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  1. think ima go with 14. But what is the deal with the 6 stars? just curious
  2. First! Well it didn't take u long to put up your eval lol. I can't think of any questions I have for you. I think your work lately speaks for itself as to why you deserve this promotion. Best of luck JD u have my support!
  3. You were still in OD? lol. Sorry to see you and Jared go hope yal stay in touch maybe we can get together for some cards against humanity or something sometime like the good ol days. Take care you will both be missed!
  4. Rich(OD)

    Cya guys

    Sucks seeing ya go man we've had some good times. Definitely gotta keep in touch and I'll catch ya in the moor! GL man!
  5. Id be interested to hear some idea of good stocks to invest in and why while the market is low. I am a truck driver for a grocery store chain so right now I am literally making double what I normally make with the hours I'm working. I'd like to invest a little into something that will hopefully make me some decent money in the future.
  6. I am a truck driver for a grocery store chain so unless I actually get sick myself I highly doubt I would get quarantined. We have been busy as hell for the last week or so they have had to call in outside carriers to deliver to our stores because we don't have enough drivers to haul all the loads.
  7. challenge @Yoshi(OD) and @Daterminaytah(OD) 3-0 vs daterminaytah
  8. @Froggie420(OD) @deathflames(OD) @Shark(OD) Yal slackin! get some duels in!
  9. same i think it was like 3-1 u or something i alrdy put the point up for it
  10. 3-0 vs radarrick challenging @DBZ(OD)
  11. win 3-0 against Raged some very close duels hes just practicing cant wait to try again in a week or so. Gds!
  12. i will be around the next couple days so i will challenge @Raged(OD) and @Yoshi(OD) btw @SuNSeT I will be putting a * next to the names of non pvm members that have completed 3 duels
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