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  1. Awesome. Hope we catch each other on the test.
  2. So who pre ordered already? Just saw they're gonna do a Beta for the pre orders in Aug, followed by release in Sept.
  3. The character builds section has a butt ton of different variations written up by members over the years. including budget and lvling builds. https://forum.overdosed.net/forum/95-character-builds/
  4. I bet it's gonna be similar to d3, where there's a clan tab and chat instead of joining clan channels with mods. Just a guess though. I'm hoping the bnet tags will be prominent, it's already easy to impersonate someone with a symbol change, hope it's not easier. They keep repeating their changes are supposed to be changes to things we already work around, like the mules stash and seeing nightmare games when you're in hell. Sign up for alpha if you haven't already, I'd love to test this with some of you guys if we can get picked.
  5. They are going to have 2 versions. Your old keys will work for the old version. New keys wil have 3d and 2d option and the additional features like shared stash. It reads like they will stay seperate and not merged on the same bnet servers. Oh also common question i saw. Glitches like the ebug armor should still be included. They were very specific about using the old code with a new skin and doing minimal changes to accommodate the quality of life changes. Of course it's always subject to change if they should decide to patch things like ebug and claim they were not working as intended, they haven't addressed specific popular glitches.
  6. idk about that bot thing. Wow retail still has a huge bot gold farming problem that they don't fix. Hundreds of boomkins farming the same area but some how they can' t manage to ban them. Wow classic still has a flying dungeon clear problem as well. Like Classic D2 their answer was to limit certain aspects of the game but didn't really stop the bot problem.
  7. Yup, official trailer and all now.
  8. thanks. typreal directed me towards discord but they all playing amoung us atm 😄 i'm sure they'll get around to it.
  9. Been playing some SC2 the past month and always keep my membership to OD active and join in the games i play(like d3). Was hoping to get an invite into our clan on this game. I play Zerg, just made Gold3, Acct is TieDyeT#1109 Thanks in advance
  10. but it's like relative right? jah ber are 2 of the most expensive runes. A Jah Ber is gonna cost more than a Lo or the other mid runes for your class +2 armor, regardless of current market prices. It's one of the more expensive items whether it's worth 5k fg or 50fg in a competition where lower cost is a goal, know what i mean?
  11. Awesome idea, sounds tough. Sorcs prob got an edge with built in tele. Any other build is gonna need a enigma to be considered viable in pvp aint it?
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