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  1. Two more placement games down. Current record.. 2-1 I got hard carried by an annie mid in one of the games (hard carried in the sense that she got super fed and roamed bot a lot -- but I still kept up 8.2 cs a minute) The other game, the loss, oof it was rough. My entire team was inting and flaming which resulted in a loss. The Kayn got fed super early and he did a good job snowballing every lane. I still kept up my cs and had a good KDA but I would rather have had the win. Feels like I'm on the course for Silver placements. It would be a huge relief if I could get gold out the gates but I don't see it happening.
  2. Played my first placement game for S8 last night. I hope the trend continues. I've been putting it off for one reason or another. Been playing league since season 1, the highest rank I've achieved has been gold (although season 1 I was 1800 ELO) but in typical fashion "I think I'm better than that." When you've played as long as I have, you recognize that the climb is really all about the grind and in the last couple of seasons I haven't had the time to grind out to a higher ranking (I think I could reach high plat at the very least if I could play a lot more) Last season I had to hustle. I came back to season 7 around the last 30 days of the season and I managed to one-trick Veigar support to gold because to me, his one-shot potential was pretty broken in silver and it wasn't a tank meta. Hopefully I can get a head-start on this season and dedicate a little more time like I've always wanted. The goal is plat or higher, wish me luck! I might do little updates here and there on my progress to keep me interested and so I can polish up on my writing as a side project. I think I'm going to end up silver 3ish out of placements, but we will see. Where did you guys place out of your placement matches?
  3. Cool. I've been playing since Season 1 on and off. Hope to catch some games with you guys. IGN: Bronze 5 Goku
  4. bump because I'm curious How many people are still playing?
  5. @Switzy(OD) I'll take that summoner GC if you still have it Have you found a homunculus yet? :D Also looking for 2 Ums to make my necro Bone armor ^_^
  6. Thanks for your updates, so glad your daughter is doing well! Sorry for all the drama surrounding your posts. IMHO if anyone regards your messages as spam, they don't know the definition of a community (also hope this hasn't affected you in an negative way, it's just tasteless, really.. but why would it, you have bigger and more important things on your mind). I for one just wanted to post again and give my support! Take care & good health
  7. Awesome of you to do this! My MF sorc recently RIP'd to a lag spike... she was pretty decked out. That's what I get for playing HC on wifi though, but SC just isn't as fun for me so I'll keep being a crazy lagger. With that said, I REALLY want to start back up a summoner, which was always my favorite class in Diablo 2. So if you find ANY kind of necro gear, doesn't even have to be GG gear, keep me in mind! I think I have the components for a spirit and a lore on a mule but that's about it!
  8. I saw that but I def don't have any of components I think.... hrmm Some things of note which I have access to but have not yet upgraded... 4 OS Dimensional blade: Should I make Voice of Reason? 2 OS 466 Wyrmhide armor: Better base for Smoke The Ward Gothic Shield: +49 Res all on my sorc... might be better than the spirit with an Um socketed? Also have an ETH Duress 2k Def armor on my merc for my sorc
  9. Hi all! I get to a point in D2 where I mainly just want to group play and I like to run around as a useful tanky / support character to help with everyone's killing speed while I snatch up any goodies along the way. The Conviction / Tank paladin seemed like a super cool idea for me so I wanted to try it out. Currently sitting at level 70 in NM Act 5. The build: 20 Conviction (I'm basically a smarter Infinity Merc!) 20 Holy Shield (more defense) 5 Zeal (for 5 hits on my melee wep) 20 Sacrifice (more phys dmg on zeal for life leech) Rest into Smite (to stun harder hitting mobs) ^--- This is the build template I've been using so far and I'm liking it. Any suggestions on which items to use?? Currently I have... Helm: Lore in a crap full helm Chest: Smoke (390 def ancient plate) Gloves: Venomgrip Boots: Goblin Toe Wep: Demonlimb (fire dmg + enchant for solo killin) Shield: spirit paladin shield with +28 res base Belt: deaths sash (cannot be frozen) Ammy: Angelic Ring1: Angelic: Ring2: Rare res 33% cr, 5 fr/lr/pr As you can see I'm pretty ghetto. Any tips on what to look out for, keeping in mind what I want to do? (Which is basically being a tanky conviction aura for poor ppl like me while also having some kill pressure on mobs / bosses so I'm not completely useless)
  10. yuuuuuup you right there's something fun and simple about smashing a demons face in with a mace
  11. I've been having a blast on a Frenzy barbarian but I'm looking for a Dwarf Star ring for cannot be frozen... anyone have a spare? this is for softcore ladder
  12. FF14 is pretty amazing... wish it would go on sale, I'm almost to my free trial stopping point!

    1. MelodicRose(OD)


      Well, if you are able to purchase it, we'd be glad to have you <3

  13. Wishing you and your family the best @Shaco(OD)
  14. Hi all, Just adding my 2cents here as a new member. I'm a 31-year-old gamer who has been a part of multiple gaming communities over the years and I think discord wins out over teamspeak everytime. 1. It requires no download -- which means new and old members can easily access the channels INSTANTLY from their browser if they choose.(not all of us like to download stuff) 2. It SHOWS you which games other members are currently playing if they decide to select that option. 3. It feels more lightweight and lag free -- this is just a feeling, I have no data to prove this. 4. It has way more functionality -- you can have music bots, trivia bots, game bots, you name it. Members can sit in a music channel and request songs and all jam out to the same music while they're playing etc. Oh yeah... it also has SCREEN SHARING and VIDEO CHAT functions... uwot8? These are just a couple of reasons why I prefer discord over teamspeak.
  15. I guess I should add, any suggestions on pieces to look out for or potential builds would be appreciated. I don't play sorcs much.
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