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  1. You're only making me want to play the Remaster even more. lol
  2. Here’s a time zone map of the US if visuals are easier for people.
  3. Mississippi operates on CST so it’s 7pm for you same as the listed time. No math needed.
  4. That’s awesome. I’ll be for sure to hit you up when we boot up the server. More hands is less work lol i recently got and downloaded valheim. Was considering booting up a hosted server for that as well too a ton of people in OD play it alone or with small groups. Would be cool to get a bunch of people on a server.
  5. Welcome to the community! I don’t specifically play any one game here. But the group I play with is about to finish up our adventures in Conan Exiles and then we’ll probably be going to play some Ark in a bit.
  6. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing the progress the new guild makes. 🙂
  7. When BC drops will the Classic side of WoW be establishing a OD run guild on the server? Or will it continue to function out of another groups guild?
  8. I'll be streaming the gameplay on discord. I'm sure @Aerineth(OD) probably will as well.
  9. The triggers for the Rythm bots are as follows. Rythm: - Rythm2: ` While not listed as a music bot as it's not the purpose we have it. You can use Cortana as well. Cortana: !
  10. The care and love that the leaders and members of the Halo Division both past and present have put forward is clear. The dedication everyone has shown has been both a boon to the community and the members individually alike. Halo has and continues to be a home for gamers who enjoy the franchise to gather and play in a safe space in a time that has been uncertain in 2020 and continuing into this new year. Thank you to all who have helped lead. To those who helped recruit and those who simply showed up to play and make everyone feel like family and good fri
  11. 1/15/21 Performed 1st full Quarterly Backup of Community Discord Backup includes: Clone of our server(Channels, Roles, Permissions, Member list) ----- Added Bot: Simple-Poll (Poll Bot) Permissions(of note) Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: Added to simply voting within meetings and taking votes within the community. Tested by Discord Team Member @LightningWolves(OD)
  12. Welcome to the Community! If you ever find yourself having any issues with discord. Feel free to poke me.
  13. That is correct Chanter. This post here is in regards to the Community meeting on the 23rd. The admin meeting is being held on Sunday the 24th. Lightning always tries to make sure to hold the community meeting the day before the Admin meeting.
  14. JD(OD)


    Welcome back the community Nico. Always nice to see older members returning to the community. 🙂
  15. We can go ahead and take the conversation off eval here. Thank you for taking the time to address my questions as is in such depth.
  16. Compfreak, I think the time you've put into OD over your several years here and the growth seen is enough to finally get a seat at the "big kids" table. You may still have some things to work on. But, I think you have the skills to do the job as needed. You have my support and +1 for Commander.
  17. Triny, Thank you for taking the time to write such thought out and detailed responses to not just my questions. But all the questions here on your eval. I will be supporting your promotion to commander. You have my +1.
  18. PoPs, After taking the time to go through your eval and my own thoughts. I'm going to vote to keep you at your rank at this time and re-evaluate the situation the next eval period. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me personally.
  19. 12/28/20 Added Bot: Carl-Bot(Role Assigner Bot) Permissions(of note) Given: Server Bots Reason Performed: Added so members are able to hide the areas(channels) of our discord as they choose.
  20. Comp, You talked about your time you dedicated with R.ag learning code to help update a small portion of the website. I'm interested if you will be joining the web dev team as an member that assist in that regard going forward. Or was this more of a one time thing to fix/update something that was particularly bothering you? --- As a Commander you will be charged with the task of not just mentoring new leaders to help lead OD into the future. But be at the helm with your fellow commanders trying to make the best choices to keep the ship afloat. C
  21. Triny, As this is a eval for the record books with 3 chances for your rank to go up, down, or go unchanged. I have a few more questions for you. 1. If you were to be promoted to the rank of commander. What do you think you would be bringing to the table that is either unique or suitably strong enough to support the team that the commander don't already have available to them. 1a,To be clear I'm not saying that if you and another commander share a skill that you bringing that specific skill to the team wouldn't be an asset and a reason to be promoted. Doubl
  22. Triny, I'm not going to drone on about how life has been hard on you. We've had plenty of talks about how life has sucked over the past several months and you know I love you to death. SOOO MOVING ON! ❤️ --- I'd like to address one crucial thing discussed in your eval here. I was in close discussions with you during the creation of this bot when you were slaving away at it and even had access to the git library to it at one point. I've no idea where I put that damn book mark....lol Do you plan on continuing this project in any fo
  23. R.ag, Finding a good question to ask you is a bit hard with some of these pretty good questions that have been asked already. --- I think that my highest point with you came this past year when I started the Halo division with Raged and you joined us and I got to not just play a game with you but actually hear you talk. It was a incredibly great experience to get to interact that way with one of our most veteran members in such a manner. I know you weren't able to stick around for as long as you'd like because of how busy you got during COVID.
  24. PoPs, As one of the Generals that nominated you I want to start out by saying that I'm not looking to specifically take your 3rd star away. But as we discussed the other day. I was looking to find out why you've been so distant. Why you're participation beyond the 2 meetings you missed has been lacking etc... You've laid out here exactly what has been going on the past several months that caused you to fall behind on meeting attendance, evaluation participation, and topic participation within the General Boards. You made it clear in our chat that while you
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