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  1. Frank you do anything and everything that is expected of a commander. You are probably the most available commander for the community. The fact that you still find time to game with others is huge to me because as people get higher up they tend to do less and less gaming and this is a gaming community after all lol. Good luck on the eval you have my +1
  2. Thanks for answering my question Comp. You have my support for this promotion. You are one of the most approachable generals. I have seen you multiple times hoping around TS just to chat or play games with the rest of the community. Have proven yourself to be a great problem solver. You host admin meetings and weigh in on every topic in the generals board. Good Luck on this promotion.
  3. Snicker! Thanks for posting an eval. I don't have any questions to ask you. I feel like you honestly want to start being more involved with the community. I can understand how real life obligations can get in the way or limit whatever time you had for the community ( we have to remember this is all voluntary ). I think you can use this eval as an eye opener and learn from the things some people comment here. Good luck on the rest of your Eval. You have my support.
  4. Nice Eval Comp. What do you think is the cause of the big member drop recently? and how can we start to grow the community again?
  5. As a primarily gaming community, do you feel as if you have grown apart from the clan by not actively participating in the gaming activities of your fellow members?
  6. DBZ(OD)


    Yes they did... We came to an agreement about sharing an account named PVP(OD) for members of the pvp squad to earn access to and be able to share. At first he seemed happy with this as it was a step in the direction of what he wanted. Turned out it wasn't good enough.
  7. nvm lol i moved my necro to a new char so i probly should go to bottom
  8. On every night. Just hit me up on ts.
  9. @Wave(OD) what time are u gonna be on tonight?
  10. i gotta duel wave first ^^
  11. ill hop on when i get home today if your available.
  12. alright i added the challenge vs @Vanity(OD)
  13. 1. DBZ(OD) *Goku. Heisman Bone Necro Record 3-2 2. DrewG(OD) *DrewG(OD) OD-boy BVA MB - On Switch Record 7-1 3. Sunset(OD) (ON VACATION, DO NOT CHALLENGE) *SwampDonkey Vaso BVC Record 1-0 4. Vanity(OD) *Vanity(OD) OD-Admiration C/C Trapper Record 1-2 5. MooMoo(OD) *MooMoo(OD) OD-MooOfJustice Mage MB - Yes Record 1-0 6. Shade(OD) *Shade(OD) OD-Legit Wind Druid Record 1-7 7. Wave(OD) *Wave(OD) OD-Prolific BvC Record 2-0 Defends as #1 Drewg (1) MooMoo (1) DbZ (1) Challenges: Drewg(OD) vs MooMoo(OD) 8/2/2019 Wave(OD) vs Vanity(OD) 8/2/2019
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