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    COME BACK TO OD ! ❤️ 


    Please && Thank You!

  2. Rick deserves this promotion. thank you
  3. DBZ(OD)

    Cya guys

    I will be resigning as I have almost completely lost interest in the clan and I shouldn't be holding a general position or division lead anymore. I don't think I have been fulfilling my duties as a general/div lead and instead of just staying here and holding a spot I would like to give other people a chance to move up and show what they can do. I have already let all of the D2 generals know about this. Instead of just taking time off from the clan I would like to just be disabled on good terms. I will still be reachable via Discord, D2Jsp, D2, Steam or D3 for anyone who want to get a hold of
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  5. Rich I think you deserve the promotion. I am impressed how you have handled this eval. I like that you speak your mind about anything. You have brought up ideas and things to help better the community. You are not afraid to speak up and ask questions in admin meetings. Good luck man.
  6. Cindy I agree with pretty much everything Everyone else is saying about you in this eval. You go out of your way to help other people more then anyone I know. You try to help out and improve the community as much as possible. You probably use your console more than anyone else in the clan lol. You bring ideas to the forums and follow through with them. I know basically everyone in the d2 division looks up to you. I believe you exceed the expectations of a 2 star general. You get a +1 from me. Well deserved promotion.
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  8. im pretty sure if u need a second key you can purchase it as a gift and just put ur own email as the one to send the gift to.
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  10. DBZ(OD)

    New World

    this look pretty fun. I will give it a try with you
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  12. Thanks for posting an eval Rich. I have interacted with you basically daily for the last few years so I only have one question for you. Do you feel like you deserve the promotion? If so why?
  13. Comp you deserve the next rank. You interact with other divisions more then most generals or commanders. You host admin and General meetings. You get involved in any topic in the gens board or officers board. You have hosted clan wide events with good success most of the time. I honestly feel like you didn't get your 20 votes last time only because lack of people taking intrest in voting on promotions. I can see how it would be much harder to get 20 different people to vote for you when you don't have any specific division but I feel like you have had a strong presence on discord lately and I
  14. Snicker i dont believe you should have ever lost the rank to begin with. I know you had real life thing that you had to take care of first and there is nothing wrong with that. Since the demotion you have become much more active on the forums with discussions. also speaking up in admin meeting and trying to help with any topics we may have. You have my support to get your star back. Good luck bro.
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