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  1. yo im back, i got a little burn on my wrist but my entire hand has been wrapped for 2 weeks minus silverdine treatments but the bandages are gone and im back now!
  2. hey guys sry ive been gone so long, burned the shit out of my wrist in a structure fire, been just sitting around healing high on pain meds for 2 weeks im back!
  3. actual pvp videos alot of you can learn from, watch mouse placement, when they go in, switching NL's to lock people down, etc these are some friends of mine who filmed like everything good luck on your adventures in the moor, and im in 2 of them lol
  4. im on now lookin for da doolz
  5. im back, sorry, its been a busy af cycle, im ready whenever
  6. PM'd both of my opponents, neither is online. I have a shift tomorrow so if they aren't on today to duel it will have to wait until thursday! Hope that is ok!
  7. fpk10//gm ladder
  8. OD-OMeRTa Drewg@Jsp Bone Necro
  9. i see u online boi fite me
  10. ping or gfx issue but ill 1v1 at any time, just left 1v1/gm lol cya soon
  11. fpk/gm non ladder
  12. fpk///gm LADDER SOFT CORE
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