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  1. 4 challenges and no one ever came online or even responded to me except the first one lol. Never had a duel, trapped in dueling purgatory by the afkers, rip
  2. @Mr_kon(od) lemme know when you'll be on the Diablo 2 le
  3. @Auctorati(OD)are you alive?
  4. challenge @Auctorati(OD)
  5. @kuvall(OD) Let me know when you'll be on. I'll be on after 4:30pm est today and tomorrow.
  6. @theBandit(OD) I'll be on until 9 p.m. tonight. Message in game if you get on. On here too if I don't respond. My tag in game is Canadier(OD) as well.
  7. @theBandit(OD) will you be on after 4:00 pm eastern tomorrow?
  8. I can do it anytime tonight, after moomoo's tourney
  9. Still light 😄 same build as last season but worse gear challenge @theBandit(OD)
  10. OD-LemonySnicks sorceress again lol... 😞
  11. I'll enter if I still can.
  12. if we're allowed to try and improve on it, then I'll go with this one.
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