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  1. Nice! To bad I spent the whole night trying to fix my dang mic...
  2. I'll be on tonight, all I want to know is.... who's coming with me!?
  3. Ha, I saw this on Facebook earlier... I fill ATMs and gambling machines so I can imagine doing it myself... Good thing we only use 20s lol...
  4. Vanity(OD)


    Ah! That makes sense, one form of energy into another 🙂 It does sound interesting
  5. Vanity(OD)


    I will be reading the summary for all the books and picking one 🙂 Yours seems right down my alley pops
  6. Vanity(OD)


    Is there a spot to talk about books?! I just finished listening to The Name of the Wind, and nearly done with The Wise Man's Fear(I drive all day so I listen). They are pretty good books, I would recommend them if anyone is looking for some decent books! As I am almost finished with my next one I am also looking for a new book/series to start... I have read basically all Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, well just about every big fantasy series... Of course some Sci-Fi as well, Orsen Scott Card's books mainly though. So... who knows of some good books to recommend??
  7. OD is not only Diablo, there are many other divisions and squads for other games. Before you resign, see if there is any activity here in whatever game you're moving on to 🙂
  8. I couldn't think of anything I would want to drink with S 😞 can Jack and coke start with S....
  9. steaks and shish kabobs
  10. This has me wishing I didn't agree to do a SCL walk 😞
  11. we chased him around games for an hour or so killing him every game he joined... was fun /e they were ghostdog's chaos runs he was going hostile to everyone in!
  12. Come try 7d2d with us! heres some videos of what it looks like... lots more to it though, we also are trying out some different mods we will eventually install to up the gameplay
  13. What build are you using? What's your attk skills
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