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  1. Fishing is one of my very favorite things...so I couldn't let this event go by. My story is a true story and because I was only 23 at the time (brain was still developing, plus alcohol) it almost won't sound like it. I was fishing off the coast of Mississippi for one of my first ever deep sea salt water excursions. We were fishing in about 50 or so foot of water with red snapper in mind. For those of you that know salt water fish you would know that they range anywhere from 2 - 20 lbs. Most of my salt water rigs had 50 or 60 lb test because...well, in salt water you never know what you might catch. We were getting little nibbles but not good enough for the big rods. Being I love fresh water fishing also, I had brought a small zebco 33 combo with 10lb test. Not really designed for salt water fishing but I figured I was just missing out on some smaller red snapper. Being originally from the mid-west I thought this was a good ideal. In less than 5 minutes I hit pay-dirt. It was a really good bite so I set the hook. Excited to be catching my first red snapper I am reeling my line in thinking how easy it was. Little did I know, this fish was indeed headed for the surface, but also heading away from the boat. When it surfaced about 40 feet from the boat I about pissed myself because it was at least 3 feet long...and not a red snapper. I would learn later that is was a lemonfish or more commonly known as cobia. Don't forget I am using a zebco 33 with 10lb test. I have lost many fish in the Gulf of Mexico to 50lb and 60lb test line snapping without ever seeing what kind of monster caused it. I knew for certain I would never get this fish in the boat. But my friend (another mid-westerner) and I were pretty persistent and excited at the prospect of hauling it in. You hear stories of people catching monsters on small tackle all the time, but hardly believe it. I would start reeling him towards me and halfway to the boat he would high tale it in the other direction. I adjusted the drag and let him zip away and wait until he stopped. Luckily he never got my line to the end of the spool. This went on for what seemed like forever. At one point I was so frustrated I pulled a .22 pistol from my tackle box and took shots at it. Neither hitting nor scaring this fish the fight went on. after about two hours he finally got tired of running. I reeled him up next to the boat and my buddy took the gaffe and hauled him up into the boat. We didn't go hungry that night. From that point on there were many other fishing trips and a few more crazy stories along the line. Thanks Froggie for inspiring this event. Fish stories never get old...just better. I have attached that pic and a couple of my favorite redfish catches.
  2. 1. I'd quickly pay off all my bills, leaving me with roughly $900k 2. I would hire a team to finally develop D2 Remastered HD 3. I would purchase a copy for every member in OD 3. I would make sure that there would be new super ultimate full sets that make both your character and mercenary glow bright purple. 4. Take a well deserved vacation to Disney World for one week, followed up with a three week vacation of 18 hours a day of non-stop OD gaming
  3. Count me in! I am on from 5pm cst thru 10pm almost nightly. I will probably start either hdin or lite zon
  4. Pen me in for OD-Hollywood
  5. HC Squad is good to go. I will clean up some of the members. I am also in need of an assistant. I will start that search effective now.
  6. During the week 5-11 pm Weekends - 8am - 11pm
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