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  1. You're only making me want to play the Remaster even more. lol
  2. Here’s a time zone map of the US if visuals are easier for people.
  3. Mississippi operates on CST so it’s 7pm for you same as the listed time. No math needed.
  4. That’s awesome. I’ll be for sure to hit you up when we boot up the server. More hands is less work lol i recently got and downloaded valheim. Was considering booting up a hosted server for that as well too a ton of people in OD play it alone or with small groups. Would be cool to get a bunch of people on a server.
  5. Welcome to the community! I don’t specifically play any one game here. But the group I play with is about to finish up our adventures in Conan Exiles and then we’ll probably be going to play some Ark in a bit.
  6. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing the progress the new guild makes. 🙂
  7. When BC drops will the Classic side of WoW be establishing a OD run guild on the server? Or will it continue to function out of another groups guild?
  8. I'll be streaming the gameplay on discord. I'm sure @Aerineth(OD) probably will as well.
  9. The triggers for the Rythm bots are as follows. Rythm: - Rythm2: ` While not listed as a music bot as it's not the purpose we have it. You can use Cortana as well. Cortana: !
  10. The care and love that the leaders and members of the Halo Division both past and present have put forward is clear. The dedication everyone has shown has been both a boon to the community and the members individually alike. Halo has and continues to be a home for gamers who enjoy the franchise to gather and play in a safe space in a time that has been uncertain in 2020 and continuing into this new year. Thank you to all who have helped lead. To those who helped recruit and those who simply showed up to play and make everyone feel like family and good fri
  11. 1/15/21 Performed 1st full Quarterly Backup of Community Discord Backup includes: Clone of our server(Channels, Roles, Permissions, Member list) ----- Added Bot: Simple-Poll (Poll Bot) Permissions(of note) Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: Added to simply voting within meetings and taking votes within the community. Tested by Discord Team Member @LightningWolves(OD)
  12. Welcome to the Community! If you ever find yourself having any issues with discord. Feel free to poke me.
  13. That is correct Chanter. This post here is in regards to the Community meeting on the 23rd. The admin meeting is being held on Sunday the 24th. Lightning always tries to make sure to hold the community meeting the day before the Admin meeting.
  14. JD(OD)


    Welcome back the community Nico. Always nice to see older members returning to the community. 🙂
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