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  1. finally changed my mind and made a HC account kookiez(OD)1 started a bone necro already 70 and found a nice person that rushed me hell also! so I'm available to do some lower resist and corpse explosion all the way through any hell run :) just let me know in game!
  2. hey guys add me up to your list i'm back on HC got bored of SC Kookiez(OD) currently have a 76 java/bow let me know if there's any character that would fit more to the core and I'll start one!
  3. Hi guys! Hope reset have been good for you!I enjoy playing hardcore with my sin and was thinking making a rift sin! So if you guys see a 4 os scepter drop have a little thought for me and take it! 🙂 since rift is my main weapon for this build I would appreciate if you could look around for one of those! Thanks in advance guys! Also I found a +1 pnb ammy and marlstrom unique wand for a starting necro let me know if you need one of these! enjoy new season!
  4. Hi there! Thought it was the time for me to start playing hardcore after all these seasons softcore! Looking for more challenge and differente gamestyle! I will probably roll a bone nec or trap/kick sin not sure yet! With work and family will not be able to join the reset team but can’t wait to play with you guys!
  5. Hi guys, I'm glad to join the group back after a 2 years break. I remember having so much fun with the team. Can't wait to see you ingame! Thanks again! Kookiez(OD)
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