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  1. Terry @TieDyeT(OD) . I did, @snicker66(OD), I'm pretty sure @Blind, there are definitely many others.
  2. This was discovered early and 3 of us tested it out. Hope they figure out how to fix it yet keep shared stash.
  3. You ain't lying Nick @Froggie420(OD). I am sure there will be more. Probably because a lot of our guys don't use the forums much. I know for a fact we have Goo(OD) joining and it appears he doesn't even have a forum account. There have been others also. There have been a couple that want to start hcl. I gave them your name, to include Venue (Joe).
  4. Realm: hcl and/or hccl (hardcore classic ladder)...kind of want to see where the majority goes. Toon: sorc and din. Time available: after 6pm central.
  5. Frank, I have been liking the way you work since the first time I met you. You are direct and don't beat around the bush. But you are also fair and use your vast experience to address situations. You are typically level-headed and take things in stride. Now that you are a married guy you will see how some of us have to juggle things to stay afloat around here 😉 Easy questions for you: What do you feel is your greatest OD accomplishment? What perpetual OD occurrence drives you mad and never seems to right itself?
  6. David, you are already operating well within the parameters of the general rank, so it is no surprised our whole community wants to see you at that rank. - The things you are doing for our website have been fun to watch evolve...free of charge. Thanks for streaming some of it. - You have done an awesome job with WoW, watching you stream that game has made me interested at trying it out sometime soon. - That was some intense recruiting you have done since your return as well. I have enjoyed our chats on Discord. You are a very down-to-earth individual that is
  7. I pick 4 June. FG sent. Good luck everyone.
  8. Zak, Great responses. Good luck on your eval. Rick
  9. Zak, Thanks for putting up an eval. It has been interesting watching you climb the ranks in what feels like a short amount of time. There is no denying how involved you have been. You have led Halo to becoming one of the biggest divisions in our community. The group you have mentored are cut from similar cloth and appear to be future heirs of the clan as well. Your input at admin meetings always has value and appears to be well thought through. I have chatted with you a couple of times on Discord and you have always been friendly and pleasant to chat with. It is apparent tha
  10. Figured I better enter this comp. Might be the only way I could get a copy...spensive!!! Here is what my set-up looks like. Not near as fancy as your set-up. My New Mousepad.MOV
  11. Do we have any artists in the clan? It absolutely should be a badass dragon.
  12. Aerineth, I agree, we have only been in a few discussions together, outside of meetings. But they have been good conversations and I value you opinion and ideas. I look forward to getting to know you better. I can't imagine right now what I could take on that could be community-wide...but I am intrigued and wouldn't back away from a good challenge. I have been playing D2 for most of its 20 year existence and I am quite fond of it. I am one of those strange people that could just magic find by myself for a couple of hours every day or just mine in minecraft for hours
  13. Terra, Thanks for the support. True, most of our interactions have been Admin/Generals meetings. I am going to make an effort to get to know you better and vice versa. As I float around channels a little more on Discord, I look forward to learning more about you and what goes down in the Gamer's lounge.
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