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  1. Always fun! I am not the beast that is @Wine(OD) tho.
  2. Well, I finished the month with two recruits:
  3. Welcome to the fold. Look forward to gaming with you.
  4. Welcome @Nobshammers(od) to clan OD. As the D2 Hardcore Squad Leader, I can never have too many hardcore guys around. Look forward to gaming with you.
  5. Welcome to OD! Sounds like we are both old gamers. Was nice chatting with you on Discord. Look forward to many fun-filled D2 nights. Always happy to have a fellow retired military guy around.
  6. Glad to have you as a team mate. Thanks for reaching out to me for recruitment. We can always use another strong legit player in our hardcore squad. I am pretty much on at the same times as you. Look forward to hanging out with you.
  7. Several of us have already pre-ordered...including myself!
  8. Sounds like a good thing. Another something shiny. It was a fun time last ladder.
  9. Welcome back Marshall. Hope you can help build PvP back up.
  10. OK, now for my HCL toon: OD-RedHots Radar86@jsp
  11. Welcome Simon. Looking forward to gaming with you more.
  12. Add me to the mix. jsp: Radar86 Just signed up Gates420(OD) last night. Hope we continue to snag good recruits. P.S. Just sent you 100fg to sweeten up that pot for the winners.
  13. Welcome to the party Perrie. I am usually on during evenings/nights U.S. central time, so I haven't had the opportunity to game with or hang out with you. I was a big fan of your Mum and one of her co-leads with Pops and Purplez.
  14. I made OD-SweetHearts tonight. Account:RadarRick(OD)1 jsp: Radar86
  15. These have been some of the funniest moments I have witnessed in the clan. I will make every attempt to make it. @Redvaine(OD) Make Jared show up!
  16. My son is visiting from out-of-town. We'll probably take him and our daughter-in-law out to dinner that night. I'll be here in spirit.
  17. I can post the latest version in Discord if you want Nick. Just gave it to Scuds the other day.
  18. Comp, I have admired you ever since DBZ invited me to one of your Cards Against Humanity nights. You can be both serious and fun/easy-going. And sometimes both in the same setting. You bring a level-headed cool to problem solving, but lead with your heart. You don't have a problem with raising your voice a little and showing your frustrations but doing so without things becoming personal to share your point-of-view. You have many accomplishments in the clan during the past 6 years, with no breaks in service. I feel you are a str
  19. Triny, Sounds like the world hasn't exactly been working with you these past couple of years. I applaud your resiliency and admire how you always come back to take care of business in the clan. You have taken IA when you were not available and taken care of business during the times you have been back. I have mainly spent time with you during admin/general's meetings and you seem to have it all together. I have two questions for you: 1. After reviewing updated changes to our community during your time away, which changes do find most challenging to your
  20. R.ag, I have not gotten to interact with you much over these last 4+ years, but I really admire your skillset and what you have done for our site and community. 14 years is impressive. I bet you have lots of interesting stories you could share. Since you have seen a lot of folks come and go, you have seen numbers increase and decrease in cycles. You have also seen different commanders and generals affect good change. My question to you would be...what do you feel the current set of generals and your fellow commanders could do to affect change more efficie
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Pops! As one of your co-leads I don't want to see you sell yourself short. Because you are a man of few words, I think you might have left some things out from the above writing. Just like in your old evals, you have still been taking care of bot duties. Like the Wizard of Oz step out from behind the curtain to offer help or educate folks in the channel, plus the occasional greetings. You have been in routine contact with your fellow co-leads. Throwing in your two cents and giving honest feedback/guidance on dealing with division issues. I feel, under
  23. This is a post on behalf of past OD member RedVaine(OD): AshleyNicoleYesterday at 11:21 PM Can you put this somewhere on the forums from me to sas plz [11:22 PM] My heart is so broken to hear the news about my PIC (partner in crime) passsing. it took me by shock, and i dont know if i can ever move past this. So many memories of Sas And Me. i Joined in a little late for the Memorial for her. But i was still able to say alot about her. I will miss our laughs and jokes, her love, her laugh, her love for OD i will miss you Sassy.
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