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  1. @Ray(OD)thanks bro! love it
  2. hey no problem its a really good idea and it could possibly work with some items, prices are so wierd right now im not sure what things are worth at this point . it seems like everything costs extremely high right now
  3. doesnt work well for craft/rares i have tested some of my higher fg value 6 mod'd rings and they are trying to say they were only worth 1700 fg lol well worth over 5-6k fcr 16 str 37 life 81 mana 4 all resist and 30 cold resist
  4. mine is Warlord_d2 on twitch
  5. can you make me one with a guy waiting to be executed, woody, with Execution(OD) in it somewhere. font style decorated
  6. thanks for the donation, we gave away 200fg to the winner which happened to be Aaron this time
  7. Supreme Champion: MooMoo(OD) / OD-EskiMoo / DeathsKeeper//Necro Worthy Adversary: hmmjason//*run.//disass/sorc Maybe Next Time: Gringito//*Goku.//Sooners//bvc 2ND ROUND
  8. Supreme Champion: MooMoo(OD) / OD-EskiMoo / DeathsKeeper//Necro Worthy Adversary: Gringito//*Goku.//Sooners//bvc Maybe Next Time: TheGoku / *Goku. / Oklahoma / Ele druid 1ST ROUND
  9. ODPK1/1 is Game when you are ready. i will post a bracket shortly
  10. probably going to retract this since another tourney has started up in the last day for this same hour ill send any donations back that i have recieved
  11. so far i have around 300 fg to give away, probably will do 100fg per tournament to winner. so there will be multiple chances to win
  12. Thank you, OD tags aren't required due to the event being open to anyone who wants to join. My jsp is Gringito
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