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  1. What is this shit? This really nice guy worked for me a few years ago who was an African American Muslim. I liked him a lot, I was singing a song from Aladdin and he said he doesn't let his kids watch that shit because that Genie is the devil. He was 100% serious about it too.
  2. That's a good point. I guess just see where it goes. I won't know a single thing about destiny until I open it, which will be in about 10 minutes after I make coffee.
  3. Well hopefully this will give you the opportunity to reestablish a main game @MelodicRose(OD)? I'm downloading it now.
  4. Ghost won't F****** do it. He just won't play. He's not going to start over he just won't do it. He just won't play. Nah, he just won't play. Or something like that.
  5. Holy shizn. You need help funding it?
  6. I'd nominate myself but i don't leave much mystery behind the mic. I'd say MooMoo(OD) is a good candidate... but you'll have to change it to "behind the keyboard" 😆
  7. Check this shit out. if you have a room full of kids and hold up a blue picture, and tell them all this is blue. how do we know all kids see the same color? What if everyone experiences the world differently. Every child will tell you that the color is called blue for the rest of their life regardless of whether they see what we know is orange, purple, yellow. Maybe there is a child out there seeing purple trees, orange skies, and it's completely normalized to them. but the sky is blue, and the grass is green.
  8. yeah just holler @ me man. I have a smiter, and i may even be willing to offer the account credentials to it so you can use it on your own time without waiting around for me to be available.
  9. They released a statement saying that they aren't releasing anything worthy of publicity at Blizzcon related to diablo.
  10. Let me know dude, i have a smiter ready to go.
  11. Welcome to the clan! You'll find that our reach is pretty far in the gaming world, if you play any other games and want people to game with, just post in the forum. I am looking forward to seeing you in game and on teamspeak!
  12. I would like to start this by saying that I love all of you, some more than others (and you know who you are). But this is embarrassing. This is not a tier changing promotion. I could have a discussion in private with any of you on how GhostDog does more actively for the Diablo 2 division than even some of our officers do. (Some of them by a landslide) Nothing I have seen or heard of GhostDog's interaction with any member has ever seemed to me to be more extreme than any other officer or general speaking to someone that they just simply don't like, and for G
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