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  1. Mines not blizz anymore. Also currently not ES but i might change to ES before we start dueling. 1. DBZ(OD) OD-BBQ *DBZ(OD) Light Sorc MB - No ES - Yes
  2. Finally done lol
  3. DBZ(OD)

    Team Signups

    ima doin reset with a team of 8 barbs
  4. DBZ(OD)

    d2 pvp squad

    yea for sure. I prefer team duels anyways. Would have to go on NL tho because I sold most of my ladder chars right before they announced reset date. I got barb and sin left on ladder I think
  5. DBZ(OD)

    d2 pvp squad

    ill come beat you up in the moor tonight when I get off work
  6. i think i had it in the past but not anymore.
  7. I think you would be fine gaming over wifi. Of course a hard connection is best if possible but with routers and wifi adapters now days there is not a huge difference.
  8. Could get a usb wifi adapter if your computer doesn't have wifi abilities. i had a very similar situation to badboi with lightning hitting my house and traveled thru the cat5 cable to my network adapter. Fried the router and everything. If the Ethernet is plugged into your pc and the lights on that port don't light up I'd say the port is bad. Even a power surge from power going off and on can damage that stuff.
  9. ive been on for the last few hours you should be able to log in
  10. Welcome to OD cant wait for reset.
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