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  1. PURPLE ❤️ that is all.
  2. Fun vacation! Much needed!


    1. Purplez(OD)


      Oh my it's gorgeous!  I know you are having  good time ❤️

  3. ok ill start putting it together! thanks Mj3
  4. Redvaine(OD)


    What kinda Events Would you like? I Wanna Start A Event For D3. But i Need Our Members Help On What To Do?
  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady ❤️ 

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Too bad you can't adopt that cute little dog that Julie posted a picture of.  It was adorable.  Haha that was supposed to be posted on MelodicRose's status!


  6. its okay @v3n0m(OD) thats why i recorded it, i understand life happens lol Thank you @Purplez(OD) xoxo i wont make it every month. but i will have another one in a few months
  7. Well Everyone,  Have A Beautiful Weekend/Week



  8. Attached is the Recording Of Our D3 Division Meeting! Thank you all for coming!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t25PY-DTbL_E5d8y2Vvp17xac7w3vhwf/view?usp=sharing
  9. 2 minute warning before we start the meeting
  10. Dont Forget D3 Division Meeting is today at 7pm Cst.


    Have a good weekend!!

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Hope you have a good meeting ❤️

    2. Redvaine(OD)
  11. Yes, Im so proud of this D3 Squad! i have got messages and comments on alot of yall, keep up the good work! thanks for all the support!!
  12. i did a brawling pvp on here it was fun lol trying to come up with a event soon! ❤️
  13. Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads And Animal Dads ❤️ 

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