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  1. i had it for a while but it got boring, Now I'm playing a new game called World of Kings. Check it out, it will be your new addiction. I would call it a Neverwinter/WoW like game. Its pretty good for an mobile game. I've been playing it on BlueStacks like a pro of course.
  2. fire wall is ok too, i prefer fb/meteor though my sorc is 20 orb/-100 cold res on mastery(level 18 with bo) -100 is all you need to kill anything fb is 1.8k and meteor is 4k, orb does 300
  3. ww barbs and hdins are best for chaos runners sorcs do the teleing and rushing-blizz for chaos sorc and fb/orb for rushing or mf necros with summons and c/e maxed are decent helpers bow zons are weak but do able with fire/cold skills cs zons are great except there is no javs to use besides the starting ones and nothing much you can do vs immunes i would suggest hdin/wwbarb/sorc
  4. i have a guy or 2 but i havent played in quite some time and no where near your guys level, i think hes like 70 or something combat
  5. Nice. Well my character on sc is a zon so i cant rush there, @MooMoo(OD) has the sc classic rusher at the moment. Trump(OD) is making a sorc right now, i think he is level 7 as we speak added you to squad also!
  6. will do, you doing hardcore or softcore? Also what level is the barb so i can add ya 🙂
  7. game does not exist O.O
  8. I won vs Shade 3>2 Vanity(OD) gds man
  9. The argument that always is brought up against this is that it would lead to people being able to use commands that they should not be allowed to use. Also, I remember a story that is always brought up of some old general having the same password in game and on site and all kinds of havoc being wrecked. Clearly you should have different passwords for each but some don't. So i guess i can see both sides, it would be nice to be able to share in game accounts because making each kind of character(fully geared and set for dueling) is really expensive, but say if DBZ gave 5 people his password and
  10. You can use plugy to enable ladder only rws and also increase stash size if i remember correctly, it really makes the single player walkthrough more enjoyable
  11. @Trump(OD) sold his druid, so he has to be taken out. challenge @Wave(OD)
  12. just type: /players 8 enjoy 🙂 (on single player of course)
  13. HCCL- OD-Ego-81 SCCL- OD-Narcissist-60 SCL - OD-Vanity-91
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