. Tired of not being able to communicate with Espanol players and be solo queue...
  3. I think Discord is garbage for a huge community. And for some divisions such as WoW there are key things missing from Discord such as Priority Speaker. Its cool for small stuff but until its brought closer to a REAL server environment. Its nothing more than Skype 2.0 .
  4. Me Going HAM on Mei winning Ranked Game
  5. Seeing as the Server Browser is pretty cool way to setup custom games and let random people join. I figured why not hold an event where we get a few OD:OW Members together monthly / biweekly and host a recruitment day. Where we host fun custom games and in between games and even during we chat with the random users that pass through and tell them about the clan if they are interested. Participation could award medals as well as be a good way to meet members of the current and or future ODOW Division. Examples: Anna Dodgeball Reinhardt / Tracer Tag and Sombra / Winston Hide and Seek
  6. Not to rain on your parade but quite a few members in the Overwatch Division are high up in the overall ranks of the Clan. Planning an event an hour before monthly Admin Meeting probably isnt the best way to get a turn out.
  7. goo.gl/jD8vDx Hello, Im Criaric, one of the Competitive leaders of the ClanOD Overwatch Division. In order to better our division and organize active and inactive Overwatch players within the clan. I have created a google doc combining the information in the other threads in a more organized manner. The goal of the sheet is to be able to quickly add and find members of the ClanOD community and give you a quick idea of what their current player skill is. If you would like to be added to the google doc, post here and Tachi, Badboi, or myself will update the google docs when we get time. Thanks for showing interest in the ClanOD Overwatch Division, Criaric
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