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  1. Dwarf Star gives Fire Absorb. I think the ring you're looking for is Ravenfrost since it gives Cold Absorb and Can't be Frozen :)
  2. Until they come to their senses and nerf the crap out of it. Always been fond of Barbs or melee classes that can Tank damage. If I could be purely Tank(as opposed to Support by giving Movement speed, grouping enemies or generating Health Globes), I could create a pretty wicked Tank Barb that can just absorb a ton of damage(10 Billion Toughness is the floor under ideal conditions).
  3. Realized I made a slight error in my Guide. New Folsom and Haven won't be available when Mission#9 rolls around. This is due to their prerequisite of the previous mission plus any 2 missions after that. With Haven's prerequisite at Mission#7 and New Folsom's having just been done with Mission#8, Haven won't be available until Mission#10 and New Folsom until Mission#11. Meaning the Ghost strategy for the Dig mission(as well as having level 2 upgrades for units) will not be available unless you do Tarsonis and Dead Man's Port for Missions#9 and #10 respectively(wherein you can do New Folsom for #11 and then Xil for #12). I advocated holding off on Tarsonis simply because of what you'll face on harder difficulties. The Marauder kill teams, Terran counter-attacks, Train Escorts and Bunkers along the Tracks make doing this mission without Science Vessels and other Armory upgrades a real pain in the ass. As such you'll simply do Dig at Mission#9 the old fashioned way with different upgrades. You'll still want Goliath Range but instead of buying Goliath Mercs, buy Marauder Kinetic Foam instead. This will help a great deal early in the Dig Mission where your Marauder(s) can tank damage until you get a Bunker defense up with sufficient Siege Tank support. That will cost you roughly 170k Credits, hence leaving you with 25k. After which do all 4 Prophecy missions for the big boost to Research, New Folsom for the massive Credit boost(and w/e Specialist unit you want) and getting Ghost upgrades when you can afford it.
  4. Yeah... Lo Runes, Ber Runes or any high demand runes are a pain to find this ladder lately. Might I recommend following Chaos runs or forming a MF group to walk Kurast. For some reason people have been finding runes there so you might get lucky.
  5. I got Nat Helm(REALLY good roll on it too lol. 16 Str, 29 Dex, 16 Resist and 249 Defense. Perfect is 20,30,20 and 300 respectively). 3 open sockets is sweet and ideally a Defense that's over 600, if not 700). What I have left to get are the Claws(Need 1 to complete set but ideally want 2 because I want to dual-wield them) and then an Angelic Amulet for the Attack Rating boost. After that... I have to work on Mercenary Gear and getting 6 x 40/15 Jewels... which isn't that easy. I'll take a look at your Natalya items none the less though.
  6. Shit winds are a coming

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      we about to sail into a shit typoon there randy so we better pull in the jib before it gets covered in shit

    2. DarkHelmet


      lol... be prepared for Hurricane Sassy

  7. @Purplez(OD) Not all new recruits are exclusively Diablo 2 ;). Have fun on Diablo 3 man. Just watch it around @TypeReaL(OD), he bites when he's not high on Weed.
  8. No Starcraft 2? Also, should drop by Diablo 3, although watch out for @TypeReaL(OD)... he bites when he's not high on Weed. SWTOR has a nice group if you ever decide to get back into that. As for D2, we've been around for years so its not going anywhere unless Blizzard decides to pull the plug(who knows man... it may happen). I'm the resident Spaceball so if you find me, Scotty(Typereal) or others a bit odd, just know its nothing personal as its just us.
  9. I get those on a daily basis, although mine are Green and like Red Flowers(including the color of the Feeder). They fight a lot too(territorial). Mine look like below: Also welcome to Overdosed. I'm the resident Spaceball and @TypeReaL(OD) is the resident Weed Expert. If you find us odd or bizarre, please know its nothing personal(its just us). Kirby is also an OP character in SMB:
  10. Ok here's a list of questions: 1) How long have you been into Directing? Follow-up: Anything recent other than what you've already shared? 2) Outside of Theater/Acting, etc. do you have any other interests?(besides gaming ofc) 3) Favorite Sport besides Rugby? 4) Favorite PC Game? 5) Does @Aerineth(OD) have a good voice?
  11. Will be on the lookout for Gheeds and a Monarch base for a Spirit but the Torch, you might want to hit up Quentin(Snickers) or someone who can go get one with a Smiter. Keep in mind though that I'm primarily HC this season :P
  12. Ghost, thank you for that. I still think back very fondly on all the stuff we worked on together. Some things more savory then others. Keep in touch my friend. Thank you for the support, sir. I will check in from time to time. Like today :) You know for someone claiming to be moving on, you sure like checking in every day or so. Almost like you haven't really moved on... Does that mean there's a slight chance that I can convince to un-retire? Would it have a chance if I convince @Aerineth(OD) to never grace us with his voice(drunk or not) ever again?
  13. I made an Assassin that I intend to use purely for PvM purposes. Once geared and I get her all the Waypoints, I'll rush anyone who needs it and even help on runs(just know I can't teleport being a Class Set character so I can't be the runner unfortunately). Just missing a few key ingredients in the following: Needed gear: 2 x Natalya Set Claws. I need one to get the Complete Set Bonus but I plan to dual wield it because its actually a pretty sick Claw with built-in Ignore Target Defense. Doesn't help me against Champions, Unique/Super Uniques and the like where ITD doesn't apply but against Trash, its golden. Angelic Ring&Amulet: To boost my Attack rating for the instances where ITD doesn't apply. Plus the 10 Dexterity will ensure that I can equip my claws. Optional Gear: 3 Socket Natalya Chest with preferably 700+ Defense <- not a huge need at the moment since I don't have anything to socket within it. 6 x 40/15 Jewels(2 for Claws, 1 for Helm, 3 for Chest). <- not a huge need but will help later on. Ethereal Doom Cryptic Axe(Mercenary Weapon) <- Holy Freeze via Doom is not often utilized but its an effective weapon when you think about it that also gives +2 skills for Merc's Aura EBug Fortitude(Mercenary Armor. Should be at least 3k Defense) Ral'd Andy Helm(Mercenary Helm, Ethereal is gravy). If you happen to find any of the above items, let me know. I'm not sure what I can do with regards to trading for it but I do give away just about everything I find on the house to those who need it.
  14. Kind of surprised he hasn't tried to corner me in a back alley and lift the mask of DarkHelmet. My secret identity remains safe for another day.... muwhahah(not like I'd willingly go along with it anyhow). Plus didn't Mr.Jester get interviewed already or am I just really old, senile and just basically an Asshole?
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