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  1. Purplez(OD) wants to know ways Blizzard could improve the wait time in Diablo 2 hmmmm? Alright, here's a shot in the dark, but don't say I didn't tell you so. Blizzard has a huge emphasis on moving forward with all of their IPs and various other projects, and that much is a given... but that therein is a small symptomatic problem. Blizzard seems to have little to no regard for their older games which they so whole-heartedly should. There is more of an emphasis on what will sell versus what the fans want to be done. The frame work for the case? Diablo III. Mobile Diablo. Warcraft 3: Reforged. Overwatch. The list goes on and on. It is crudely disheartening to see a total lack of polish and shine with anything that their hands touch nowadays. Heck, even their Professional Business ethics are seriously adversely affect when they make a stance on a big world event and are forced to reverse their decision because not only was it ethically wrong in a business standard point but also morally, as well? How I come to this conclusion is this: Do what needs to be done. Fix the servers the right way. No shortcuts. No third parties. Dedicate time and Resources to maintaining what is, quite possibly the last shred of the old Blizzard. The old Blizzard they say? How could anyone assume they just gave up entirely? the problem is ladies and gentlemen... they didn't. They were forced to. Pushed out by people with in-experience and shrew business practices that continue to ramrod the average gamer today. The Diablo 2 (and by extension Lord of Destruction) that I grew up with as a boy has very little changed since I was a boy. Is this an issue? Should it have changed with advancement in gaming? No it isn't an issue and It should stay consistent with gaming but in it's own, original way. Too common it is today is to make a quick fix, instead of fixing it the right way. I see it in D3, in Warcraft 3: Reforged and that monstrosity that is the Diablo mobile game. Good lord. Hey, lets promise people the Warcraft 3 that was good with upgraded graphics and intuitive UI and Oh no... we were rushed because overhead doesn't know what they are doing. Let's rush it to get it out of the door and we MIGHT fix it later. THAT IS NOT AN ANSWER. Or maybe a mobile Diablo game will help revive the franchise? NO. NO. NO. That is most certain death financially. This IS not an ANSWER either. Take the time to fix your servers or let someone else who is quite capable of taking care of the servers and IP. I'm definitely sure that out of the hundreds of thousands of people that love Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction, there is someone willing to fix and maintain your issues on the Diablo 2 servers. As for the mired and sadly deeply-intertwined issues with Blizzard, I still love Diablo 2. This is why I've stated the facts above. Blizzard if you are even remotely capable of systemically fixing your issues, start with the one that hits deepest to home. Fix your servers and fix your games the right way. No copouts, no cheating schedules and no quick fixes. Do it right, the right way. Everytime. All the time. Sincerely, Letto(OD)
  2. So hey all I know not everyone on here is about FPS Games especially since some of us have glass desks... but I would like to take a bit to ask everyone in OD what their favorite FPS is of all time. Also Of note too, if anyone decides that they would like to play a FPS game on the regular let me know! Here is my top FPS Games 1:)Doom 2:)Blood 3:) Battlefield 3/4 4:) Dusk 5:) Quake 1/2 There is a few on this list that is either or. This being that it depends on the day and the crew. I'm sure some of you know how that is 🙂 Also, little side note: If you're wanting to play Star Trek Online, drop me a line. I have people that can help you get accustomed to it 😄
  3. Hey ScudBarb(OD) When you get a chance lemme know and we can get things moving for you if you can log back in 🙂
  4. Hello Everyone, I know its been a long time since I have posted on here, for some it has been longer than others. Between the army and my personal life has been quite chaotic but Now with things winding down, I would like to take this oppurtunity to present an idea. I am starting a Star Trek Online (STO) and I would like to know if anyone would be interested or maybe thinking about joining us for some Trekkie Fun. I am taking Applications for Key Bridge officer positions as well with guidance and information. If anyone is interested please let me know. As Is customary tradition among us in OD, I will be happy enough to assist anyone in their endeavors on STO, either PVP or PVE. The more that are interested the more the fleet grows. Anyways, comment, like and share ideas.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Welcome! Keep tabs on everything and make sure you know whats on the main stream line!
  7. -new- Been on LOL for a min and been trying to figure it out and to much avail i have and havent... what characters are easy to pick up and learn and which ones should i avoid? Asking people on LOL is a nightmare and if you dont ask youre a dumbass. If you ask, youre a dumbass for asking... So Im gonna ask these questions: What ones are great for new people and are there people here that wouldnt mind teaching and/or coaching to get better? Is there anyone that is god-awful for new players? Why is league of Legends players so toxic to others habitually? And finally my last question: Why does it feel like a pay to win? there are so many Hexboxes I have but no keys? I have to pay for keys? If someone could answer these I'd be happy because Im taking time away from D2 to learn how to play this and be more Diverse in OD. Thank you
  8. Hey Sassy. I wish to Convey my deepest condolences. With looking to the future, We remember thouse who cared, built us up and sent us out. Im sure your mother was an indomitable woman, much like you. She will be remembered and cared for in this life and the next. I hope the pain subsides eventually and it gets easier. some historians say that we, the younger generations take in as much of our parents and are free to be who we are, but never truly differ from our parents. We eventually become our parents. I hope she rests easy sassy, Much love and support.
  9. The outline is as follows [Into the Depths] "Into the Depths is a Massive open world Rpg, That scales to you as you progress, and it may and/or may not throw bigger creatures/monster/Pantheons/Cultists and/or other humans in any given situation. Deeply dependant of Interaction of Dialogue, Personalities and following intermingled conversations will lead to different outcomes. Using Convoluted paths and side stories affect the overall path of your set character. All Characters start in Arkham, Massachusetts in late 1928. All Characters will Have Items unique to them based on their character Generation or set Character. This means accuracy on timeline. The path will always be different but the road will always be the same in the beginning. You will know your path given to you and once done with the initial you can choose to go the main or veer in either direction. Should you choose the main, you will overlap multiple forms of time and dimensional space of relativity. In each different era will face adverse challenges based on your age, body, race and era you are from. Your English is a direct reflection on what dialogue you choose. You will also face dynamic challenges attributed to that timeline based on the enviroment and political climate as well. Different maps, and different enviroments, 360 sphere of dynamic changes as well as different pantheons. Your character can be as detailed as the timeline allows or you can choose a preset character. The Intuitiv System that is in the game will advise what you should wear for the climate outside. This fully fluid system will affect how your character moves, runs and lifts/pulls/drags and carries. Every step, Every breath is as big of a factor as what you say and how you say it. What you see and what you do will affect your sanity as well. Be ready and waiting.; For in the depths will hit the deepest parts of the unknown. Cthulhu Is watching, waiting and slumbering below you." Test Character one Barnett, Sharida Location: Arkham, Mass Current Status: Sitting in a Police Cruiser, outside Insane Asylum Weather: Rain/Sleet mix Time: 9:30 EST/21:30 GMT Hello, My name is Sharida Barnett. This is my story. I got a call from the commissioner. Last call of the night. Don't know why I took it. Domestic Disturbance on the North side of town. Said they heard howling and Screams of murder next to the Insane Asylum. Couldn't understand why. Been closed for years. yet here I am. I look at the file in the passenger seat and its empty. Is this commissioner really fuckin with me? I take a sip of coffee and grab my webley .38 and my flashlight. grab my empty folder and police hat. Open the police door and slam it shut. Damn this call. I open the folder one more time and what looks like black in is on a piece of parchment and it reads as follows: " Investigate me, and your eyes will be awakened." What in the hell? I slam it shut and walk foward with my revolver loaded ready to blast any bad fellows. I walk into the front door and Darkness... Let me know your thoughts
  10. Letto(OD)

    What if

    What if you could be anything in the military what would you do? If I could Id be some badass WO6 thats Special forces and has knowledge how everything works. I wanna know everything. Almost like a supreme being but not quite.
  11. Since I've decided to join the army, I've lost 30 or so pounds but It's not getting easier. I want to know from my fellow OD members If you guys (and gals) have any knowledge of this phenomenon and how to get your body to where you want it. Anyone can post so feel free!
  12. Thank you Comp(OD) for letting me know as I just recently installed that and I've found two malwares just now. Thank you.
  13. I work nights as well. It is hard to find my peeps sometimes because i work from 12 in the afternoon till 10 at night. Also Thursdays and Fridays im off but Thursdays i do PT for the Army. So finding time and then finding the people there in turn is rather.... challenging at times.
  14. So i was thinking of doing a massive Race vs. Race. What do you all think?
  15. So i mean as long as we get get od shirts available to buy and or shipped to us I wouldnt mind. Id definitely advertise. Im being very serious.
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