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  1. James, "Get Off My Lawn" Pops, I have been a part of this clan and the D2 division the entire time you have been here. You are the wizard behind the curtain making everything work and know exactly when to step out and help a clan member in need, or to guide or mentor an officer. Of all the D2 generals, current and past, you have taught me the most about how to take care of my officer duties, how to use my console, recruiting, bot stuff, etc. Reference my eval, the other generals have also been great, helpful, and just fun people to hang out with. Your firm but fair leadership style makes it easy for you to get the job done. Continue to mentor me in a way that I can help take some of the burden off you and your fellow generals. You will always have my +1. Us grumpy old guys have got to stick together. My only question kind of piggybacks off your answer to JD. Do you foresee officers in our D2 division seeing demotions due to a lack of activity in the future after maybe a heads-up warning. I do think it is demoralizing for those that put in the work see others promoted ahead of them and then see no action from them. I would hate to have to go to demotions as a fix action but there are requirements for voting on promotions. There may also need to be a similar list of requirements met for retention? What are your thoughts? Oh, and get off your lawn long enough to make your frenzy barb 😉
  2. Honestly, with D2 ladder reset, I only made it to Cain in Normal so far. Lios-Art and his wife have made it through Hell already. He took me to Cows...it was crazy. I look forward to checking it out further as this ladder hits it's stride.
  3. Aerineth, Don't hold back and hit me with the easy questions lol. Here's my take on those questions: 1. It's not like we don't have some fairly explicit rules for the clan, so I don't have any problems enforcing them. It's only human to make mistakes from time-to-time but I don't have a single problem suspending or disabling anyone from the clan. Not even the guys I game with regularly. If we let people trample what makes this clan special, we might as well be all the other wannabe guilds out there. I recently approached a D2 member to address probable botting/cheats. He quit the clan that night, and personally I would have given him one more chance before disabling but he saved me the trouble. 2. In the 4 short years I have been around we have had some serious personality clashes. I have with some degree of success gotten a few to understand where the other person was coming from. Lots of time it is just miscommunication, but every once in a while some people are just @ssholes. 3. We have from time-to-time had members that people take the wrong way. They have personal issues and such or just differing personality types. Sometime people are not what they appear to be, they are actually just being cautious, apprehensive, intimidated or the opposite...blatantly honest and brusque. 4. I don't see any major flaws in our community. I think that is what keeps a lot of us here. Just enough rules and policies, but nothing absurd. A great place to develop gaming/personal relationships. If I were not to get this promo? I would still fight for what is right and share the concerns of all members of my decision. Hope that sufficiently addresses any concerns you might have. We have had limited communication thus far. But I do respect your opinion.
  4. Aerineth, I have heard many good ideas from you in Admin meetings and you really seemed to have it together. I would never have guessed your struggles. The way you took time to talk me through the Reign of Terror install tells me a lot about your character. I hope moving forward in your personal life continues to be positive. You have my +1 to remain a Commander.
  5. Kev, You are huge to the D2 division and a strong supporter of pvp. You host a ton of events and are highly involved in our division. You have my +1.
  6. Thanks man. We are working on it, the numbers are growing slow but steady.
  7. Appreciate man. You seem like good people too.
  8. Julie, You have been a major presence in D2 since I got here in August of 2016. We missed you when you were away, and saddened for your loss. It would take something meaner than the corona virus to take you out. You are a phenomenal recruiter, fun to chat with (and not just for the killer accent), always supportive and encouraging, ready to train any of us in need of knowledge. You have a long list of accomplishments and we fully expect more. Glad we got you back and you will always have my +1.
  9. Kenny, You have popped into the D2 channel and have chatted with us frequently. I had no idea your back story. That was a good read. I just thought you were a new, up and coming star all this time. The work you have already accomplished warrants this promotion so I have no questions and you can count on my +1.
  10. Kait, I like the way our jobs cross paths. I was raised 19 years in tornado chasing OK to spending 28 of the last 33 down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast riding out hurricanes all the while working on equipment that connects to your line of work. It is fascinating. Ok, on to the more serious stuff. It would appear to me that you have been involved with a lot of projects that would normally be taken care of by generals, for that I tip my hat to you. I see a lot of chatter in this eval suggesting that you are little shy and withdrawn? I have heard you speak in admin meetings and you appeared confident and intelligent, so I really don't feel that would be a problem for you. I respect your previous accomplishments and look forward to your new ones. You can count on my +1 A couple of questions for you: 1. What quality do you possess that will help you succeed as a general? 2. What do you think your next mainstay game will be?
  11. JD, While I only know you from the admin meetings and occasionally popping into the D2 Discord channel it is impressive all that you have accomplished for OD. The projects you have taken on or plan to be a part of are important. You can count on my 1pt.
  12. Kait, I too, will start off with the unofficial stuff. I really like your job too. I have maintained the WSR-88D NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar that you might be familiar with. And originally being from OK (till age 19) I know all about tornado chasers. I actually have a cousin from Broken Arrow, OK that chases them. But back to the real questions. I also thought...we already have a bunch of generals in the D2 division. But we are a huge division and basically the generals are broken up into different shifts based on their locations and times they are available. And you are correct, I have not been involved so much on the forums, but that will surely change. I have always been in the know because of who I hang out with in TS3, now Discord and the game. And we have always had a large group of capable generals. 1. I plan to pick up as much knowledge as I can from our existing generals so I can step in and take some of the burden off of them. Regardless, I will continue to do what I do best and that is to be as helpful as I can be to everybody whether it be mentoring, training or just listening/supporting. 2. I most definitely will attend every admin/generals meetings that I can if selected. You can ask Sassy, Purplez, Pops, MooMoo, and Rich. I am not shy. I have no problems voicing my concerns, respectfully sharing ideas, or fight the good fight if necessary. Thanks for your questions. Hopefully they gave you the information you were looking for.
  13. Cindy, Thanks for your kind comments. I have and haven't put a lot of thought into things we could do but here are a couple: How about a meet your Generals type of thing on Discord where we gather in our own division channels and folks are free to ask questions about all things OD. Even if it were just quarterly it might give those members that would like a little insight into how and why things work as they do in OD. It would also give them a chance to learn about each other. And then occasionally just have a meet up where we take a break from gaming and tell stories about our life or gaming experiences. Maybe even do a live version of that mic'd up thing that went on a while back. Where we have a special guest channel and select clan members to be in the spotlight. There are all sorts of possibilities. I guess we could even make a special channel chat for those that do not use Discord. Thanks for your question.
  14. Julie, Thanks for the kind words. That is an extremely hard question and easy at the same time. All of our generals have unique and complimentary qualities. The person that has kept me in line and taught me the most would be Pops. You know, the master enforcer, "Get Off My Lawn" guy. He has taken the time to make sure I understand and enforce OD policy, recruiting and console use. He has also encouraged me to take a larger role over time. With that said, honorable mention goes out to you, Cindy, Jared (wish he were still here) and Aaron. I have learned a lot from you all and have experienced many pleasant conversations. Thanks for your question and support.
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