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  1. Don't put words in my mouth because you perceived it that way. I was stating that I felt it was unbalanced. I said nothing of malicious intent. I was speaking more broadly than Skooma and JD's situation. But its becoming increasingly difficult to have a conversation when its the only example we all keep using. You are insinuating that 1 person spoke on the behalf of the entire administration isn't the case. Agreed I'm not ignoring it, and to your point if anything it makes it more difficult to have this conversation which is why I said I'd be open to talking it over on discord there's to much room for interpretation through text as we ALL have experienced before. 🙂 It really isn't that simple and its unfair to portray it like that we have seen many cases where people that "we" haven't felt were fit for their role and yes sometimes they are removed or weed themselves out and sometimes it drags on for an incredibly long time years even. But that's a matter of opinion. I have sat alongside many of you in leadership, been a general myself and shared the same burdens and responsibility. My questions and concern aren't because I have ill feelings its simply trying to voice that I'd like an open discussion because I don't think it is a balanced system. If I thought JD was in the wrong I am a big boy I would go to JD and say hey explain to me the reason for your vote and have a conversation on around it. This is not specific to any one situation. Yes the thought did come to me during Skooma's promotion along with Juju's after I was calculating how many votes it would take for a person to pass because I looked at the membership and then looked at the vote count and was like geez it sure seems unbalanced. I truly don't need an explanation of expectations of generals I am well aware. Just like if I felt the need to rise a topic of discussion then if I saw something I thought to be out of order I do so now. Not because I am a general because I am a member. The thing is I always hear " we want more activity, we want engagement, we want change" From generals just look at some of the recent topics. But then if someone mentions change or asks a question it is coming across like "Don't question me it is the way it is and that is final" I'm not sure if you are realizing but your tone isn't an open one it seems like you are trying to shut me down or silence me. When we should both be open to conversation I'm not on a witch hunt and neither should you be. The mentality isn't in the best interest of the community. If that is how you perceived my previous messages than my apologies it was not my intention. I can see your point of view it does take a lot of hard work to become of the position in which you have that amount of votes. It doesn't mean we cannot question or that everyone in that rank has perfect judgement. It isn't safe to assume that. I disagree. Like our system in my current employer we are able to evaluate candidates. However one major difference that adds to the balance is not one person can solely decline a candidate. It's a collective decision there is always going to be someone that has feedback or doesn't think its the right person. Sometimes they are right... Sometimes they are wrong. I am in favor of a majority option. Take a look at each divisions member base. An interesting ask knowing that once promotions are over they are gone? Unless membership changes I'm sure other situations will present and whether we have the conversation now or later is fine. I can see how the message can get mixed. Like I said in my response to Aern I only thought of it after seeing the recent promotions and looked into it. So again you have a valid point and I don't want to get the message confused I am in favor of neg voting. I too agree that it is a useful tool to provide feedback to our member base as they rise through the ranks. I do also think that it is extremely deterring when someone puts in a ton of work and isn't perfect has a situation or run in with a member or general and gets shot down and one could say tough luck oh well. But I figure there are still ways we can provide feedback without shitting on someone. For Generals promotions each members vote is only worth 1 in either direction. Ill put some more thought into it to see if I can make sense of this age old topic and I really am trying to look at all angles. 🙂 Thanks for your reply Geordie, Aern and Terra I appreciate your perspectives it adds more color to the picture.
  2. I guess I wasn't making myself clear I wasn't saying it happened in a recent promotion I'm looking at the system in general as you should the generals and commanders. Perhaps it would be better to have this discussion on discord as long forum discussions aren't always the best way to articulate a point of view for some. I disagree I think it's a shining example of something we as a team should look at more closely. Instead of ignoring a system that more than 1 person is attempting to call attention to and saying they are unhappy with or would like to see a conversation of change?
  3. Its odd that one person has that much control over someone's promotion. It seems unbalanced looking at it on the flip side. This is a good point one in which I have also considered and still its to heavily based upon opinion. Especially when a member checks 9/10 boxes. If that is the case and someone is up for promotion to Major they need 35 votes. Take D3 for example if every single one of their members max voted with valid reasons and the member checked all the boxes they still couldn't even pass the person. Now you go and have 1 person throw even a -5 none the less a -15+ the person isn't going to promote. That is not balanced. Its still lopsided given the current vote requirement along with the member count look at the odds? I'm not sayin -1 is the answer but I think its a conversation worth having given the current state of membership that has not been going up but only going down over the last couple years one would think we'd be open to changing a broken system. Not the point I was getting at. 🙂 Skooma was fortunate to be at the forefront of multi divisions he can't be used as the rule merely the exception. There are too many other cases in which the person wouldn't have passed. This side note is null and void like I said when D2 had over 300 members yeah.. its possible but times are changing and we should keep an open mind and stop turning a blind eye to a broken system in my opinion. Its easy to ignore and just like we ALL know its even harder to fix but im sure if we put our heads together we can come up with something even better that's more fitting or to staple on to what you said earlier than we must do something collectively to re-educate people on how to use the voting system it doesn't always have to be a neg vote?
  4. I agree. I wonder if we even change the amount you can put towards neg votes if it could possibly change the narrative of "oh they are throwing their entire weight behind something to stop my friend from getting a well deserved promotion." to the true intention of providing direct feedback. If we give people the amount of -1 for example. They can still provide feedback. But like mentioned previously if majority doesn't think you should get promoted you will have enough -1 that you won't pass. However in the case for Officer promotions where you already need quite a few more votes than standard someone dropping a -10 or -20 from 1 person in the current state can completely change the course of someone's promotion and with said changes would need majority. Lets say someone is up for promotion to colonel, captain or major thats 25-50 votes if someone drops a -15 or -20 and you are in any division other than D2 you are EXTREMELY unlikely to pass given majority of divisions do not have over 20 members. In the past when we had more robust divisions the system was more fitting but given our dwindling member base we could consider changing it with the times. 🙂
  5. Neg voting serves a purpose. But I think just as plainly as one can read a comment they can plainly read when the person neg voting is being a bit ridiculous with the weight they throw behind it. Especially if you are aware of the situation(s) that are mentioned in the vote. When the positive work someone does is outweighed by a lapse in judgement, misunderstanding or because you just don't like someone it is apparent to the majority. In most of these situations its clear that the person is more than likely going to pass even with the neg votes. Take Skooma's promo for example. So be it petty .. be it factual majority usually ALWAYS wins. Unless we can propose a better system for neg voting that once again the majority can agree on then like JD said we are beating a dead horse. Its just like politics if you don't like it then get out and vote. 🙃
  6. I took the poll but I feel like it could have included more or even been multiple choice. Just food for thought. I definitely feel like a lot of the new integrations we are working towards will make it more inviting. But I definitely think we need to re-evaluate some of our oldskewl ways things that just aren't enticing for members to stay. However I don't think its the willingness behind things I believe its we just haven't found a way to keep track of what we need and change the system. *Cough cough* DSL. I for one think we could almost reverse the system to show more leadership accountability for inactive leaders. I think events are great and I know that we have tried more community wide events but id like to see some different options possibly. There is more but if you'd like to talk id be willing to speak with you on Discord I probably should have answered this later when I had more time and im in the middle of cooking so I might add more later.
  7. Welcome!! Haven't played much Halo! Maybe I will have to give it a try and come say hello! 🙂
  8. Hey man welcome back!
  9. Welcome!! Great job on the baal runs! 🙂
  10. Hi Rose! Could you please elaborate on the experience you are looking for. This is pretty vague in what you are looking for. Experience in creating content? Posting? Misc things? Or all of the above lol. I just want to know if I qualify! 🙂
  11. Letto we are still on Discord if you are able to make it.. If not I will have them share this for the recording 🙂
  12. Julez is one of a kind. We just talked a few days ago I got to tell her that she sounded Australian one last time she always hated that. I don't think it would be overly bold to say she built this clan in a way that no one else could. It always astounded me that anytime I would ask who somebody was, she could tell me their name, pet, favorite color, birthday and if she liked them or not! 😆 She really was a representation of the people. I remember when I first started in the clan some years ago she was one of the first people I clicked with. Her love for banter and talking shit always amused me and we shared many great laughs. One of my fondest memories was when we were dueling and DBZ(OD) almost killed me and I had minimal life left and she runs out of town and fucking punches me with her stupid sorc and killed me. She laughed and laughed and thought she was the coolest thing ever! Then some 6 months later go by while we were in a game helping her xfer her findings a couple El runes ( She was notoriously a shit item horder ) and she says look what I got...... It was my fucking ear. She laughed again and said I will always keep this shitty ear to remember I fucking killed you. 😅 My heart goes out to your family losing their matriarch Julie was a phenomenal person one in which I spent A LOT of time talking to. She became a friend and then family. I told her shit I wouldn't even tell my dog. I will forever miss that damn Brit. With love -Shon
  13. Yooo whats up Badboi! thanks!
  14. I come back and you leave... well that sucks! haha some of the last "true" gamers gone! good luck brochacho
  15. Thanks man! WHHHHHAAAAATTTTT!!!! Now there is a name I never thought i'd see again! Hey bro how the hell are ya! 🙂 ..... well if that wasn't the warmest british welcome! 😍 haha how are you Sass! ❤️ Thanks! good to be back! Doing better now! Thanks. Thanks man!
  16. I finally got my setup back and life is not as crazy as it once was so I finally get to say I am returning! 🙂
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  18. Wow friend I hope you are okay this is very unfortunate news! I am glad to read that things seem to be positively progressing for you. Sending love and positive vibes for a speedy recovery!
  19. Damn take care man! Goodluck
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