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  1. SnowWhite, Ahh I think I use to have a e-crush on you. I'm pretty sure if I am old now, then your probably really old lmao. @MagikOD. lets get down on Steam bro! DJCubensis is my login, should pop up as Alex :*
  2. Haha whats up travis you still playing D2? Nice to see you on here still too Xero
  3. I use to be a member of this Clan way long ago. I remember I use to take this place so fucking serious. I think back and remember all the good times I had here with many others. I never had any real life friends that played games since everyone was super into sports, drugs, and console video games. I stayed true to Blizzard, and played every game thats ever been supported by Clan OD back in my day. Thanks to that, I've become such an amazing gamer on CSGO and DoTA2 and I grind the shit out of Path of Exile. It's a new day in age, and I hope that some day I can start applying more time back into this clan and hopefully reconnect with some old friends on here. If you remember me, I'm pretty sure I'll remember you. If you changed your screen name, or came back as a smurf fucking let me know because I'd like to hear from you. Anyways, is there anyone on here that is able to help me recover my forum account and possibly overdosed.net log in? oh yea forgot to mention. I am Kherios(OD) probably just Kherios on this forum.
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