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  1. I saw on my weather app that storms are now being named with greek letters for the 2nd time ever since recording and naming them. Furthermore, the small video article stated that the 1st time Greek naming of storms occurred, it was only several years ago and did not start until the end of October. Yet, I believe we are on Gamma or Delta already, and just past halfway through September. Is there a special effect going on similar to a event like el nino that's causing an increase in activity? Or is that just called climate change?
  2. I will not lie, I play tons of aram, but I am also quite into smack talking when I play league so I keep to myself unless I play with my fraternity brothers. Please hit me up if you ever need a +1, I can keep the smack talk to myself 🙂
  3. I am sorry to hear this, and my condolences go out to @Smoken(OD) and his family.
  4. Do we need a newly updated sheet for this new delirium patch?
  5. Has anyone read up on this league? I am still relatively new to POE, I started in the current league, and the upcoming league is making some big changes. 1. Craftable jewel clusters that are earned from the delirium can be put into the passive skill tree, which could completely change the way passive skill tree builds are designed & planned. 2. I believe 4 new skill gems and 3 new support skill gems have been made 3. Deliriums can be added onto all previous challenges previous leagues have introduced, making their difficulties not only exponentially higher, but their rewards are as well. ( I am sure there are more but these are some of the biggest changes I believe are coming) What do you think of the changes? Do you think that the delirium maybe cause a power dynamic shift where only very few power builds can complete them hence making the true versatility of characters lowered or with the addition of new skill gems and jewel clusters that there will be even more power builds to choose from? Let me know how you think the game will changed!
  6. As a wise man once said. "Do it." -Senator Palpatine I 100% agree that this is an unneeded expense at this point, but, should someone else hold the scripts to reboot the ts3 server if need ever be as a backup besides @R.agnarok(OD)?
  7. I think it looks great already, but if you go forward with your suggestion it will look more tight and organized, which is two thumbs up in my book. Great job and thank you for hard work @snicker66(OD)and @Xayj(OD)
  8. I haven't watched little Kenny either, I just started season 7 so I'm worried something will be spoiled. Sally the ginger is back! This show is hilarious, it's very satirical and has great wordplay. Its hard for me to get into a show, but I was able to get into it after about two episodes or so, and they're only twenty minutes or so. The show is a fairly easy to watch honestly, you just need to be in the mood for a laugh. And thanks for all your help, my sorc is now running and killing everything not cold immune 😛
  9. This is show is a Hulu exclusive but has developed a rapidly growing cult following. It's about a small farm town in the middle of nowhere of Ontario, Canada. There are essentially three factions of people, the agricultural hall farmers (the hicks), the skids (local meth addicts/dealers), and the jocks (hockey players). The show is very satirical and big on word play and running with jokes, and its now my go to show to put on when I sit down to eat, which is the only time I watch tv nowadays. I have heard many people like it, but I also have friends that don't like it. My fraternity and I dressed up as the Letterkenny cast for Halloween, to which we got a response from one of the actors after the show was tagged. I believe it will grow much more in popularity before it dies out, and there are already 8 seasons out. But, if you have already seen the show, what are your thoughts?
  10. Just gonna say this, you need to re-check who you are and what you're about. I read up on what happened, and for an adult to act like this is concerning to say the least. There is a time and place for fun, and there's a time to be serious. Also, I know this is the internet but this is a community like any other. OD has rules, you broke them, suffer the consequences. Maybe you wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble if you ever learned when to keep your mouth shut. I'm astounded you turned out like this, before I left you were an officer who was praised highly and was being looked at for higher rankings. But your actions confirm what your eval said, you need to grow and mature more before you handle that much power.  When I was 16 I handled situations with more maturity than you, maybe that's why I actually became a general. Or maybe it was because it was necessary for the new division I helped create, either way, GET THE CHIP OFF YOUR SHOULDER! You legit have one life, so either stop wasting yours and everyone else's time and move on, or go away. I know some things can be hard to move on from, and if that's the case, then your resignation is a start on your road to bettering yourself, but a resignation means nothing if you keep coming back... (especially just to troll and create drama - then you're no better than an immature and spiteful teenager)

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    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ya'll need to stop.. honestly.  There was no need for this post to begin with @PJPotter(OD).. and there's certainly no need to let it continue. Let's ALL act like adults here and grow up/move on.

    3. Terra


      She's right PJ. The only thing you are really doing is venting your anger at him, that isn't really going to make things any better. You said your piece so let's leave it at that.

    4. Sassy


      Are we going to continue to let this stuff happen people coming on to who Evers wall and say what they wish  to cause more shit if you feel that passionate about what ray did pm him and talk about it  ..ray fucked up big time he knows what he did was wrong but for every Tom dick and Harry to come on and put penny worth in not going solve much is it  but cause more shit  and one big vicious circle .. I think all this needs to stop  NOW ... like kait  said we adults not kids grow up .. 

  11. I had a ton of fun while building the D3 division with you and Hari. Hell, you kept me from resigning several times, and were always a positive spirit. I hope that your bowl is always packed, that your dabs are always fat, and that you keep being a boss at NHL on console. Peace out Scottie!
  12. If this is personal or doesn't want to be addressed, I understand. I have personally seen others struggle with addiction, even family members. My friend justin I got to quit smoking cigarettes and got him to go through juul pods much slower... but never did he fully quit. What was one of the most effective methods of quitting that worked for you? I try to be a pillar for my family and friends to talk to and lean on, and I only ask so that I might be able to do a better job.
  13. Have you seen natalya's set or IK incorporated with other sets in d3? With the rorg buff , it will be easy. Sets that have pieces like the offhand source/phylactery/etc, rings, belts, etc. Can be combined if done properly
  14. The necro already has many items that synergize heavily with their skills, with the LoN buff and/or the grandeur buff, the necro probably doesnt need that much of a boost. When necros came out, the numbers at first looked similar, so they didnt seem op at first. Quickly everyone found out that theie dps can rise exponentially and out damage anyone else. So while likely LoN necro builds could dominate, just the fact that two full sets could be worn (in theory) makes their glass cannon playstyle just even more powerful. Gursnteed they may need a defensive buff, but necros should be able to keep up in or out damage other dps builds (especially for single targets and bosses).
  15. While the buff for the season of the grandeur is pretty cool, the rest of it is just boosting damage everywhere, which in turn does nothing. The developers did something similar like around season 7 or 8. Its cool to see your damage and numbers get boosted to higher numbers, but literally nothing changes about the game play. I hope the grandeur buff makes this not repeat itself.
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