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  1. Vouched. Excellent work ethic, good communication skills, and is able to think outside the box to create and innovate new ideas.
  2. Sarnith

    Event Ideas

    1-70 Team or Solo Race [Hard or Softcore] Act Races - this could even be set up as a relay where 1 person from each "team" runs the act and swaps off every act with the new team mate. 2, 3, or 4 man Grift Pushing. This sounds like normal run of the mill stuff - but can easily be turned into a "which group can hit the highest for the day / hour(s)" type of thing. Goblin hunting is always fun - especially when tracking down the wings and pets to collect as well.
  3. When you're ready to get your channel started link up with me - I have some links and other things we can work on to help kick start your channel growth if you're interested.
  4. I also stream SC2, Minecraft, D2, D3, and other games. I do not only stream WoW. I also cast semi - pro games for Civilization VI @MelodicRose(OD)
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  8. Hey everyone. Today I'm posting because my wife brought this post to my attention about a severely disabled domestic violence victim. As messed up as it might sound, I have gone to the lengths of searching public records to see if anything was filed - in addition to meeting with said victim to verify legitimacy. Before everyone grabs their torches and pitchforks because I said that - I take my charity work very seriously. I don't want to be supporting a cause that is either not giving at least 85% of the donations to the charity, or is just outright a scam. Now, with that said - I am very proud to able to have the opportunity to help raise money to help pay for an attorney for this victim to help stand up against her attacker. Domestic violence is NEVER ok, is NEVER an answer, and sure as hell NEVER tolerable.
  9. -phew- One proposal done, more to go!  More meetings this week, and more work to type out :hugging:

  10. This is something I'm looking to address during my event proposal / presentation during the Admin meeting on the 25th. I hope you'll be in attendance, as I feel I have a decent solution, if not possible solution to some of this issue.
  11. @TypeReaL(OD) I would like to request you leave me on the roster - I know I don't play D3 all that much, but every season reset I return for the charity event Level With A Cause. Since I try to involve the D3 division [and the entire clan] however I can to get more people involved and hyped for the reset as well as the charity - remaining on the roster would make this easier to reach out since some people do not use the forums or check it regularly.
  12. I play super casually, but I still play on occasion. Mostly I do campaign stuff with my son now a days, but I would be interested in learning more of the ladder ropes if the SC2 division was being rebuilt. That being said SC2 isn't exactly in it's prime anymore - So doing so might be a bit difficult.
  13. I'm glad to see this change. It never made sense to me to see officers and Warrant Officers be promoted for being "GM, Active on TS, and low DSL" - that's expected of us just to be in the clan, and in no way tells anyone what you've done to go above and beyond to earn a promotion.
  14. Sarnith

    Just started

    in 3 days from lunch time tomorrow i'll own a rhino - first warframe i'll have built woohoo
  15. Sarnith

    Just started

    Just installed and honestly loving the game. The community for warframe is excellent, and even the people who attend my streams for it I've never seen in my viewers list before were extremely helpful. Hope to see some more life here since the content is still going strong
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