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  2. We should talk about our first raid and how we could improve moving forward.
  3. Haha this is what every veteran was thinking when they boosted a character. Blizzard acting like I dont know how to walk.
  4. Both are worth having. I started Horde and moved to Alliance. Nice to see different sides of the same story. .
  5. Hope to use this as a new way to recruit members. Maybe a way to transition people without full games into the starter edition and and then eventually lead an interest in later content.
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  7. Been trying to get my Jhin level 7 for awhile but I never get above an S-. Could have excellent farm and a great kda but it never happens.
  8. Shen is a good champ to rush zz on.
  9. I am very good with my DSL but know I am lacking in forum activity. In the future I will try to stay active on here and hope that as the division grows so does forum use.
  10. As an adc main my whole lane depends on my support. A good one helps me crush but a bad one can throw. It kinda sucks that alot of the support mains dont as much recognition as they deserve.
  11. Sent you an invite in game. I am mrmrdudedude and I look forward to meeting and playing some games with you!
  12. Always have fun at inhouses and I think this would be awesome to do. Sundays are best for me but i can make other days work too. Hope to see more people interested in this.
  13. I think adcs have to be mechanically better than jgs but as an adc main I know I dont have the overall game awareness that most jgs have. Each role just has different mechanical requirements because of how different their situations are.
  14. Due to work I was unable to attend the meeting. Onee is an irl friend and filled me in on most of what as talked about but this post helped fill in the gaps. I want to become more involved in the LoL division and really like the direction its headed. The inhouse we had was super fun and I had a blast with everyone there. Im still new to OD and especially to the forums but I hope to stay involved.
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