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  1. Welcome to the clan! Feel free to pop into the SWTOR division and chill sometime.
  2. This is Joe! I am here. May the luckiest person win :)
  3. Just wanted to post a quick update now that my trial period is over and I am now a fully-fledged member of OverDosed! So happy that I am a part of such a great team ~
  4. This was a run with some guildies on the vanilla server today. Bugs abound and one of our players could swear there was no corpse of our group member! Hehe.
  5. Welcome to the clan. We're very glad to have you join us. Good luck with the pvp and hopefully you can destroy some noobs
  6. Greetings members of clan Overdosed! This is Joeschmo reporting in from the fledgling group on Nostalirus World of Warcraft (kickstarted by fellow member and my recruiter: HDK). I'm just your average Joe, and am thrilled to finally be a part of a great community of gamers and high quality people. I plan to stay active daily and perform my duties to keep the clan at the highest prestige possible. Cheers and hopefully I will see a lot of you in the game! ~
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