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  1. it really isnt unless u wanna bvb
  2. looks to me like it says odd2 tournaments
  3. i have played this game for 20 years and never found an soj lol welcome to mission impossible
  4. ahh one of these again that one was fun hopefully we can get some people together when i aint working lol
  5. I know it is simple but may be overlooked. Are you running the game as administrator?
  6. I am into rap and rock mostly and have been wanting to find some less known or even unknown artists to listen to. If anyone has any suggestions let me know I will start out by saying if you are into rap you should check out Marlon Craft although I got a feeling he will be well known soon.
  7. Rich(OD)


    a crossbow zon is pretty much useless there are a few people that can help u with PvP i can help a bit as well as @SuNSeT @DBZ(OD) and @MooMoo(OD)
  8. ok well not everything lol he has been around for a bit but he is from upstate new york and named aaron so i say multi
  9. Sounds like a MooMoo multi... The age difference is just to confuse us everything else is the same.
  10. Its a fuckin secret don't ask a fat man for his secret recipes!
  11. Geglash is my favorite because he is completely useless and most people probably dont even know who Im talking about. Also give me a like if you dont know who I am talking about or had to go look for him.
  12. Id be cool with all of it except webcam as i dont have one but if u want to buy me one im good with that too 😉
  13. I am very sorry for your loss Julie... No parent should ever have to go through the loss of a child no matter their age or circumstance... Seriously fuck cancer! It takes way too many good people too young.
  14. I ain't putting a bounty on him lol he seems like a good dude not a great pvper but might be a good recruit to add to our pvp ranks and train a bit
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