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  1. Hi rose!! good to see an eval from you, nicely done BTW. I have always wanted to see you do well here. I think i saw some untapped potential in you....go back and read terras reply to your eval here, she mirrors so much of what i feel when it comes to your progress thru the years....Ive only got a coupla questions.... Looking back at the downfall of final fantasy, as a div lead do you feel you share any responcibilty in its decline? Could more have been done to bring over Members from the ingame guild over to OD? thanks for the great work youve done with our social media
  2. Rick....Im very happy to see you post an eval...I have always enjoyed gaming with you. You have definatly eared the ranks. Our members look to you for guidedance and leadership, both of which you are willing to help with. I have sat with you and watched you handle some difficult issues within our division. I look forward to hearing your voice in our Generals discussions.....You are an OD guy for sure....we're lucky to have ya around....you have my full support
  3. @Terra Thank you for the feedback. I really do appreciate it, I mean i really do. I can agree that i should be more involved in some of the talks and make my voice louder. This is something I will work on, make it a new goal of mine in OD.. During our talks back in around sept, you made me aware of a problem withing my division. I went and talked to sassy and dbz about it and what we should do. At that time it seemed almost as dbz was already checked out, I didnt know he would retire but i suspected he would step down as D2 lead. Sassy was IA with plans to return soon. I did take steps to solve the issues you brought to me...At about this time is when i started training purplez as a lead. At this point i leaned on her and made sure she was involved in division talks. From our talks terra, you should be aware of the difficulties and issue that needed to be solved between the three of us. I regret that i was not more transparent with you here. There was still some things i was sorting out...In any event, I did my best to get thru that difficult time and correct an imbalance within the D2 division. To clear up the discord issue i mentioned, It was my opinion that the punishment being haned to an officer, 2 rank demotion, was too harsh. So I reached out to Dabomb and a couple other generals to talk about it and as a result a compromise was reached, a 1 rank demotion.. Terra thanks again for this feedback...It is quite valuable to me. I will definatly take to hear what you have said here....also, you used the word lackluster.......I will make it my mission to never be referred to as lackluster again 🙂
  4. This is the pre-requisite that you are quoting here and I have been using my admin board and console powers for changes. I have helped train a general who has become a Division lead. Being visiable throughout OD all ill say here is that i am very easy to find...Ive have helped members from other divisions wherever i could and do pop around other channels when my time allows. One example of how i could have used an extra star, Short while ago sunset came to me wanting to help clean up our D2 subforums....He wished to see some new changes withing the subs, and to make this happened I had to reach out to Terra for help creating them....With a 4 star rank i could have easily made the changes. And yes, I do intend to become more of active pillar for the whole of OD...I think that increasing my forum posts within the forums and threads you've mentioned above can help in this regard. To be honest, forum visability has always been brought to me a something to work on, and over the years id like to think i have improved and will continue to improve. Thank you rose for taking the time here 🙂
  5. Well as I said to JD, this is still an active discussion but as for my feelings....I always prefer using the carrot instead of the stick, but at the end of the day, I think we do need a mechanism to "encourage" more activity from the officer ranks. Retention is more of a different topic....as you know we in D2 have a few players that routinely come and go...I like the changes we've made to the DSL system to help returning members. ...Oh and that frenzy barb is in the process see ya out there! Thank you rick for posting and good luck with yours 🙂 @JuJu(OD) @Sassy @Daterminaytah(OD) and @BayButcher(OD) Thank you all for reading and posting here....I appreciate not only your support but also playing the game with yous Sunset....thank you for your support... and coming from you it means a lot to me....you been around a long time and lived thru many changes not only in D2 but OD
  6. Hi Terra....thnx for the awesome question....here we go: I dont think I would have acted any differently. Hindsight should make us wiser and when i look back here I see about a 4 month period in which we spoke about D2 leadership..During that time there was one d2 lead on the way out , one was soon returning....Sassy and I already new who was our choice to replace DBZ who retired. So these four months I believe there was a perception of invisable D2 leads, when actullay I was working with Purplez, training her. At that point she was very visable in channel and was included in all clan issues and division discussions. I stand by my actions during this period. Selecting a new D2 lead was an important decision and I had to be sure the person i was training was the best fit for the job. So, during our talks, i did not make public what D2 leadership was doing in terms of a new lead. Perhaps if our members knew, it may have alleviated some of the D2 leadership visability, however it is my judgment that the timing and the new D2 lead (Purplez) has worked out well and Diablo 2 is still up and running in an upward direction. If you ask me to evaluate my performance, id say i was able to keep the D2 division running and channels safe. I was playing in game and still answering issues and questions from members. Now we have a solid D2 lead team....thank you @Sassy and @Purplez(OD). I'd have to point to Purplez straight away.. I was happy to become a mentor as she has climbed the ranks... A lot of our interactions were what i called "training opportunities" She has become a valuable general and a co-lead in D2. I can think of a time in discord, that i was in an informal meeting with 3 other generals as we talked about some "eggplants" and felt that the intended punishment was too much so together we agreed on what ultimatly was handed down.
  7. Julie....Im glad to see you get the chance to regain your star. Id say you served your time....anyways, I was there thru ur IA. At one point you were thinking about resigning the D2 lead....I talked you out of that because even tho u was IA, you and I still talked D2 issues and people. You helped me solve some minor issues we had.....I support your promo here GL
  8. Hi JD...the topic of inactive officers was started within the d2 leaders awhile back. Myself sassy and purplez have discussed it and we try our best to train new officers with the skills needed to succeed. D2 as well as the clan as a whole need officers....to assist in the best way they can to help out wherever they are. We have had great successes as well as some failures here. I think it starts with good training, not everyone is good at everything but each has a strength that can be helpful to the clan. that being said, we still have inactive officers....Once a member reaches officer, there really is no "penalty" for being inactive. Teras topic is a discussion to help us recommend guidelines for inactive officers. I think there should be a limit to how much inactivity we see before a penalty is incurred. There should be a minimum level of activity expected from officers.That topic continues..... The eval process is importatnt...I think its definatly needed...it allows for members of this community to talk to and ask questions of the generals coming up....I have lived thru some changes already in the process and feel it works. I dont have any ideas of now for any improvements....ty JD
  9. Hello my friends! Most of you know me but im sure theres some who do not. I volunteered to write this eval. Its been awhile since my last one and I felt its time for me to let you all know what Ive been up to and to even meet some new faces. I have been in clan OD for almost 5 years now. Most of that time I have been a Diablo 2 lead. Its an honor to lead the largest division in OD. With the help of my co-leads, sassy and now purplez, we do our best to keep the wheels rolling. My last eval was 2 years ago....Heres a link: Its worth a read as i carry on with those duties. During my tenure as D2 lead, I am proud to say ive had a hand in training and promoting many fine officers. I maintain and have maintained 3 channel bots for ODD2, online 24/7 for years. Mod bot: I was granted a Mod bot when i was still WO5 and have kept it online ever since. As blizzard made changes to clan channels, I had to create our op channel. Recruit bot: created over 4 years ago, this bot has become one of our important recruiting tools Run bot: I am the CO of our runs squad. Froggie429(OD) as my second, we keep track of all OD runs and maintain a payout system rewarding our top runners. I have always been more of an admin General than a gaming one. I still love my game time, but put extra effort on admin duties, problem solving. This new D2 ladder i admit to being way behind in my toons, however everyday i answer msg's and keep aprised on our channel and our members. Since my last eval and rise to three stars, I have continued my duties as D2 lead as well as being available to assist members and officers alike within OD. My forum activity had increased. I was given a little more access to the forums and have updated member ranks periodically, reset PWs and searched old returning members. As i stated before, I chose to submit this eval as i feel Im ready for the next rank. I am easy to find, ready to help, and have worked with our other generals and commanders. I have not hosted an admin meeting, but i have attended all of them and always taken part in generals discussions.....here is a description of 4 star general expectations: Four Star General - Provides ideas, resolutions, and feedback that are intelligent and carefully thought-out - Helps host Admin Meetings - Handles any forum needs or changes using the Forum Admin Panel - Can support other Generals with problems or guidance and help them improve as leaders - Actively communicates with all the Commanders - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place - Overall being a visible leader of the community that uses their Admin Panel and Console powers to affect needed changes to the Clan, and can help develop the potential of other Generals and Division Leaders, are typically the things we look for in Four Star Generals In all my dealings as a General here in OD, I do my best to bring honesty, consistancy, and fairness in all i do. Thank you for taking the time to read all this and I look forward to any questions you may have..... Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current eval process: Posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion / statement post, per person.
  10. PoPs(OD)

    d2 mod remake

    awesome...im down to watch you stream!
  11. PoPs(OD)

    d2 mod remake

    @Aerineth(OD) yes have a look....and ya you need the expansions of grim to use the mod...its a large download, over 6 gigs....but play it and give us a review!
  12. @RedIce(OD) all set...gratz on the promo
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  15. PoPs(OD)

    d2 mod remake

    Have a look at this....its a D2 Mod made from grim dawn...but with all d2 content/sounds and same classes......
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