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  1. Thanks Brian. It was my pleasure for both.
  2. Quintin...I mean Snickerdoodles, I was going to just say no...but in reality I would have to say I utilize the same skill set the military developed in me for conflict resolution or even basic management/leadership techniques at both jobs. Communication is the key to resolving almost any conflict. In OD it seems you really have to try to stay ahead of problems before they spiral out of control. Most of us need to work on our listening skills and take a deep breath before over-reacting. This can prove difficult at times...to let humans be human. Thanks for the questi
  3. Thanks Shon. It has been nice to have you back.
  4. This was an awesome April Fool's plot.
  5. I was just messing around. I'll save my questions for the real deal.
  6. Dang, and I had all my questions lined up 🙂 But, honestly, I look forward to that eval, Dennis. I think you are Commander material. And I hadn't noticed a shortage of spreadsheets during this tax season.
  7. Matt, Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, I will get to these things you would like to see. Now the fun part...all these questions: 1. I can honestly say I have never done anything in OD I regret...knock on wood. But there is one thing I haven't done that eats at me. That is to find a way to convince some of our better ex-members to stay or come back. I really hate that @DBZ(OD), @MooMoo(OD), @SuNSeT and a few others that have moved on for various reasons. They were all outstanding members of their division and clan. But I also know I respect their
  8. Also qqqffffff(Capsule).
  9. Thanks JD, That means a lot. Losing Julie was a devastating loss to her family, to our D2 division, and our clan/community...her extended family. It goes without saying that she was irreplaceable. And just for the record, no matter what @Raged(OD) says..he will never touch her recruiting record ;) All jokes aside. D2 with be able to recover for two reasons. 1. The coming of D2 Resurrected has already started bringing folks back and more importantly 2. Julie recruited a ton of the core members that we count on every day, who have the attitude and personality to keep
  10. Thanks Brian! I have always enjoyed gaming and chatting with you as well. You had quite a rough patch in your personal life that took you from us for a while. So glad you made it back.
  11. Thanks Kait! Here are your answers 🙂 1. Moving through the ranks had never presented any true appeal to me for two reasons: I am more gamer at heart than admin (not to say that my skill set is not strong enough) and my time limitations would prevent me from being effective at the higher ranks. I think we have both been the victims of internet bullying on this we should post a promo eval 😉 But, secretly, I am honored that they feel the way they do towards me. We have a close-knit division in a huge family-like clan. It's what keeps most of us here. 2.
  12. Here is a start for the list, keep adding to it OD Hardcore guys: SENIP (unsure of acct name) name provided by @AWildZac(OD) BigBlackClock(Plandemic) RealDamage(gotrekt) Fozzy(didn't catch account) Half.(Half.) BougieBathSalts(BougieBathSalts) this is a lookout toon for Half. JussieSmollett(ooooooooo)
  13. Thanks Ash, You have my votes for promos. I think with your passion, personality and flair you could go far. I'll work on Jared. Maybe once you get this place cleaned up he'll beg you to let him join lol. Thanks Jared! I'd rather have you back 🙂
  14. Ashley, Thanks for the kind words. These questions tho: 1. My hearing...but mostly listening skills. 2. I have gotten to know everybody in the process and vice-versa. Also my increased forum participation. 3. Sitting pretty. I'm going to predict 75-110 more members than right now. 4. Why can't you make that husband of yours know it's time to return to OD? But, more seriously, what is your future clan goal? 5. I would say with tons of friendship points. 6. Does rushing most of Skooma's 21 characters this ladder count? Just
  15. Cindy, Thank you for the kind words. D2 does present some challenges along the way...but we couldn't have a better core group to keep things right. I rely on our main players, as much or more than they rely on us, most of the time. Now for your questions: I think that D2 Resurrected will have a great pull of our D2 core plus bring many outsiders. We have already recruited several players that were drawn back for that particular game. Several of us have pre-ordered the game and hope to get selected for Alpha testing. My only worry is it spreading us thin
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