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  1. Otto(OD)

    For Honor

    For Honor has been released definitely 5 Star game its action packed and super fun you can be either Knights Samurai's or Vikings each with 4 sub classes each has a vanguard assassin heavy and hybrid class I suggest playing around abit with all of them until you find who you like / meets your playstyle I currently like Conqueror and Lawbringer but you find who you like :P the game has currency aka Steel I suggest you save this up until you have found a main character and play him to reputation one(level up to lvl 21 then it prestige's you to lvl 1)*(you keep all your skills and gear) don't spend any until you have hit rep 1 and then deck yourself out in some nice blue(rare) gear then wait till rep 2 to spend more you will get purple(epic) gear also you do not need to buy the champion to play them I suggest you play them for free - you still get levels for free playing them just cannot equip the gear you find for them which doesn't really matter at early game. We have a squad running for For Honor if you would like to come and play with us you can apply to the squad also you can typically find me(Otto(OD)) or potatochip(OD) in teamspeak
  2. The squad is up and running come apply @ http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=260 hope to see yall soon! also if you want to post here your ubisoft gamertag that would be great - we also have a teamspeak room its in the squad division
  3. I am interested !!!! badboi created a squad for us!
  4. i could care less about any of those words idk if my age group but those all are pretty commonly used words and can be used both ways friendly and mean and honestly if it is mean sticks and firkin stones boys and girls sticks and stones
  5. Hello all name is sam just started back playing d2 a little while ago and have just joined your clan wooohooo! haha nice to be here and look forward to meeting you all :)
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