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  1. Demon Hunter, I preferred it at the beginning because I play nothing but Hardcore and they didn't have a death passive at first so it was a bit more prestigious to be max level with high paragon on a character without a death passive. Was disappointed they added a death passive, but I still love the class.
  2. Who do we talk to about getting the starter kit? Coming into the ladder a bit late this time around.
  3. Hey guys, I messaged Hari but I wasn't sure if he would be the appropriate person to tell and I just wanted to make sure I didn't end up getting removed. Life has taken a weird turn over the last few weeks. I've been doing my best to keep my DSL low, but just in case things get too hectic and I can't, I want to make sure I'm covered. Landlords decided they wanted to move back into their home, and asked if we could be out in an extremely short amount of time (I believe we had about a week and a half notice) and while that is a little bit illegal, we wanted to make sure t
  4. I've thrown around the idea of running a Youtube channel as a hobby, without aiming at being a big player or anything, honestly just for fun. I actually gave it a shot when I was sixteen/seventeen, but I couldn't figure out the niche I wanted to fit into and I wasn't quite enjoying where it was going so I closed it down. However, over the last year I've became a stay at home dad, and I've dabbled in some hobbies for my down time when I'm not working on my cars. So I wanted to see if anyone had an idea on how to come at it from a different direction that would creat
  5. Yea, gonna give it another shot soon. Just need to get back in the mood. I hate dying to absolutely stupid stuff, I wouldn't have minded if I teleported into a group and got insta-killed, but when I stand in an empty room for like 5 seconds then monsters appear around me, kinda lame. :(
  6. Had max block :( Just didn't react fast enough, had my defenses down because I was standing in an empty room so I wasn't concerned.
  7. This is a story I started writing a year or two ago, I was really enjoying where I was going with it but I ended up waking up one morning with no more interest in writing for some reason. I figured I would share it, see what people thought (Good or bad, I'm honestly open to criticism) in the hopes that it might spark something. =========================================================================== Optional link you can check out, as I didn't work any imagery into this that I had planned detailing what the characters actually look like: Kobold (http://forgott
  8. All these neat stories, mine's just my name. I feel boring. :(
  9. TimRee ended up telling me about it after he and I ran into each other a couple times through the Diablo II Facebook group! :D
  10. I'm from the Diablo II part of OD, but if I'm allowed to join in on the reindeer games I'm Kiraush#1915 :)
  11. Oh heeeey, Suppose I should get around to making an introduction. My name is Kiraush (Key-Raw-Shh), I'm a 24 year old stay-at-home dad and I have a 8 month of kid (8mon as of 1/16/17, or 16/1/17 for you guys with weird dates. ;D ) I've been playing Diablo 3 on and off since it was released, and I've never truly enjoyed it. My friend and I noticed we were constantly complaining about all the stuff they could've done better and how Diablo 2 did so many things right, so we decided to start playing Diablo 2 again about a week ago. Aside from games, I'm a ca
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