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  1. I don't believe this at all.. bullSHIT uhhh OD isnt OD without Scotty boi so uhh yeah come back soon until then.... we will just be O without the D 😞
  2. Well it sucks your leaving sir. Even though some clearly have a distasteful way of saying farewell you can never fix things by quitting. If you had stayed one thing you would have realized is the generals RARELY agree on everything without a in depth fantastic debate but we ALWAYS keep it respectful. One thing that I learned was you can attack a situation but never the person that is when a line is crossed that is unacceptable in OD. But none the less it seems you have made up your mind. When you come back do so with a different outlook it'll make your stay much more enjoyable until then best of luck on whatever your future holds.
  3. I am so sorry to hear about your loss... Take all the time you need if you don't get this message in time to submit an IA request one of the generals of your division can. Sending my condolences to you and your family!
  4. I think it would be find to switch it to "page" we would reach a wider group of individuals instead of people that feel the need to join to be a part it also makes us more visible instead of people having to search for us.
  5. OHHH SNAP! Me too!! idk why but the chocolate is just better there and its the perfect amount haha!
  6. happy easter you nutty brit! 🙂
  7. Reeeeeeeeeeeee! Then they shall forever play ALONE! haha
  8. you got me 😱 what is it?
  9. well you have found your people! switch your main game ASAP and meet me in the TS channel LMAO! jk jk but seriously if you ever want just pm me your battle tag and ill add ya.
  10. There are plenty of games and if you made general rank then you'd be the only community general we have!! 💪 hahaha d2 is for sassholes come play OW when you upgrade your PC lol!!! I am sure they will miss ya!
  11. Already gave you my +1 good luck bud your hired. 😂😂
  12. Charming... I mean look at your signature.. if it grows smoke it and don't touch my fucking cat.. I mean sheesh its a wonder that your not president aside the fact your Canadian. 😛 @Redvaine(OD) @SassyWoah woah woah... lets not be so hasty... I think DBZ should go first everyone definitely wants to hear about this Gopher farm hes been hiding under your house. Shit i've said to much already. 🙂
  13. it wasn't a true nomination 🙂 or I would have sent via pm. But I choose you Pikachu. Good luck on award ceremony ill find time to send mine.
  14. I doubt many will even understand this especially the way it is worded. Well done moomoo you troll LOL whelp lets see who is nominated for it... I vote Sassy 🤣
  15. what does this even mean and how do you nominate someone for it?????????? 😥
  16. I play with him every once in a while on OW but hes rarely on
  17. I nominate @Purplez(OD) PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE and thanks!
  18. id be down.. I actually miss this game -_- IF there is anything I can do to help invite them to participate in our camaraderie please let me know. Or the start up of the server.
  19. Heya! Welcome!!! Let me know your battle tag and I will add ya! thanks for the tag @Ray(OD)
  20. Neg votes has always been a touchy subject for many. I was off last night so I am chiming in late. However I don't think a public apology is necessary but the fact that Sass and Pops took the time to both explain their views publicly and also apologize speaks volumes to the leaders they aim to be. I am not always a fan of changing my opinion or vote but in some cases it doesn't hurt. However now that 100% of the clan is aware of a silly mishap on a promotion can we move forward with smiles... Only @Terra wears pink on Wednesdays so pull your ish together people! 🙂 I think @Triny(OD) spoke very wise words and I couldn't have put it better myself. Also for people only wanting to leave constructive criticism and "weren't" trying to stop a promotion there is a reason you can neutral vote this is precisely the reason for a neutral vote. So if you have any questions about anything ever refer to this topic Here It goes through pretty much everything in the clan from promotions to voting to rank expectations and what not. Its basically the OD Bible if you will. Happy gaming
  21. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEN! lol shit man come back to us!
  22. Oh thats called PURGE because once he speaks every single person the team hates us.... LOL
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