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    Computer Games and classic console gaming(N64 and before). Also like NFL(despite concussion issue), Swimming and Tennis(without the grunting). Politically, I'm rather Libertarian in nature so you can guess how I feel about upcoming elections.

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  1. Dwarf Star gives Fire Absorb. I think the ring you're looking for is Ravenfrost since it gives Cold Absorb and Can't be Frozen :)
  2. Until they come to their senses and nerf the crap out of it. Always been fond of Barbs or melee classes that can Tank damage. If I could be purely Tank(as opposed to Support by giving Movement speed, grouping enemies or generating Health Globes), I could create a pretty wicked Tank Barb that can just absorb a ton of damage(10 Billion Toughness is the floor under ideal conditions).
  3. I may watch and also I just considered two American Leaders that would fit: Jefferson with Louisiana Purchase unique trait(Buying Land at a reduced cost(say 25-50%)) or Manifest Destiny(Acquiring new tiles through Culture is significantly reduced(25-50%)). Could also go with James Madison with a Bill of Rights unique trait. Buffs Loyalty(a new mechanism I'll have to learn) considerably. Heck could also do Andrew Jackson(although I'm not sure what ability he'd have). So many avenues they could go with American Leaders that I'm surprised there haven't been any added.
  4. Did they ever add a new Leader for America outside of Teddy? Kind of hinted of having more than just him for USA in future DLC's/Expansions when game launched over a year ago. Washington, Lincoln or FDR have been their choices before. I'd like to see Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy or heck Reagan get some love for once. As for the game mechanics, guess I'll learn just like everyone else when I get the Expansion and other DLC's.
  5. Too bad they did Robert the Bruce over say William Wallace :P I know Braveheart isn't historically accurate but it put Scotland on the map outside of Golf(which is ironically a unique improvement/district). Zulu are going to be the GOSU Civ again though. They were a pain in Civilization 5 and they will be so again in Civilization 6.
  6. Eh the one they provided isn't bad, although I might look at downloading a few if they're any good. I'm also considering getting the latest DLC that drops Thursday seeing as it has Scotland(I'm 1/4th Scottish). Pity how the Irish get shafted :P
  7. All I have are the Aztecs. My next game will be as them so its nice to note that you can convert Barbarians to Builders :). As for AI war strategy, its not that "smart". My first game as Rome, I got DoW'd by Brazil AND America at same time(Joint War). Being that I'm in Europe and they're in South America and North America respectively, I had a large body of Water between them and me. That meant that the victor of the conflict must control the Atlantic and fortunately for me their Navy wasn't large(2-3 units each respectively), I had several Harbors with Shipyards, Great Lighthouse for extra mo
  8. Solid picks. I'm learning Germany right now and I can definitely see them doing Space Race and/or Military Domination thanks to their Extra Military Policy and Industrial production. The Mausoleum Wonder is a DLC Wonder that I presently do not have. Not everyone has the latest and greatest DLC's but I can definitely see the perk in getting that Wonder ASAP. I haven't played Scythia yet but prior to picking Rome for my first game, I knew that their perks were definitely suited for Domination Victory. Can you imagine them with Venetian Arsenal as well? Not only cranking out Light Cal
  9. Realized I made a slight error in my Guide. New Folsom and Haven won't be available when Mission#9 rolls around. This is due to their prerequisite of the previous mission plus any 2 missions after that. With Haven's prerequisite at Mission#7 and New Folsom's having just been done with Mission#8, Haven won't be available until Mission#10 and New Folsom until Mission#11. Meaning the Ghost strategy for the Dig mission(as well as having level 2 upgrades for units) will not be available unless you do Tarsonis and Dead Man's Port for Missions#9 and #10 respectively(wherein you can do New Folsom for
  10. Civilization 6 has been out for over a year now with a few extra DLC's that have been added since the initial Aztec DLC that came with the game's initial release. These DLC's add additional Civilizations and Natural Wonders but the question of this topic is: Which Civilization/Civ is the Best? Each Civ has its Strengths and Weaknesses but I find that Rome is arguably the best Civ of the bunch. Here's my reasoning why: 1) All Roads lead to Rome. If there is one annoying thing about Civilization is that establishing Roads via Trader units can be an exhausting task, particularly when
  11. Yeah... Lo Runes, Ber Runes or any high demand runes are a pain to find this ladder lately. Might I recommend following Chaos runs or forming a MF group to walk Kurast. For some reason people have been finding runes there so you might get lucky.
  12. I got Nat Helm(REALLY good roll on it too lol. 16 Str, 29 Dex, 16 Resist and 249 Defense. Perfect is 20,30,20 and 300 respectively). 3 open sockets is sweet and ideally a Defense that's over 600, if not 700). What I have left to get are the Claws(Need 1 to complete set but ideally want 2 because I want to dual-wield them) and then an Angelic Amulet for the Attack Rating boost. After that... I have to work on Mercenary Gear and getting 6 x 40/15 Jewels... which isn't that easy. I'll take a look at your Natalya items none the less though.
  13. Shit winds are a coming

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      we about to sail into a shit typoon there randy so we better pull in the jib before it gets covered in shit

    2. DarkHelmet


      lol... be prepared for Hurricane Sassy

  14. @Purplez(OD) Not all new recruits are exclusively Diablo 2 ;). Have fun on Diablo 3 man. Just watch it around @TypeReaL(OD), he bites when he's not high on Weed.
  15. No Starcraft 2? Also, should drop by Diablo 3, although watch out for @TypeReaL(OD)... he bites when he's not high on Weed. SWTOR has a nice group if you ever decide to get back into that. As for D2, we've been around for years so its not going anywhere unless Blizzard decides to pull the plug(who knows man... it may happen). I'm the resident Spaceball so if you find me, Scotty(Typereal) or others a bit odd, just know its nothing personal as its just us.
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