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  1. Xayj(OD)

    Division Rules

    1. Members of the division will show respect to players while in game. No BM Will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to. (tea bagging, unnecessary trash talk, purposely betraying team members) 1.a. This does not mean high spirited banter is not allowed. We understand we’re all gamers and sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment. But regular behavior of this kind will not be tolerated. 2. Using any language that is of Racial or Bigoted nature will not be tolerated in any manner. This is both towards members, guests or general halo players. 3. All members will be required to have OD as their clan tag 4.Any guest playing with the community will be held to the same standards as our members. 4.a. If the guest was explicitly by a member of the Halo community. That member will temporarily lose their ability to invite members for the duration of the guests punishment.
  2. Nope, I would start the game on my computer. Launch a lobby. It would generate a join code. I would then Go live on discord so y'all can see the screen. Y'all then would join the lobby via that code on a browser or mobile device.
  3. Xayj(OD)

    Meet the Leaders

    Hello! Here will keep record of the current division leaders for Halo and what our general focus in the division will be. ———————— Xayj(OD) [Founder] - Co-Lead aka JD : Focus on Division Administration and Events Raged(OD) - Co-Lead : Focus on Recruitment & Retention ———————— While not a division leader. R.agnarok(OD) can answer many if not most questions regarding OD as a commander in the community. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him for assistance.
  4. Greetings! In the hope to revive our monthly events we used to have (either sober or drunken) I've purchased a copy of the latest Jackbox game. The wonder of this game is that only a single person needs to own the game for several people to play. Others will join in via the game code by browser or mobile device. I'm wondering how many of y'all would be interested in doing this if I started hosting this regularly?
  5. Aer, We've shared a lot of time together here in my years in OD. I've come to you with many an issue. Looking for guidance on how to temper myself to be better in hoping to be a better leader as I climbed the ranks. You always had a ear to lend and a kind word to give. I owe a huge part to you for the leader I can say I am today in OD. Thank you for all the time you've dedicated to us here in the community. Your Watch has ended my friend. You venture on and live your life to the fullest.
  6. Welcome to OD. hopefully we can play some halo together.
  7. Welcome to the community Zak. I’m glad you can join us for Halo. If you need anything at all feel free to poke me.
  8. Welcome to the community sir. You won’t find me playing any diablo or really any blizzard game nowadays. But I’ve been playing halo and Ark lately. Feel free to hit me up on discord.
  9. @Zachery(OD) while we didn’t talk much. I enjoyed the little time we played Ark together and the time we spent doing so. I don’t know why you’re leaving but if you want to chat about it I’m here. As others have said, becoming an officer is something to be proud of and I think you were someone worth having in our officer ranks. I hope you choose to reconsider.
  10. I'm currently on the $1 for 3 month PC game pass for the Xbox. So I'm playing it that way. It's worth looking at to play. They usually have that deal or the like $3 or $5 for 1 month. My Xbox Tag is Ayo JD123
  11. Greetings everyone! Lately I've been thinking about putting together a squad for Halo. Would anyone be interested in playing Halo MCC? I know right now it's limited to Reach on the PC. But, I'm still excited for the older games to come out. Both for the Multiplayer and the Campaign. It's been quite a while before I've run through all the Campaigns for these games. @Commanders @Senior Officers @Warrant Officers @Enlisted
  12. Thank you for pointing this out MooMoo. The TTS Feature actually was not supposed to be turned on for the server. This is due to several reasons. The glaring one being that if users want to opt out of these notifications by TTS they have to do so manually via their own user settings one by one. It's not something I can simply toggle in the server. Thus it's something I chose to disallow for all but our commanders if they decide to use it for server announcements. Article for reference RE: TTS User settings. https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/212517297-Text-to-Speech-101
  13. I agree with this. It’s something I’m looking at doing already. I have to fiddle with the integration and see how it can be configured some more. It’s on my list of things to do this week.
  14. RE: The side note. This is absolutely something that as the server is being modified I will be diligently recording and making how to guides just as I’ve done so with our VIP guide thus far. I want to make sure our administration team is set up for success. As well as having the tools to tackle any task at hand when needing to create/modify/moderate a portion of our discord. If it all possible at least 😉 I can’t foresee all needs. But I will try.
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