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  1. This is to decide if smite should move back to TS or not. Please only smite members vote!
  2. It is with great sadness that i am making this post. Yesterday we were informed by his brother, that DemiTheGod(OD) has passed away on Monday. Although his time in the clan was rather short, many members still had a great time gaming with him and even just talking to him in general. He will be missed but please feel free to post any memories that you have of Demi in this topic.
  3. Hey everyone! I'v talked to Rave about this and decided now that we've gotten back up to a decent amount of members, we may be able to start an official smite in-house time. So what i'm looking for with this post is to first just ask everyone to give one or two days and times that would work best for you to be able to participate(Please post in CST because that's what we'll be going by). After i'v gotten all the suggestions i'll start a straw poll so that people can say what times would work for them so that the one that works for the most people, can be the official smite in-house time. So like i said, please comment what would be best for you and also just point out to anyone that doesn't visit the forums regularly and plays smite so that we can get the most suggestions! Thank you, Haag
  4. With the release of the new patch, Skadi will also be banned.
  5. Banned Gods: Artemis Hou Yi Apollo Medusa AMC Bakasura Cupid Chronos Kali Hades Raijin Starting Level 3, 1500 Gold, Draft Pick Ban 4. Both players will submit their top 5 choices to me and after bans, both players must pick the first god on their list. First round will be single elimination, second will be best of three, and as of now the final will be best of 5. I am also considering bumping the prize up because gems may be on sale this weekend. Everyone Message me saying what time you can get on this Saturday and i'll begin making a bracket accordingly.
  6. I'v spoken to Rave and he's told me 1st and 2nd place will also be receiving promotions and a medal.
  7. I'm looking to host a 1 v 1 Joust tournament and i'm looking for at least 8 people to participate. As of now i'v decided that first place will receive 800 gems and 2nd will receive 400. I'm looking to do it on Saturday before in houses. The first round or two will be just one game with the later rounds being best of 3 or 5. Later i will put in more rules and banned gods for the tournament. Reply if you'd be interested in participating.
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