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  1. SvS Mirror Match Tourney! It's finally here! The time you've all been waiting for! A chance to try out PvP and participate in a PvP tournament without needing to buy gear and figure out a build. This is a skill vs skill battle as well because both characters are completely matching. Same amount of life/mana/res/dmg all that good stuff. I have made 2 lvl 92 fireball Sorcs on separate accounts geared exactly alike with tals sets as the main gear setup. I would love to see a lot of Pvmers join this event, this includes hardcore players. As I said the chars are made and geared all you need to do is meet up with someone on the mirror sorc to duel. The Rules! 1: The only duels that will count will be duels vs the mirror sorc 2: The duels must be ft3 (Winner will post the score on this post) 3: Duels must be in clear hell Moor. Both Sorcs have nova to clear. 4. To enter members must be recruited Jan. 31 2020 or earlier. 5: Only members who have signed up on this post will be counted. (You will not be givin the password to the sorcs without signing up) Signup format OD account name: Rich(OD) D2jsp account name: Hmmjason This will be a ladder form tournament and will be monthly. There will be 3 points awarded for winning a ft3 match and 1 point awarded for a loss. I will be editing this post in the days to come to ad prizes but I would like to get some people signed up. I am going to officially start this event on Feb. 26th.
  2. got all the gear just need waiting for the chars to be finished up!
  3. What are you wearing Jake from Ohio? lol jk Welcome!
  4. The chars are being made now and I have most of the gear i need for them just gotta get some anni's ctas' spirits and scs this would be awesome i still havent decided how im gonna give points i was thinking about doing something like u did where winning a duel earns 2 points and losing a duel earns 1 point or something along those lines. would be nice to keep this going monthly until the end of this ladder or who knows maybe even beyond.
  5. Welcome to the clan!
  6. Welcome fellow Pennsylvanian
  7. I thought about this but I would like them chars to be open for people to go and pub duel with them a bit if they want to also. The only way to get points would be to play against someone on the other sorc but that doesn't mean people cant practice or just go have fun.
  8. For the tourny it would only count with these 2 sorcs 1v1 vs each other anyone can use them but i was hoping to get some of the non pvpers interested by making a char and inviting them to join, With 2 identical sorcs it would pretty much be based on the players skill and aim as I am probably going to go with 2 FB sorcs. I was thinking about a bonus point if a pvmer beats a pvper. that isnt a bad idea actually i was thinking basic gear like hoto coh and shit
  9. Im trying to gage interest before I spend fg to make this tourny happen. My idea is to make 2 identical sorcs on 2 separate accounts people who sign up will be given the password to these account and will have to duel someone on the other identical sorc in order to earn points. (Something like how sunset does his ladders) the winner will then post the score. I haven't exactly decided on how I assign points or what the payout will be. The idea is to get more people into pvp and give those who don't pvp or make pvp chars, a chance to try it out and have some fun at no expense to themselves. This would also include people from other divisions if someone happens to be interested and has some cdkeys laying around lol. I would like to hear from some of our members that play more for pvm/mf and hc players to see if this would be something worth doing. Please post and let me know what you think or if you have any ideas to improve on my idea. Thanks! @Enlisted @Warrant Officers
  10. Rich(OD)


    Talkin to ya on discord about taiwanese trannys and such at the moment but hello on the forums!
  11. I have a bunch of ctas and hotos if anyone needs one lmk will be giving the best ones out to the first people to request. Plz do not ask for one if you do not actually need it.
  12. I would buy every single purple thing i could and paint or dye it green because green is way better than purple.
  13. Have ya tried using your mic? That might work.
  14. If you go back to the Blizzard site and click on your name on the top right and go to accounts settings on the left side is should say games and subscriptions. you should be able to get your key there I am guessing this worked for you?
  15. I don't do ladders I am too fat.
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