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  1. yah i had this 3 paragraph thing to say. but ^cogs man. he nailed everything i was literally going to say. julie is an awesome part to this community and does ALOT for the d2 division. one strong a$$ woman!
  2. pops. youve got my up vote. your availability is outstanding when theres questions people cant answer your always there. (help and information. well all the above). outstanding part to the division (100% effort). nice work, i honestly dont have any questions lol.
  3. its always a blast man!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. just seeing who is all going to be playing classic on the reset!?!?!?!?! im starting on hardcore classic ladder (sorc) then moving to sc classic to be able to crush both :D
  5. bahahahahah!!!!!!!! you go away!!!! <3
  6. hey who runs the HCCL run bot in channel?
  7. for all those sorcs ive killed already this new ladder..................... LOLOLOLOLOL
  8. voted :D whats this regard? lol
  9. shon, youve helped me out personally in alot of ways. which im only one guy in the d2 community hahaaah. but to do what you do is pretty insane. your always fun to be around, super respectful, ez to talk to outside of "gaming" even. But in reality your a HUGE help to this community. i dont have really any questions for you except how do you do it man LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
  10. kush man u know to pm me lmao!! welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. im curious if theres gonna be a reward for the most deaths. me josh and mike are pretty high up there hahahhahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well Julie. everything you do helps keep this division moving super smooth!! (i dunno how you do it tbh) lmao i support julie 100% here. good luck with everything!! yah got my vote
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