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  1. OD-F Druid SCL OD-Lead Sorc SCL OD-Gold Hdin HCL
    1. FollowMe(OD)


      Random west stuff i tihnk once i get this figure out ill sort  things.

      back yard pic is stuck i nthe middle of these screen shots.

      the 97 video and 98 video are mashed.

  2. OD Acc: FollowMe(OD) Rank: FS soon to be SM Requested Status: HCL DRUID BOSS/KING/MANBEARPIG/ OR HCL/SCL PVP/PVM MASTER? :) HCL/SCL GOT YOU IDK, no limits here Times Available for Tryout: EVERYDAY 8pm-12pm EST
  3. FollowMe(OD) Or Logan Happy to be apart of OD I Really Just play Diablo 2 these Days!! If You Need Help on SCL, HCL, Classic Ladder, Don't Matter just Ask me and if I Can, I will. I want to say thank you to all the OD members that have been Welcoming to me. ".login"
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