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  1. As of the middle of this month....we have over 2k runs and i see runs throughout the day...in the last week or two we've had 4 or 5 recruits from these runs...activity is a bit lower but as reset is coming up soon....we have members returning, i even re enabled one today and im sure more will return.....as is what normally happens. My TS is always open and i return several msg's everyday. I am still very active in channel as i do see whats going on and even if i miss something, it is brought to me thru those who are active....Id say its known that they can still come to me and i still spend a great deal of time in admin or talking to members that have issues
  2. From what i was told....this was edited to remove an attempt to recruit people into a newly formed clan, A recruit pitch to a non OD clan
  3. In episode 4....during the scene in the great hall...while giantsbane was talking to jon..look to the bottom right of the screen and on the table is a starbucks cup....HBO has said this was a mistake while starbucks claims the first starbucks was really in westeros
  4. Best death.........that lil girl, the lady of Bear isle died an awesome death
  5. I have an announcement script that handles multiple msgs....its what i gave to purpz for her bot
  6. Just for info @JR(OD) heres a post to request a rank change.....you can point others to it in the future
  7. Im gonna be 30 this coming month, does that mean I get to be angry about the kids on my lawn ? will day time naps feel that much better ? , will I take up things like saying back in my day we only had it this way ? IS THE GRIM REAPER always chasing me ? I figured since your resident old man you could help

  8. Lieutenant General PoPs(OD) disabled Second Lieutenant Skribbzz(OD) for Decided to leave OD for his own reasons, leaving on good terms.. on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 at 05:32:22 PM GMT.
  9. Ill admit it That was me that shit on your lawn not the neighbors dog

    1. PoPs(OD)


      Big steaming pile it was too damn what they feedin ya

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      mainly lasagna and bubble gum

  10. PoPs(OD)

    With love

    For the record....after i spoke to him...hes decided only to take a leave....so ive approved an IA for him.. we will still see him on ts i think maybe but he will return to game with us when he can
  11. ........something something cookie....happy birthday my friend!!!
  12. i need a great big lawn...dont forget
  13. welcome back my friend...im happy to hear youre doing well
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