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  1. Raged, After watching how your eval has played out since my last post here. I've decided to support your promotion to 1*. Honestly I wasn't even really on the fence. But I wanted to see how you handled your evaluation. You've done so I think to the best of your ability and it shows. Good luck! 🙂
  2. Hello Everyone! As you all may or may not know, our community currently 100% reliant on donations to keep us up and running. With that, we're also 100% reliant on leaders donating their time to lead the community. This includes our members from our Division & Squad Leaders to Commanders. We're happy to announce that from now on, a portion of the donations that we receive after the community has reached its yearly goal for donations will go to divisions for them to spend on events, etc. Once Division Funding kicks in after the community reaches its needed donations for the year. The Divisions will have access to 50% of the donations contributed by their Division members to be spent on prizes/awards etc. related to events, funding of community game servers, and so on. If you're to look at our donations per each of our divisions(current/former) in 2020, the breakdown and distribution would be as follows. Donations breakdown by Division (2020) Halo - $25 D2 - $210.90 Minecraft(former division) - $80 D3 - $90 PoE - $40 SC2 - $20 The 50% that would go to divisions to use for events, contests, etc. **To be very clear. The division funding kicks in for donations made AFTER the community has reached its yearly goal. So any donations made post goal would qualify for the 50/50 split**
  3. Red, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate your candor on the subject and look forward to your input on further topics. You've done an amazing job building a team around you and a division worth staying around for. You have my +1 for your 2* Evaluation. Good luck! Also, do you know why Wisconsin is so famous for their cheese? I mean.... I could google it... But......... i don't wanna... lol
  4. Red, You've been known to take a hard stance on moving away from having so much administrative conversation/Forum discussion and moving to a more laid back atmosphere when it comes to how Officers+ and especially Generals are expected to participate in the community. With that being said I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Do you think there should be a line drawn and new expectations created for Officers-Commander that allow a path for the "Gaming" members. In essence making it so administrative participation is appreciated from these members. But still allowing them to shine based solely on their gaming/division based achievements. 1.a. If you agree with this stance... What do you think are some expectations that should be put against these "Gaming" members from Officer-Commander that would differ from the current expectations they are under currently. 2. Do you believe the current evaluation system could be changed/bettered in anyway to pull in more members outside of our administrative members? We've seen less and less active participation on evaluation posts from members in the lower ranks recently. How do you think this could be solved? 3. Do you like cheese?
  5. Man. I was literally just talking to someone yesterday how I missed having you around. welcome back bomb!
  6. JD(OD)

    Discord Team

    Hello Everyone! I'd like to introduce everyone to the Discord Team. This groups of members will be responsible in assisting me specifically in my goal to manage and continually better our discord for the community. Their powers are limited to helping create/manage channels as needed for the community. So if you have a question involving channel creation/permissions etc... You can come to them as well. They will also be helping with collecting ideas from the community to better our server and testing them with me on our test server. If you have input on how you think our server might be better, please by all means reach out to the team and we'll discuss the possibilities involving the request/idea. --- The Discord Team members currently are: @JD(OD) @LightningWolves(OD) @MikeU1(OD) @Polter (OD)
  7. JD(OD)

    Discord Changelog

    9/28/20 Added Role: Event Organizer, Discord Team Permissions(of note) Given: EO(None), DT(Manage Channels) Reason Performed: EO(Added for use in bot functionality of new bot Apollo(event bot). DT(added to give Manage Channels global perm to Discord Team members) --- Added Bot: Apollo(OD Gaming Events) Permissions Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: Added to help manage events for Administration/Division Leaders
  8. I would probably end up bringing my fiance Shannon. As far as what I would miss... Probably just technology in General... I have a pretty severe technology addiction somedays. If it wasn't that It would be books. I love a good book.
  9. Hello Everyone! For those of you who don’t know. Manging, improving, and moderating our discord can sometimes be a full time job. It’s no joke when I say “I’m Always Watching...” lol. At any given time I’m usually looking at the discord on one screen or another. Reading through bulk messages and occasionally checking the audit logs. To best serve the community I thought it would be best to put together a team of members to work with me in the goal of always keeping the discord functioning well, looking good, and moving forward with the best interest of our community in mind. I ask that people who are interested in helping understand discord to a level where if a task needs to be done you can more or less do it on your own. If you feel you don’t have the knowledge to act on your own at the moment. I’ll happily consider walking you through the basics you need to keep in mind when moderating for the discord. —— But JD! Shouldn’t All Generals/Officers be doing this job? Yes, in theory all adminstrators have the ability to do what I’m doing to at least some extent. But the purpose of the team I’m putting together will be to work together cohesively both on the live server and our test server(s). —- Please post here if you’re interested in assisting or message me on discord.
  10. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I currently have no further questions. I've yet to determine my stance on your evaluation. All though currently I'm leaning towards supporting it. Have a good rest of your Eval. You'll hear from my again regarding my stance on your evaluation after I've had more time to consider it.
  12. Billy, Time and time again I find myself intertwined with you in the community since we met back in 2016 when we were in Overwatch together. Each time you've managed to blow me away with your level of dedication, commitment and the level of ability/skill you bring to recruiting members for where ever you currently call home. When starting up Halo with you, it was clear that you were a member that not only had the ability to do more than just be a recruitment machine. But you quickly took to your roles as a full fledge leader within the division. Your activity was always amazing and continues to be. You're consistently around for members to help them and recognize them for their achievements. You're willing to give your input on general clan topics and attend admin meetings to participate. You're someone who's found a nice balance between the administrative side of things and gaming. This is a great example of someone that I think will be able handle their role as a new 1* General fairly well. Now, with all that positive feedback aside. I do have questions for you. --- 1.Concerns for Administrative Participation You currently have been fairly active within your respective games as well as the administrative conversation. Whether the conversation is on our forums or during meetings. You've always seemed to do your best to participate and make sure your opinion is apparent. Taking part in important discussions on the General board and voicing your opinion is incredibly important and very needed to continue to growth of the community. Is this something that you think you'll be able to continue when moving onto the General ranks? --- 2.Concerns RE: Administrating Members in Disputes Having worked with you fairly closely over the last several years on multiple divisions. I can't personally recall a time you had to step up as an Officer/Admin and dispute an issue between members. Can you give me an example of a time you were presented with a dispute in the community? How did you handle it? What was the result? Did you/an advising administrator have to enforce a rule and perform an Administrative Action?(e.g. ban, kick, member disablement etc...) (Please leave out names and direct specifics to keep the interaction anonymous.) --- 3. Further Administration concerns Being a General means you have the ability to float around the community and assist where a General is needed. Do you feel comfortable Administrating members outside of your division if an issue is brought to you? How would you handle an issue brought you by a member from another division that currently has active division leadership/a General within the division? Thank you in advanced for taking the time to answer all my questions! 🙂
  13. To clarify. The channel is discord populates streaming data from twitch via a bot. If you send me your twitch account I can add you to the bot for auto announcements there.
  14. JD(OD)

    Discord Changelog

    9/17/20 Added Role: Recruiter(Non-Admin) Permissions(of note) Given: "Manage Nicknames" Reason Performed: Role requested by @RedIce(OD) in topic so we may make the recruitment process easier within discord for recruiters/leaders.
  15. I'm not saying we needed to for a basic game night. I was saying I would need to if I wanted to use the game for a prize based event. Either way yes. This would be a good idea for someone to host it. Right now I don't have the immediate time to add things like regular event hosting to my calendar on top of what I'm already doing. But I'd be happy to participate in said events if we were to have them.
  16. Yes, yes... As an avid lover of all casual silly games. I had though this would make a good community event. Possibly even with prizes. But to give our prizes you would need to track wins etc... Which in fall guys there's no TRUE way to track other than taking someone's word for it. Since parties are limited to 4 and such. But I believe it can be done. Without prizes involved. It would simply be a lovely community game night of a bunch of people playing together. It's a silly game that takes both the casual and competitive spirit and mixes them together. I think we'd probably get a decent turn out for these game nights.
  17. Hello! I'm asking everyone who's willing to take a minute or two to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding our discord server. Thanks in advanced for your participation. https://forms.gle/xTfzKrqpu8QQ75zi9 The data gathered from this questionnaire will help us determine if the community discord does in fact have a channel bloat issue. If so the best possible way(s) to go about resolving this issue. @Commanders, @General, @Generals 1* - 3*, @Senior Officers, @Officers, @Warrant Officers, @Enlisted Thanks!
  18. Oh shit. Hey mike. Long time no see. Last time I saw ya was when you joined my old division of Destiny 2. Glad to see ya around around again. D2 has to abandoned the old clan channel because blizzard sucks. they can be found at East: OP ClanOD West: OP odg-west
  19. Sassy, You've been a rock for the community propping your division up with members for a long time now. You've been a stunning and proud leader that gets the job done and always tries to do what's best for you and yours. There's few members that are worth their salt that don't at least know your name because of your achievements & exploits in our community over the last several years. You will be sorely missed my friend. Your cheery voice and happy attitude and silly chats sometimes about nothing at all have always been something I've cherished. I've always been happy to be a rock for you in OD and just as a friend. You've meant a lot to me and I know a lot of other people in the community. But, as sad as I am to see you leave. I'm glad you're putting yourself first. The last few years have been rough and I know life just doesn't seem to be slowing down for you. Just know that no matter what we'll always be here for you and we're no more than a poke away ever. You'll forever be our Favorite Sassy General. ❤️
  20. JD(OD)

    Discord Changelog

    9/2/20 Added Bot: Voice Master Roles Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: Bot added to help curtail the need for any permanent channel(s) to be created in the future.
  21. JD(OD)

    Discord Changelog

    8/20/20 Added Bot: Avrae Bot Roles Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: LightningWolves(OD) Requested Bot for supplemental needs in their D&D squad. Bot tested in ODG Test server with lighting. Functions all appear to work correctly with minimal permissions to any discord functions.
  22. As someone who attempted this in the past. I can briefly speak on the subject. There were several issues with console gaming at the time. (attempt was made with PS4) Disconnect from community(forums,website,TS3) Console members didn't really have the incentive to get on a computer/phone to reset DSL or a secondary voice coms to join other community members when they are already playing with console members They didn't have a lot of incentive in most cases when the PS4 had chat boards in their communities they are joining Ultimately with these disconnect and lack of incentives to join the community at large beyond the OD console community they'd be joining. It would just be causing a splinter in our community.
  23. @Terra Sounds like you have the start of a 2nd MMO squad/division going. EH? Eh? lol
  24. I’m my research of the topic. I’ve found little proof aside from what I’ve provided and the one example you have. Considering bots will typically be limited to the information you give them access to. I’m not wholly concerned about giving the minimal access to bots as needed as long as the bot in question does not in fact need further permissions to function. but I appreciate you taking the time to give me at least one example.
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