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  1. I am looking for maybe a few more people to join us for PoD reset Jan 24th. Visit the website for exact time of reset. Currently I have 2 new members who are interested Jslayer and hancock. Both of them are experienced PoD players and are looking to roll HC. We are looking to play AT launch and to go possible 12 hours or more (Or maybe a few less hours). Anyone else who is interested post here with your accounts so we can get in contact in game and on discord. I will also be monitoring the PoD discord section for anyone interested.
  2. The only reason I plan to get on ps4 and pc, is my pc version should be free from WoW tokens. The ps4 is just to get info on raids and leveling along with everything you gain from already having played/beat it. After PC version is released I won't be playing ps4 anymore. For pc I'm also looking for a regular group of people looking to get into raids when they open. Would like to find others who are willing to grind and learn fights. I guess important info. My playing times are 4-9pm cst mon-fri. Usually free entire weekend or can set aside times if we
  3. I'm looking for people who are planning to play Destiny 2. I will be getting it for ps4 and pc. Planning to play it on ps4 until it's released on PC. Upon PC release I will be playing only Destiny for awhile and pushing end game content. If anyone is interested, I'm looking for both casual and more serious people to play with. I will be adding bnet tag and psn tag once I'm home later tonight.
  4. OD-Treewind // *OD-Treewind Sorc, same dude as Treewind apparently he got real pissy at us? also OD-Friendly lvl 91 sorc, is not OD also PKer. (Apparently a bot? using glitched barb to pk?) some sketchy shit
  5. TPPKs and Townkillers Lately alot of people have died to Townkilers or TPPKers. So I'm going to list some tips to prevent these things. 1. Anything FREE Is a trap. - If you join a public game called "Free items" and you think "Oh im safe, im in town". You are not. There is a glitch that utilizing an act1 merc and standing near town you can get hit/killed by the mercs attack. This does NOT require any kind of program to achieve, you just simply need to know the trick. 2. TPPK's - Hydra Sorcs/Trap Sins/Summoning Necros - All are not to be trusted as all can
  6. Just putting up a post to introduce myself. My account name is Khaos_Kyle(OD) and Khaos_Kyle(OD)2. I go by Khaos or Kyle in game, I'm old, 30 now, work 40 hours a week, try to spend my free time relaxing and gaming. I have been playing Diablo 2 since the release of LoD, before that I spent many years play D1 in a legit guild. I really like groups that stay true to the basic ideal of not cheating.... seems obvious, but not very common. I have always been lacking the community to keep me interested like IU used to have back in 1.08 and 1.09. I'm hoping to make a lot o
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