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  1. Well ghostdog....no one, myself and sassy included, ever wished ill of you but even at the last you had to take one last stab at her.....she is right to say just go on then no need to leave with her name on your lips....I will disable you and good luck wherever you end up
  2. PoPs(OD)


    @Drewg(OD) I am sorry to see ya go and i had hoped to change your mind, we all wanted to find a compromise to benefit the PvP squad, and I thought the shared PvP account was a good place to start....in any case I will go ahead and disable you from the site. I hope we still see ya around and you are welcome to join our games and good luck in all you choose to do. if ya have any questions or need anything from please shoot me a message.....PoPs
  3. PoPs(OD)


    he did in fact pass and is now a full member.....and drewg, i am sorry to see ya go. DBZ has got an account that will be shared between the PvP'ers...most likely at start of new ladder because most guys have already made PvP accounts so the shared PvP accounts will become a reality soon
  4. My fav......"Wow...you're a barbarian" charsi act 1
  5. Oh no Julie noooo......she fought so hard and never gave up...im so sorry my friend im here for you just ring me
  6. This rule change would affect roughly 180 members.....One of the main reasons that this rule exists is to protect our members. Our history has many examples of people getting banned over something someone else did on their account....An OD account is your clan identity so to speak and represents you....I can understand the reason behind this request and in fact i even agree with some...but the reality is the benefits do not overcome the potential risks.....the good of the many and so forth...However, @Drewg(OD) I dont think we should dismiss the possibility of an alt account or even multiple alts with different levels of access...I am still talking with DBZ and Sassy...I know some PvP'ers already share non OD accounts, so perhaps that could be transferred to OD accounts and I think the squad working together, those playing on the accounts can help build the characters.... and the squad leads can maintain these accounts and continue the practices that are currently in use.....or something to this effect
  7. Hey hey....sorry for my late reply to this thread.....anyways my feeling here is that we should not allow others/anyone on our OD accounts....its foremost a case of protecting our members from harm and thats the most important point with sharing accounts.....that being said....I would like to meet with y'all in TS @Drewg(OD) @DBZ(OD) @MooMoo(OD) and listen to what y'all need, see what can we do as a division to bring attention to our PvP squad....perhaps there is something we can find to reach your goals...I also have some thoughts I'd like to shares so look for me in TS....PoPs
  8. @snicker66(OD) @Vanity(OD)ill make the changes....and snick...ya gotta dual DBZ for the XO position 🙂
  9. @Vanity(OD) get ahold of me in TS or channel....ill help ya with whatever squad ya need
  10. @Vanity(OD)For the most part, those were counted in the HCCL in the same HCL.....we can separate them if you have enough members for a squad there is a calssic squad already made with snickers as CO
  11. If you need a forum rank upgrade....please post it here 🙂
  12. @Terra @Aerineth(OD) when one of yous get a moment, please create a sub forum under the squads section for the PoD squad thanks
  13. Before you joined OD....you were a regular in our channel...even then you were always around to help our members.....once you joined us, you are still helping out....I have worked with you, watched how you've dealt with issues.....you are an asset to OD in many ways. I have even come to you on several occations to ask your opinion on certain issues knowing you speak your mind and give an honest assesment......I am glad to see see you rise up thru the ranks, you have truely earned your way up here....I completely support you in this eval.....good luck.... Oh and yes of coarse id love to see you get a mic, we have even talked about this so im sure its something you can do.....
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