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  1. Mj3(OD)


    Maybe u can do like 3 or 4 man greater rift competition, team with the highest rift wins. But put names through a simulator so u dont have all the powerful ppl on one team. Would probably need to see who signs up to decide if its 3 or 4 man grps
  2. 110 solo gr 116 4 man and plenty of 90+ leech runs
  3. Hook me up hari
  4. it was tough man tbh i struggled to get it going MooMoo helped me get started tho!
  5. not looking to get fg for each post this is to show the od tag
  6. i can add u if u like add my bnet mj3#1431 ill log in now
  7. still learning how to do this
  8. Id be interested in streaming if someone can help me get started!
  9. Mj3(OD) Mj3#1431 para-1622 jsp infamous-twist
  10. Mj3(OD) Mj3#1431 para-1620 jsp infamous-twist
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