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  1. I also took Thursday and Friday off. Ready to rock and slow roll 🙂 Bummer. we will miss you Nicole. Report away!
  2. I agree with all the slow rushers. I always hate rushing through at resets...even if there is a ladder. This is especially true in hardcore. I prefer to do some countess runs and mf runs to solidify my characters for the long haul.
  3. Calling all heroes! Who plans to start day 1, Sep 23rd? We need to start putting together leveling teams. I'll go first - Starting with an orb/fb sorc. I was thinking hardcore. Who's with me?
  4. Sounds like I need to level up a toon named Capsule to come after him. Signing up!
  5. Matt, Sorry to see you go, but glad you are doing what is best for you. Mental health is hard to tackle. Sometimes you have to take a step back and through process of elimination figure out the major contributors. I am saddened that O.D. politics is a factor...but I can see how it gets that way at times. We will miss you dropping in our channels with random conversations and colorful pics of tarantulas. Hopefully things will get better, sooner. And never hesitate to drop by just to chat on Discord.
  6. Nice work Geordie. I don't think even I could screw that up 🙂
  7. Cindy, I have 2 accounts: RadarRick(OD) = SilentRage#1109 (D2R here) RadarRick#1114 (Might buy another copy later)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Fresh start 🙂 Newb points for all!
  11. Good luck Mike! Maybe we'll see you again down the road? Our convos in Discord were always interesting. Big salute from one vet to another.
  12. Terry @TieDyeT(OD) . I did, @snicker66(OD), I'm pretty sure @Blind, there are definitely many others.
  13. This was discovered early and 3 of us tested it out. Hope they figure out how to fix it yet keep shared stash.
  14. You ain't lying Nick @Froggie420(OD). I am sure there will be more. Probably because a lot of our guys don't use the forums much. I know for a fact we have Goo(OD) joining and it appears he doesn't even have a forum account. There have been others also. There have been a couple that want to start hcl. I gave them your name, to include Venue (Joe).
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