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  1. Snickers thank you for posting an eval. I think you have answered all the questions to the best of your ability. I think you do have something to offer as a general and I personally understand what it can be like to balance so much into an already full schedule. #othershavenolife contrary to that I think it is important that we find the balance or have enough sense for the growth and development of the community to say hey at this time I cannot commit and throw our pride aside and step down from situations in which we just cannot change. I am giving you my +1 because that is a decision for you to make and I want to see what you do with it before we make it for you. I myself am in the same boat and need to figure it out or step down. Good luck man!
  2. Comp You have my vote to remain at your current rank. Like I said to Aerineth even the easiest evals take time so thank you for posting an eval. You have done nothing to warrant a demotion and therefore have had a smooth eval, which is nice. However I think unexpectedly there was some information brought up that you can definitely work on presented by Badboi after all perception is reality for many. You are a solid problem solver and usually can keep a clear mind but when you are overly passionate about something you can take to the defense and become a tad bit hard to work with on things. All in all your awesome at what you do and with a couple minor awareness concerns in the future id like to see you at a 4* that is the direction you are headed.
  3. You have my vote to remain your current rank. Thank you for taking the time to post your eval I don't think even the easiest evals are fun and consume a decent amount of time so your volunteering says a lot. If you take into consideration the concerns that were brought up along with the praise you received in certain areas at the end of this it went well. You now have clear direction should you choose to listen and received some great feedback from your peers. I have no question at this time that you can continue to perform the responsibilities required of your rank. Should you find yourself in a place where you can involve yourself more it would be nice to see what you can do with some of your goals especially the website as it could be something you spearhead like Terra mentioned see a problem and lead the way to a fix, a great piece of advice we all could learn from. As always best of luck
  4. Frank you have my +1 for all your hard work and effort that you put into lightning wolves and ghost even if it wasn't always successful at times. Best of luck should you decide to find another mentee.
  5. Thank you for your response Comp and your honesty in which you presented your evaluation. For my last questions what do you think we as leaders could do better to continually improve the community. Where do you feel we lack and where do you feel we are strong?
  6. Hi Comp, I don't think anyone will or can question your level of involvement in the community. Your reach has touched every part of this clan and continues to do so. I respect your input and thought that you put into each discussion we have on any front whether that be in the generals board, officers board or general clan forum. You are a very analytical person ( I guess its an accountant thing ) haha but none the less with that being said is your goal to just receive an evaluation or are you trying to get to 4star?
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply Aerineth! I think you and myself have had our misunderstandings in the past or disagreements but I have always respect you as a leader of our community! Not only that but also a friend and someone I think has what it takes to continue to lead us in the right direction. Your a kick ass fella but more than that the work you have done and continue to do to try and be innovative and work alongside your peers to better the community is well worth keeping you exactly where you are at. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Also this might not be the place but I do want to add just because of the comments being made in previous post that I highly respect that our commanders keep each other accountable even aside from friendship we have no favoritism here. We work hard we play hard but at the end of the day sometimes we need someone to smack us upside the head and say hey what the hell was that for. Mistakes are okay and they are also inevitable as long as we recognize they were mistakes and grow from them.
  8. Hi Snickers, First off thank you for posting an evaluation we all know how it can be sometimes. But I do have a question. If you could put a timeline on your ability to return and be more proactive in your leadership what would it be? When do you see yourself having more time. I myself have struggled finding "the time" and it is something I am currently working on. So for you is that near, or far?
  9. Frank, You have come a long way with your hidden image improvements. One things I would like to ask is are you preparing anyone at this time or do you have anyone in mind in which you would like to mentor to take your place or join you among the ranks of commander? If so what steps have you taken to prepare this person?
  10. Hi Aerineth, I love that you speak the truth in your replies and you have been very candid. I know for one that activity has been a problem for many of us lately. Not only do I think it is a contributing factor to our membership decline but also poses a problem to the progression of administrative work and operational growth as well. What are your thoughts or plans on how to drive activity and bringing people back to the community?
  11. Happy happy birthday to my best friend shon hope you have a great day if I get time I’ll call you but enjoy you’re day shithead πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Β 


    thank you for everything you have done for me πŸ’™πŸ’™

    1. SuNSeT


      happy bday douche canoe


    2. Dabomb(OD)


      Haha thanks yall just got back from fucking vacation it was crazy idk if my liver is dead or what at this point!

    3. SuNSeT


      Lost 16 pounds in a week when I was in my early 20s after a cancun spring break. Probably closest I've come to internal organ failure...worth it...from the small amount of memory. Hope it was a gooder

  12. shit isnt that how it always goes! half way done and your like i shoulda took a before HAHAHA
  13. Aww hell yeah man! We will have to share pics of our remodel shit im in the process of purchasing a house as well! Thinking about getting a fixer upper and totally re-doing that shit.
  14. LMAO yeah we should definitely play Badbois track at the party itll be like good ol fashion bar crawling from one channel to the other! whoop whoop!
  15. Dabomb(OD)


    I thought you would bring about change ... but it appears you may have given up all to quickly. Either way I was excited that we had a member that was willing to challenge the status quo and try and bring about change. Anyways its usually never good when a member leaves but good luck to you.
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