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  1. The guys at blizz have said they will keep the old bnet servers running, so no changes there. I'll keep op ClanOD up and active there..The remaster will be on their global servers, playable from the blizz launcher. There will be no more useast or EU or uswest and they said something along the lines of re-working the chat lobbys... I am looking for more info about having a moderated chat channel and have reached out to some in the know.. They will also allow name duplicates, as there will be cross platform gaming and names would get used up on the first day lol, but those duplicates will be lin
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  4. Today was Julies funeral.. it was a short 15 min ceremony because of the covid restrictions. Before she was laid to rest, she took one last grand ride with her family in toe. Goodbye my dear friend. Overdosed will always resonate with all you have touched here.
  5. We started 2021 with some nice runs!!! juju at lvl 97...clutter at lvl 86...well done you two!!....There were 14 differnet runners in Jan....here are the top 5: <From OD-Runs> Top 5 users: Clutter(OD) (1000) lilg(OD) (241) JUJU(OD) (187) froggie420(OD) (72) Dabomb(OD) (29) Thank you all for the runs!! Y'all are awesome!!
  6. So comp...I have been paying "extra" attention to all these evals, yours most of all. I said earlier that I think you are a logical choice for commander, and I do see you reaching that rank. I have to admit tho, that Im a little worried that you have yet to recieve the support of 3 outta 4 commanders. This is worrisome because those are the very folks you'll be working with. One thing everyone agrees on is that you are an outstanding 4 star general. No one can take that away.. However the concerns of the commanders should not be ignored....they have pretty specific concerns that Im sure you ar
  7. R.ag, I get on it is to be "working in the background" and have people wonder, what do this guy do? I think over the years you have done so much for this community and still, your contributions are so much needed, and the things you do keep us up and running.....I will vote to keep you at commander, however, it would be nice to see you pop in a generals meeting or admin meeting every now and then 😛 thank you for your service to OD
  8. Hi trin....your eval has been mostly a positive experience with some valid concerns thrown in....You and I have worked a lot together and you have been a goto general when ive needed a second look at a problem I may have had within my division. You are connected to your division as well as members of others. you solve problems head on and with fairness...I would like to see you as a commander. I feel you have the skills and temperment. But I really can apprceiate the fact that you are in touch with the community as a whole....good luck trin
  9. @Geordie(OD) rank updated!!
  10. @LightningWolves(OD) Lightning thanks for commenting on my eval I appreciate you friend and those are some good questions I have explained this in my previous posts. With regards to my division co-leads, I did not share the entirety of my situation, they were aware I was having personal issues. There was communication within my division. Its tough because d2 and OD are my happy place and in the same breath I wonder if taking an IA may have made getting trapped in my thoughts worse. I am grateful for OD because it gives me a place to decompress. I have absolute f
  11. @MelodicRose(OD) Thank you for the questions rose. I will try and address your concerns here: I haven't had to deal with the level of hardships before in my life that I dealt with this past year. I am not one to air my problems publicly. I carry my burdens in silence no matter what gets piled on. I find it easier to speak on things in a private setting. I am learning to trust and feel okay when discussing my hardships with others. Posting an eval and speaking to my problems was something I thought I would never have to do. Sometimes we think we are "fooling" people or saving face when
  12. @Jenkinns523(OD) gotcha....gratz on your promo!
  13. Hi comp....I may not have always agreed with all the decisions you make, however you are one of my go to generals whenever Im seeking another opinion or guidance..The amount of work and time you dedicate to OD has really helped to improve things on the back end...Years ago when tera was being evaluated for commander, i said pretty much that she was already performing commander level duties. I will honestly say the same thing here about you....you really are just a logical choice for the next commander...i happily support your promotion....thank you comp, for your service to OD
  14. Hello raged...im happy to see you writing another eval,,,,I'll say no one can question the time and work you put into the clan...that being said, one of my concerns on your last eval was that you would swoop in and recruit members and then more of less fade away....Since joining the general ranks, it seems as you have settled in well. Your activity and dedication to OD is noticable. The respect your members show for you does speak volumes. The divisions and squads that you are involved in are thriving with your help...I am very comfortable with supporting this promo...Thank you raged for all y
  15. The short answer is no...there was no communication about a possible eval prior to me being nominated. That being said, I am not trying to shift blame from my inactivity. I mean i know there were topics....evals and discussions that needed my attention, however as ive already stated, they kinda slipped away from me and i lost track of them. The group of generals has changed a lot since i came up. some left, new ones joined...and the number of generals has also increased. I seem to remember that between the few generals we had, it was more or less customary to reach out to any of us admins tha
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