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  1. I mean cant we just give you the gawt damn star already? I mean you've clearly worked your tail off. In all seriousness even upon my return you have been extremely helpful and active and willing to do whatever is needed. You have the trust and confidence of your division and that speaks volumes when we all know @Purplez(OD) is the Queen Supreme! πŸ™‚ If I had any feedback at all it would be to spread your wings outside of D2 more. Not that you are unwilling but being a part of d2 leadership and also outside of d2 its amazing how much diversity we have among our member base and especially in our l
  2. JD thanks for all you have done with the discord bot my guy! Glad to see you doing big things. I truly don't have questions for you. I feel confident in your ability to fulfill your duties if promoted while I do think you like many of us bite of more than you can chew. Since my return and even before that you have done A LOT better at managing your time and finding a balance something that can be difficult. I would like to see social media have more organization. I know I popped into the channel the other day with you and I meant to discuss this more in person. However I had to skip out before
  3. Rose, I don't particularly have any questions. I have enough experience working with you to know that you do your best. The only thing I feel I have noticed is that you don't like to burden others with your problems and sometimes seem reluctant to ask for help. I know the social media team is your baby but honestly it has a lack of organization and progress. Other then that I think you are doing great. You work a ton and your schedule is ugh.... well awful to be honest I can't imagine working nights I would hate it! πŸ™‚ I wish I could better support on the social media team. But with
  4. Terra in the past we have had opportunities to work together. I have seen you debate and even in your passion you always take the time to clearly explain "why" you are making a decision and you base it off facts or evidence. On the extreme rare occasion you are wrong you have been open to the fact you were wrong when it is based on fact. I feel you critique and judge others extremely fairly weighing in both the positive and negative's. You don't show favoritism if anything I feel you may hold those close to you to a higher standard. πŸ™‚ You expect only what is required but definitely hold people
  5. Eloquently said comp often times we bite off more than we can chew so to speak and it isn't easy to turn away something tempting that you have worked extremely hard for and put in a great deal of effort. But it definitely shows that you aren't taking the decision lightly and your action follow suite with your words. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Best of luck next go round. πŸ™‚
  6. I took the poll but I feel like it could have included more or even been multiple choice. Just food for thought. I definitely feel like a lot of the new integrations we are working towards will make it more inviting. But I definitely think we need to re-evaluate some of our oldskewl ways things that just aren't enticing for members to stay. However I don't think its the willingness behind things I believe its we just haven't found a way to keep track of what we need and change the system. *Cough cough* DSL. I for one think we could almost reverse the system to show more leadership
  7. Welcome!! Haven't played much Halo! Maybe I will have to give it a try and come say hello! πŸ™‚
  8. Hey man welcome back!
  9. Welcome!! Great job on the baal runs! πŸ™‚
  10. Thank you for the response Triny! I am glad to see you still have a fire to become a commander in the future. I share the same sentiments as some of the commanders. I think you have what it takes attain your goals no doubt. If we take the IA's out of the matter, solely based on your active times it is true that you have many accomplishments but often times struggle with project completion. You are aware of these opportunities that hold you back and I have confidence that you will continue to take the feedback and turn them into strengths. The dip between 3* and 4* isn't huge. If y
  11. Hi Rose! Could you please elaborate on the experience you are looking for. This is pretty vague in what you are looking for. Experience in creating content? Posting? Misc things? Or all of the above lol. I just want to know if I qualify! πŸ™‚
  12. Hi R.ag You are one of the few people I have not had the opportunity of working with in depth. albeit I have been able to take part in discussions with you and see some of how you work. You have years of experience under your belt and I appreciate your dedication all these years to helping the clan grow. For a while you seemed elusive and over the last few years I feel you have been a lot more engaged and working towards moving the community forward with the projects we have. I have also seen your leadership style and have no question you continue to be a strong leader
  13. Hi Triny! I'm not sure the intention of your nomination for general eval. It seems we have a split amongst leadership? I have experience with you as an individual and a leader so I won't focus on those qualities. But I would like to hear from you on what you want. Would you like to see yourself promoted to commander given the current state of your eval, would you prefer to stay at the same rank or do you feel that maybe a step back to 3* is in your best interest?
  14. Hi Raged since I am a newly returning member while I have not been around for your accomplishments I would love to provide more in depth responses but I will just stick to a few questions. You mentioned wanting to find new ways to retain members that have DSL'd out. Could you please elaborate on any ideas you have so far? Or is this a newer goal? I think what you have done with Halo and WoW is awesome. You really have shown what you can do as a leader. You mention that you mentored a couple people. Could you also elaborate on what you've done to mentor them
  15. Hiya Comp! I am excited to see you up for evaluation for Commander. Is Aern retiring? Badboi? Definitely not Terra! Haha. All jokes aside I think your contributions speak VOLUMES to the person you are. But we aren't here to evaluate the type of person you are if that were the case you would have already passed. πŸ˜‰ See where this sandwich is going? *teasing* I have both worked with you as a general, on committee's and been an enlisted within your time as a leader. I have watched you make mistakes... like we all do as well as learn, grow and adapt. You offer u
  16. Hi Pops! First off thank you for submitting an eval, I know from personal experience that they are A. time consuming and B. not always "fun" πŸ™‚ With that being said I have been around somewhat being a lurker in the shadows.πŸ˜… But as of recent I have been active specifically within your division. I know things probably have changed somewhat as things tend to do with time and new processes are formed, people come and go and it would be naΓ―ve of me to believe they would have stayed the same. But something JD mentioned is standing out to me. JD mentioned he or they aren't spe
  17. Letto we are still on Discord if you are able to make it.. If not I will have them share this for the recording πŸ™‚
  18. Julez is one of a kind. We just talked a few days ago I got to tell her that she sounded Australian one last time she always hated that. I don't think it would be overly bold to say she built this clan in a way that no one else could. It always astounded me that anytime I would ask who somebody was, she could tell me their name, pet, favorite color, birthday and if she liked them or not! πŸ˜† She really was a representation of the people. I remember when I first started in the clan some years ago she was one of the first people I clicked with. Her love for banter and talking shit always amused me
  19. Yooo whats up Badboi! thanks!
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