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  1. Good shit guys, I listened to em all. Thanks for contributing!
  2. Hey welcome! I'll be playing next reset on hardcore. Hopefully see you around and look forward to playing with ya.
  3. Doesn't have to be any specific genre, just what you're enjoying right now. If you don't like someones taste in music feel free not to say shit. I'm just curious about music in general, so I wanted to see what all you guys are jammin to and maybe find something new. :) I'll start!
  4. fiji

    New Language

    Would like to learn Mandarin myself. A good starting resource could be Memrise. Have a friend who learned Japanese on there. Also same on the french. I had learned it a bit in school and now have completely forgotten because it's seldom used in my part of Canada.
  5. Was fun, thanks for games! We really would like some more people. Is there anyone out there that has fond sc memories and wants to join us in a nostalgia blood bath? We might be playing again tomorrow!
  6. I do want to try this again! I was on and had pm'd you in game couple times, but I should have just messaged you on teamspeak. Anyway I hope you find a workaround.
  7. Hey, welcome. Glad you're excited as I'm sure everyone else is to have another member. Hope you enjoy your stay and best of luck to you.
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