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  1. As excited as I am for the remake of one of the games that shaped my childhood love for JRPGs. I can't stomach the idea of buying this in parts. I'll be waiting for the entire game to come out as a whole and buying it when it inevitably goes on sale for a bundle price. But I'm incredibly excited to see everyone play and enjoy Part 1 of the remake. Hopefully it lives up the hype and the gameplay that has been released thus far. My interest is beyond piqued at this point.
  2. reading the article thoroughly r.ag. You’re right. When I posted this I did so on the recommendation of a friend who had read it. I normally read sources several times and find correlating articles from other trusted sources before posting such things. But a second friend I trusted said it was from a trusted source. So I didn’t second guess it at the time. My apologies everyone. I shall not post things without prior scrutiny of the material as I usually do in the future.
  3. Hey y'all, Recently it was reported that discord may have a backdoor in the system and you may need to remove it. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/discord-turned-into-an-info-stealing-backdoor-by-new-malware/ Kind regards, Your friendly neighborhood Xayj
  4. I played TFT when it came out. I wouldn't actually play pure LoL though. 😂
  5. I’ll most likely be getting it sometime after launch. I didn’t play the first one till just earlier this year. But I’m glad I did.
  6. Xayj(OD)


    Farewell, sir. I hope your special kinda fun brings the players of the console joy as it did us. take care type.
  7. We will download these and get them uploaded to our respective areas this week. Thanks!
  8. All is forgiven. We push forward towards greatness! 😂
  9. @MelodicRose(OD) @Triny(OD) this is going to be a super sloppy reply as I'm at work reply from my break on mobile. I'm super in support for it being switched to the page format for pretty much all the reasons already stated. So I'm not going to beat the horse to death. I did vote on the poll as well. In regards to the twitch and auto notifying. I was looking into this back in the day when I was a streamer myself. I will poke Triny later and see about that process. It may be much easier than writing an actual script. I believed there was a program/service already in place to use for this function. But I'll dive deeper in that tonight/tomorrow. At the latest this weekend. @Ray(OD) if you didn't notice, the Overdosed review site is no longer mostly broken. In my absence you kinda forgot to keep the site up to date. Now that I'm back in board I'll be doing so and looking into integrating social media with that site as well if at all possible. I still have the credentials for the Twitter so I can help on that front. I need to get the login for the main social email so I can get back our YouTube page. This way we can reconsolidate every. Unless you still have access to the YouTube as well rose?
  10. Xayj(OD)

    Discord info

    I still have my admin rights to edit the discord and recently cleaned up the back end a little bit. If people are wanting to get work done on the discord, I'd be happy to lend a hand.
  11. Hey man, I should be thanking you. You stepped up and continued my legacy. You've done an amazing job at keeping it going. I see you've risen through the community since I've left. Glad your effort in the community as a whole have been rewarded in kind. 🙂 It's good to see you too sassy! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Purp! Thanks! As I said, always feel free to hit me up if you see me around. If you can't find me on teamspeak I'm ALWAYS logged in on discord.
  12. Howdy everyone! After many moons, I've finally gotten to a point in my life where I can finally fit OD back into my life beyond the occasional stop by. Friday my manager asked my if I wanted to change to the day shift. This is a mind blowing life event for me. It means I get to leave work at a respectable hour and I can eat earlier, Go to bed if I need to. ALL OF THE THINGS! For those of you who know me. I'm so happy to be back and playing games with everyone again. For those of you who don't know me. You should stop by and say hi! Send me a message, drop by the BDO channels where I'll probably be or my channel the half star hotel. I love anime and I've done a lot around and for the community during my time here. I'm not going to go into all the things I've done in details. Some of my greatest hits are. Starting the Rules Committee with @Badboi(OD), starting the Community News Letter the "overdosed review" back up, starting and successfully running the destiny 2 division for a decent amount of time alongside @Melrak(OD) until the game forced us to kill it. Who knew the THIRD DLC would save the game. If only we knew. lol I look forward to doing so much more and just simply gaming with y'all again. Xayj
  13. We used to have a division. I was the original lead back when I was apart of OD and @Melrak(OD) was my Co-lead for the division. I'm not sure who runs the clan for the game now. But the division is long gone. I'm so sad that you forgot my division. 😢
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