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  1. Id be cool with all of it except webcam as i dont have one but if u want to buy me one im good with that too 😉
  2. I am very sorry for your loss Julie... No parent should ever have to go through the loss of a child no matter their age or circumstance... Seriously fuck cancer! It takes way too many good people too young.
  3. I ain't putting a bounty on him lol he seems like a good dude not a great pvper but might be a good recruit to add to our pvp ranks and train a bit
  4. i might try yet... he doesn't seem like too bad of a guy after talking to him about it and from past experience with him... Not sure why he would make a char like that but I have some idea...
  5. The guy with the account name *patrashe who is often seen in pub duels with his sin Trapwaifu or his barb nHentai decided to make a druid named OD-eeznuts.... When I asked him why he would do something so stupid he said for memes... I told him he was painting a target on himself, then when I told him who I was he said has honestly never had anyone from OD say anything to him about the name and that he originally made it for bmers.... Just thought yal might like to know...
  6. I think I like Aaron's idea a bit more than just a PvP(OD) account with many people knowing the password. Some of us feel comfortable sharing passwords with people that others may not and vice versa. And of course one or more people could still have access to one or more of these shared accounts, while the owner can rest a bit easier knowing that only people that he trusts can get on the account. I think there is a very big risk of something happening if we have one shared account with say 10 or more people knowing the password as much as I would like to think most of our members can be trusted and nothing would happen I am also not that foolish. Especially when you consider another problem might be someone giving the password to someone who does not have permission to it whether it be intentional or somebody tricks someone by saying hey man I forgot the pw to the pvp account or I wrote it down but I lost it. I think this way limits that a bit more and atleast if you know you only gave your password to 2-3 people you have a pretty small list of who may have done something plus you would only be allowing access to people you trust personally not somebody that someone else trust or that that someone else trusts and so on...
  7. Fuck off Ray get a life or do us all a favor...
  8. I was going to post about the mic thing but that is already on here so I will let that go. For now. My questions. Are you going to be a D3 division leader or just another D2 general? (Not really sure of the distinction between D2 general and D2 division leadership) If for some reason you were no longer able/willing to perform 50% or more of your duties as a general would you step down or just fall back on rank privileges? I think you are a great choice for this position man I really hope you get it and begin to Make OD Great Again #MODGA
  9. Doctor Seed! Congrats brother! Do not sell yourself short man you are a great dude yourself. It has always been a pleasure to talk to you whether in game, on TS, or on facebook. We all struggle in life some more than others. I know I can be a bit of an asshole so I am not sure if I really helped ya or not but if so yay me! lol. It has been great knowing a dude like you tho seriously even if my wife gets suspicious of the fb messenger dings when I tell her I am talking to my lover from OD... Lol. Your hard work has paid off man, congrats again bro we are all proud of you!
  10. Rich(OD)

    Team Signups

    i wont be on right away i gotta be into work at 1am saturday morning
  11. I know I have seen it im thinkin like membership or accepted had it or maybe dubui... hell i dont know i do know i aint got it
  12. I think ray was the only one doing this not sure what will happen since he is gone
  13. I like the idea of a meeting where everyone (not just admins) can be involved. I think this was a decent start. I am sure it isn't easy to gather people together and host a meeting like this. I can feel some of the tension you must have felt in some of the pauses myself just listening to it. I think it would be nice to know what was said in chat and who attended as well. I did notice that the vote for DSL left out the option of "I like it but it could be revised". I think more encouragement to share thoughts and ideas would have been good. I am not sure if people see high ranking members and get spooked or just have nothing to say. I think you need a little more work on structuring the meeting and I think after a bit people will feel more at ease with sharing thoughts and opinions. All in all though I would say things went pretty well. Good job! Keep it up. People will get more and more used to sharing in this form and opinions and comments will fill the empty spaces after time. Thanks Ray and again good job.
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